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Recommended Short Fiction

(From "Distillations", Locus February 1997.)

Vilma Kadleckova, "Longing for Blood" (F&SF 1/97) An otherworldly family named Taskre searches for a man to save them; fantasy by a Czech writer that encases the Cinderella story.

Ian McDonald, "After Kerry" (Asimov's 3/97) Fragmented 21st century Ireland is the setting for multies, people channeling aliens from Epsilon Eridani, and a man's attempt to reunite his family.

William Sanders, "The Undiscovered" (Asimov's 3/97) Cherokee narrative about a marooned white man named Spearshaker who explains the idea of a play and then tries to stage Hamlet.

Stephen Dedman, "Tour de Force" (Asimov's 3/97) Scientists and pirates converge at the site of a buried alien spacecraft in remote Australia and engage in a war of wits and rash assumptions.

Robert Reed, "Blooming Ice" (SF Age 1/97) A troubled boy and his family hike on an ice colony world where ferocious animals are about to thaw from the ice.

Robin Wilson, "Faster than a Speeding Bullet" (F&SF 1/97) Software genius, struck by tiny alien spacecraft, becomes Superman and ponders how best to do good in the world.

Gene Wolfe, "No Planets Strike" (F&SF 1/97) Christmas SF tale inspired by a line from Hamlet; genetically enhanced animals on a world of alien Beautiful People.

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