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27 Mar 1998
Analog Science Fiction and Fact
The longest running almost-continuously published science fiction magazine in the world, Analog gains a website alongside that of its companion magazine Asimov's, both hosted by SF Site. (Type in the URL and that will forward you to the same place, just as forwards you to Typing, however, will take you someplace else entirely.)

Sample contents include an editorial by Stanley Schmidt, a book review column by Tom Easton, and substantial excerpts from two stories in the current issue. A 1997 Analog Index is provided, as are the complete texts of the three stories from Analog on the current Nebula ballot. There's also a link to John G. Cramer's The Alternate View online archive. And there's the usual subscription and manuscript guideline sections. A handsome, professional site.

The leading Italian SF webzine. The link is to the English-language International Edition, which features an exclusive interview with Michael Whelan, complete with an impressive gallery of the artist's work. Past interviews are available of David Brin, Stanley Schmidt, Robert J. Sawyer, and Robert Sheckley. Also online are feature coverage of the 1995 Glasgow Worldcon, a review of a CD-rom novel, and two short stories. Response time is a little slow, but the site is as slick and professional as any SF site we've seen.

New links: Here are some sites recently referred to Locus Online:

The new URL for the Canadian science fiction magazine -- actually, ''more than just science fiction''. A basic website with highlights of the current issue, cover images of back issues available, writers' and artists' guidelines, and subscription info. We find the blue links on the black background hard to read, but the site is nicely laid out.

Tachyon Publications
A small San Francisco press, with recent titles by Peter S. Beagle, Michael Swanwick, Nancy Kress, and others -- ''books with bite''. Informative pages for the books give contents, comments from the authors, and bibliographic data. The site uses an artful, effective blend of book cover scans with background and middleground graphics -- though the preponderance of graphics might be a problem for the modem-challenged.

Ticonderoga Publications
A small press publisher located in Perth, Australia, specializing in collections of short fiction. Steven Utley's Ghost Seas was released late last year. Two other books, by Simon Brown and Sean Williams, are forthcoming.

Heffers Booksellers
Located in Cambridge, England, Heffers Bookshop is celebrating SF throughout March, culminating in a special event, ''Fabulous Harbours'', on March 26th, with writers including Colin Greenland, Robert Holdstock, and Graham Joyce.

DreamHaven Books and Comics
The well-known Minneapolis book dealer and publisher. The website features profiles of current notable books, extensive listings of books for sale in various categories (including, in addition to SF, alternative literature, sex and sexuality, and Palliard Press comics, many of the last by Phil Foglio). There are catalog listings of books from specialty presses, including Arkham House, Fedogan & Bremer, and Dark Harvest. A page on DreamHaven Publishing profiles current and forthcoming releases.

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