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August 1997
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The August issue features the results of the annual Locus Poll--winners and runners-up in 15 categories.

Also in the issue:

  • Interviews with Jane Yolen and Laura J. Mixon & Steven Gould.
  • New and recommended books.
  • New and recommended short fiction.
  • Winners of the Stoker Awards and the Campbell and Sturgeon Memorial Awards.
  • Coverage of the Locus and Stoker Awards banquets, with pictures.
  • Appreciations of the late Robert Hoskins; obituaries of Mervyn Wall, Amos Tutuola, Tom Perry, and Geoffrey Dearmer.
  • News stories on the cancellation of books by HarperCollins, and SFWA's latest battles with publishers.
  • Lots of "People and Publishing" news items--about Pat Cadigan, Kim Stanley Robinson, Frank M. Robinson, John Clute, Robin Hobb, and many more.
  • Reviewer Gary K. Wolfe tackles The Encyclopedia of Fantasy, edited by John Clute and John Grant; plus Datlow & Windling's latest annual anthology, and books by James Patrick Kelly and J. R. Dunn.
  • Faren Miller reviews Ian R. MacLeod's The Great Wheel, Dave Duncan's Future Indefinite, Tim Powers' Earthquake Weather, and books by Iain Banks and Vonda N. McIntyre.
  • Russell Letson waxes cliological with Ian Watson (Oracle), John Barnes (Washington's Dirigible and Caesar's Bicycle), and Robert J. Sawyer (Frameshift).
  • Edward Bryant investigates Douglas E. Winter's ambitious new anthology, called Millennium in the UK and Revelations in the US; plus books by Rebecca Brand and Donald Wandrei.
  • Carolyn Cushman's short reviews include new books by Marion Zimmer Bradley (The Shadow Matrix), Philip Pullman (The Subtle Knife), Garth Nix, and the posthumous Roger Zelazny collaboration with Jane Lindskold, Donnerjack.
  • Visiting editor Jonathan Strahan contributes short reviews of James P. Blaylock's Winter Tides, C. J. Cherryh's Finity's End, plus books by Paul Cook, William Esrac, Mark Fabi, and Anne Harris.
  • Mark R. Kelly reviews new issues of SF Age, F&SF, Interzone, Analog, Omni Online, and a Greg Egan story from the Australian journal Meanjin.
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