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December 1997
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The December issue covers the Russian SF Writers Congress in St. Petersburg, with reports by Charles N. Brown and Norihiro Oono, and an interview with Boris Strugatsky.

Other highlights:

  • Forthcoming books through September 1998.
  • Interview with Gardner Dozois.
  • World Fantasy Awards winners.
  • Details of Stephen King's new deal with Simon & Schuster.
  • An essay by Terry Bisson about his experience completing Walter M. Miller Jr.'s Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman.
  • People and Publishing items about Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, Lionel Fanthorpe, John Clute, Amy Stout, and many others.
  • New and recommended books.


  • Of G. Harry Stine, Conrad H. Ruppert, George Hay, H. B. Fyfe, Margaret Aldiss, and Ross Pavlac.
  • Appreciations of Bill Rotsler by Elizabeth A. Lynn, Tim Powers, and Gregory Benford -- plus a Rotsler gallery including a nude photo!

    --Locus Looks at Books--

    Distillations: Short Fiction Reviews by Mark R. Kelly
    SF Age 11/97; Interzone 10/97;Omni Online 9/97; Asimov's 1/98.

    Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe
    Mississippi Blues, Kathleen Ann Goonan; Cosm, Gregory Benford; Secret Passages, Paul Preuss; Child of the River, Paul J. McAuley; Earthling, Tony Daniel.

    Reviews by Faren Miller
    Maximum Light
    , Nancy Kress; Darker Angels, S.P. Somtow; The Mines of Behemoth, Michael Shea; Black Mist and Other Japanese Futures, Orson Scott Card & Keith Ferrell, eds.

    Reviews by Russell Letson
    Einstein's Bridge
    , John Cramer; Cosm, Gregory Benford; Secret Passages, Paul Preuss; A King of Infinite Space, Allen Steele.

    Reviews by Edward Bryant
    Running With the Demon
    , Terry Brooks; Things Left Behind, Gary Braunbeck; Leavings, P.D. Cacek; SHORT TAKES: Black Walls, Red Glass, Jeffrey Thomas; Doughnuts, James Blaylock; Website, Ray Garton.

    Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman
    , Valerie J. Freireich; Prisoner of Conscience, Susan R. Matthews; The Masterharper of Pern, Anne McCaffrey; Circle of Magic: Sandry's Book, Tamora Pierce; The Mind Reader, Jan Slepian; The Changling Prince, Vivian Vande Velde; The Merro Tree, Katie Waitman.

    Short Reviews by Jonathan Strahan
    The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzsche and other odd acquaintances
    , Peter S. Beagle; Cosm, Gregory Benford; Circuit of Heaven, Dennis Danvers; Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess's Stardust, 1 of 4, Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess; Beyond the Veil of Stars, Robert Reed; Beneath the Gated Sky, Robert Reed; Carlucci's Heart, Richard Paul Russo.

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