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Aether Vibrations

28 Dec 1997 More on best books of '97; lists from Los Angeles Times; Time; Newsweek; Entertainment Weekly; People Weekly; and some backlash
8 Dec 1997 Disch reviews Di Fate; 'sci-fi' standards; the book biz; male vs. female readers; mad scientists; taxing writers; romance trends; Mary Shelley unearthed.
5 Dec 1997 New York Times Book Reviews' Best Books of '97; Publisher's Weekly's lists; National Book Awards
8 Nov 1997 Riven; Vonnegut's revenge
2 Nov 1997 Hysteria; overrated ideas; Queen Latifah; Newsweek on Hubble; reactions to Updike; review of Pullman
26 Oct 1997 Clementine canceled; Michener; NBA nominations; Booker winner; 'sci-fi'; Nobel prize; newsstand sales down; anthologies; postmodern philosophy


7 Dec 97 Greg Egan; Star*Line; Bookwarp; Word Museum
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