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Recommended 1997 Novellas

L. Timmel Duchamp, "Quinn's Deal" (Asimov's 4/97) A blue-collar worker in near-future Seattle agrees to a monitor implant in return for payment of his medical expenses. [Reviewed 3/97]

Eliot Fintushel, "Izzy and the Father of Terror" (Asimov's 7/97) Dazzling, extravagant tale about motel manager Izzy Molson in a battle of aliens from across time and space. [Reviewed 6/97]

Geoffrey A. Landis, "Ecopoiesis" (SF Age 5/97) Solid hard-SF mystery on a Mars abandoned to anaerobic bacteria; might have been called "Brown Mars". [Reviewed 5/97]

David Nordley, "Messengers of Chaos" (Asimov's 1/97) Complicated detective story about a murder in the Cislunar Republic in 2068 and an experimental rendezvous with a passing comet. [Reviewed 12/96]

Robert Reed, "The Dragons of Springplace" (F&SF 2/97) Extravagant SF tale about a sociopath's attempts to overcome a protective ecosystem surrounding an ancient nuclear waste dump. [Reviewed 3/97]

Robert Reed, "Marrow" (SF Age 7/97) Spectacular tale with an exponentially-increasing time-scale, set aboard the Ship (from last year's "Chrysalis"), which is discovered to contain an inner planet deep within its core. [Reviewed 7/97]

James Sarafin, "In the Furnace of the Night" (Asimov's 5/97) Suspenseful, dramatic tale of hunting genetically-enhanced tigers in near-future India. [Reviewed 4/97]

Brian Stableford, "The Black Blood of the Dead" (Interzone 1-2/97) Sequel to "The Hunger and Ecstasy of Vampires"; now Oscar Wilde journeys into the far future. [Reviewed 4/97]

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