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Recommended Short Fiction

(From "Distillations", Locus January 1997. Only 1997 stories are included here.)

James Alan Gardner, "Three Hearings on the Existence of Snakes in the Human Bloodstream" (Asimov's 2/97) A gospel passage about serpents in the blood affects the careers of Leeuwenhoek, Darwin, and McCarthy in an alternate history about the subjective nature of truth.

Uncle River, "Passing the Torch" (Asimov's 2/97) An old woman in rural Arizona worries about raising her 16 year old grandson as widespread social upheavals reach their town.

Robert Silverberg, "Call Me Titan" (Asimov's 2/97) An elder Greek god awakens from underneath Mt. Etna and embarks into the modern day world. A tribute to Roger Zelazny.

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