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Those Responsible:

The webmaster, Mark R. Kelly, maintains the site and prepares the issue profiles, interview excerpts, forthcoming books selections, link annotations, etc.

Breaking news items, listings of conventions and signings, recommended books, lists of back issues, and ads are supplied by Charles N. Brown, editor and publisher of Locus, and the staff -- Marianne Jablon, Faren Miller, Kirsten Gong-Wong, Carolyn Cushman, and Jonathan Strahan. The list of Links was originally assembled by Bill Contento, and is being ammended and maintained by the webmaster. Photographs on the interview pages are by Beth Gwinn and Charles N. Brown.

The Locus website icons, the end-of-page little spaceships, were derived from the magazine cover logo designed by Arnie Fenner.

Site history:

See the What's New page.

Site design:

Intentionally fairly basic. No frames, no javascript, no table cell background colors. Both to make site maintenance easier and to make the site accessible to those who don't necessarily have the latest browser versions. Users with browsers unable to handle tables, though, are out of luck; but that's true for most professional sites on the web nowadays, too.

Visitors to the site please notify the webmaster if anything doesn't look right or if you have comments or criticisms of any kind.


The site is designed and maintained using Paint Shop Pro (see www.jasc.com), an HP Scanjet IIcx scanner, WordPad, and Netscape, on various Pentium platforms.

Here is a collection of sites with valuable information or perspectives on website design. Particularly intriguing are the 'religious wars' between the html-purists on the one hand and the site-designers on the other. The former believe html is a platform-independent mark-up language to indicate content only (e.g., to distinguish between headings and text), while the site-designers want complete control over the layout, fonts, and colors on their sites. Each philosophy has its points, but the webmaster has a pretty good idea which side is winning.

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