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  • John Savage responds to Steve Perry

    October - November

  • Giuseppe Lippi tells about Nicholas Eymerich
  • Lewis Murphy on Stephen King and
  • Richard Curtis open letter on what ''in print'' means in the age of electronic publishing
  • Jeffrey Ford on Rob Chilson's Commentary
  • Michael Immig on the Spectrum books' art competition
  • Kelley Eskridge on ''Welcome to Paradox'' (market opportunity!)
  • Dan Reid on Gary K. Wolfe's Worldcon report


  • Thornton Kimes on Paul J. McAuley and SF series
  • Douglas McKinney appreciates Locus
  • Gene Mierzejewski, one-time fanzine editor, on the SF scene then and now
  • Chris M. Barkley at length on proposed dramatic presentation Hugos


  • Richard Kunz on Y2K
  • Bernadette Crumb on Armageddon and Deep Impact
  • Douglas Featherstone has E. E. Smith books to sell
  • Ron Sering seeks info on Midnight Zoo
  • Stephen Baxter responds to Gary Wolfe's review
  • Darrell Schweitzer on all-time best fantasy novels


  • Alastair Reynolds on Armageddon and Deep Impact
  • Jonathan Strahan likes the website
  • Alan Dunkin on Armageddon and Deep Impact
  • Russell Atwood seeks info on artist John Holmes
  • Maureen Raybould on Alison Spedding
  • Robert Reynolds at length on publishing trends, Tanith Lee, S. P. Somtow

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