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Locus conducts an annual poll and survey of its readers in a range of categories similar to those of the Hugo awards-- best novel (divided between sf novel, fantasy novel, horror/dark fantasy novel, and first novel); best novella, novelette, and short story; best anthology, and collection; etc. Results are ranked by a weighted count of votes and listed in descending order, often with 20 or more items per category. The winner in each category receives a plaque. There are typically more voters in the Locus poll than for the Hugo and Nebula awards combined.

A complete database of all Locus poll results since 1971, compiled by Mark R. Kelly, is available here.

(For 1996 winners, see Breaking News.)


best sf novel
The Diamond Age, Neal Stephenson (Bantam Spectra)

best fantasy novel
Alvin Journeyman, Orson Scott Card (Tor)

best horror/dark fantasy novel
Expiration Date, Tim Powers (HarperCollins UK; Tor)

best first novel
The Bohr Maker, Linda Nagata (Bantam Spectra)

best novella
Remake, Connie Willis (Ziesing; Bantam Spectra)

best novelette
"When the Old Gods Die", Mike Resnick (Asimov's Apr 95)

best short story
"The Lincoln Train", Maureen F. McHugh (F&SF Apr 95)

best anthology
The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twelfth Annual Collection, Gardner Dozois, ed. (St. Martin's)

best collection
Four Ways to Forgiveness, Ursula K. Le Guin (HarperPrism)

best non-fiction
Science Fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopedia, John Clute (Dorling Kindersley)

best editor
Gardner Dozois

best magazine

best artist
Michael Whelan

best book publisher
Tor/St. Martin's

best art book
Spectrum 2: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, Cathy Burnett & Arnie Fenner, eds. (Underwood)