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Profiles of November 1997 Issues

Interzone, November 1997
The cover is about a four-part SF thriller on British TV; Paul Cornell, author of the tie-in novelization, is interviewed. Fiction includes an entertaining Paul Di Filippo story about Antoine de Saint-Exupery, an unusual fantasy by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, and a confrontation of science and faith by Jennifer Swift. Nick Lowe's film reviews ponder the significance of Lost Highway and count the cliches of Event Horizon. (Posted Fri 28 Nov 97)
F & SF, October/November 1997
The annual double-length anniversary issues includes a novella by Stephen King, an excerpt from Walter M. Miller Jr.'s sequel to A Canticle for Leibowitz, and Michael Blumlein's account of a gay affair with Paul Bunyan. Gregory Benford declares "I am a clone" in an essay that addresses the hysteria and nonsense that greeted the news about Dolly the sheep. Mike Resnick's "Forgotten Treasures" column recalls works by Olaf Stapledon, Thorne Smith, Barry Malzberg, and Robert E. Howard (the funny stuff).
(21 Oct 1997)
Science Fiction Age, November 1997
The slick magazine's 5th anniversary issue includes a Mars thread. The science dialogue is between Geoffrey Landis and Wil McCarthy, sf writers who double as scientists directly involved with NASA planetary missions (Landis on Pathfinder). Gregory Benford, with collaborator Elisabeth Malartrez, depicts a Mars expedition based on the influential schemes of Robert Zubrin. Plus columns on computer games, the forthcoming movie Starship Troopers, and artist Gary Ruddell.
(21 Oct 1997)
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