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22 Jan 1998
Asimov's Science Fiction
The leading science fiction magazine finally has a website. It's hosted by SF Site, which has a companion site for Analog in work. The Asimov's site has sample columns (from past issues) by Paul Di Filippo and Robert Silverberg and a web-exclusive column by James Patrick Kelly called ''You Can Get Everywhere From Here'' about the internet. There's also an index to the 1997 issues, a Readers' Award ballot, a preview of the lead story in the next (March '98) print issue, and of course information on how to subscribe.

The site design is clean and serviceable, though the main title graphic is surprisingly ragged. With Asimov's on the web, only Science Fiction Age and its companion mag Realms of Fantasy, and (rather ironically, as the self-styled hardest-sf of the bunch) Analog, are the major SF magazines still missing online.

The Science Fiction Book Club
Recently redesigned, the slick, professional new SFBC site (with an entry page that resembles Omni's) includes a searchable online catalog of available titles. Members can order books from the catalog, and can respond to the monthly selections online as an alternative to mailing back the usual form. New members can choose their initial selections from the catalog (with a few restrictions). The site also features interviews with popular authors -- this month it's Anne McCaffrey talking about The Masterharper of Pern and her career.
Greg Egan's Fabulous Interzone Index
A complete index of Britain's leading SF magazine from issue one, including fiction, interviews, articles, and book reviews -- of which there are a lot! The web pages of the index are laid out in bibliographic format, and use color to distinguish between authors, titles, and issue references. Zip archives of the entire index, as HTML files or plain-text files, are available for download. (Locus's own index includes the fiction, interviews, and articles from Interzone, though not the books reviewed.)
The Bruce Sterling Online Index
An archive of articles, speeches, interviews, and other works by Bruce Sterling, including material that has been available in various places around the internet for some years -- the complete text of his 1992 nonfiction book The Hacker Crackdown, and all issues of Cheap Truth, the notorious 1980s cyberpunk fanzine that Sterling published under the nom de plume 'Vincent Omniaveritas'. More recent items include Sterling's science articles from F&SF, the Catscan articles from SF Eye, and a handful of articles from Wired magazine. What the internet should be: a repository of good stuff just a click away. A treasure trove of insight and information.
The Artemis Project
Artemis is a private venture to establish a permanent base on the Moon, founded by aerospace engineer and one-time Analog writer Gregory Bennett. Analog readers may recall that former assistant editor Ian Randal Strock left the magazine to become editor of the (still yet-to-be-published) Artemis Magazine, which already has its own section of this site. The site is basic in its design, and extremely hierarchical; there are lots and lots of pages containing a bit of text and lots of links to further pages. Much of the site concerns business and organizational matters. Take the 'Tour' link from the front page for a description of the project's vision, with some illustrative graphics.

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