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This page lists new magazines seen and received by Locus Online. A listing here does not preclude a more detailed online Profile. This listing is independent of the comprehensive Magazines Received listings in Locus Magazine. The date in parentheses is the date seen. For subscription and website information, see Magazine Links.

Listings August 1998:

Adventures of Sword & Sorcery -- Issue 5, 1998, $4.50, 75pp. Fiction by Stephen Baxter, Stephen L. Burns, Ron Collins, George Barr, Jefferson P. Swycaffer, others; books reviews by Carroll Brown. Cover by Daniel R. Horne. (Wed 19 Aug 1998)

Altair -- Issue 2, 1998, Aus$8.95, 156pp. Second issue of new Australian magazine, ''alternative airings of speculative fiction''. Fiction by Stephen Dedman, Martin Crumpton, Devon Monk, 8 others; poetry by Tippi N Blevins and Kate Humphrey; interviews with Lois McMaster Bujold and Kate Forsyth; articles by Forsyth, Ian Watson, Melisa Michaels, Robert J. Sawyer, Nicola Griffith; reviews. Cover by Molly Barr. (Fri 14 Aug 1998)

Asimov's Science Fiction -- Vol. 22 No. 9 (whole #273) , Sep 1998, $2.95, 144pp. Novella by Paul J. McAuley, novelettes by Alexander Jablokov, Mark W. Tiedemann, Robert L. Nansel, Gregory Frost; short story by Michael Swanwick; poetry by William John Watkins, Catherine Mintz, Linda D. Addison. Column by Robert Silverberg; book reviews by Norman Spinrad. Cover by Mike Carroll. (Mon 3 Aug 1998)

Challenging Destiny -- Issue 3, Jul 1998, 136pp. Fiction by Bonnie Blake, Tom Olbert, Hans Albanese, Robert Arthur Vanderwoude, serial by Erik Allen Elness. Interview with James Alan Gardner. Review essay on Stanislaw Lem. Editorial ''What Can We Learn from Star Trek?'' (Thu 20 Aug 1998)

Indigenous Fiction -- Issue 1, Aug 1998, $6.00, 84pp. Debut issue, editor Sherry Decker. Fiction by Stefan Donati, Mark Rich, etc.; poetry by W. Gregory Stewart, James S. Dorr, David Kopaska-Merkel, etc. Interview with Jeff VanderMeer. (Wed 26 Aug 1998)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction -- Vol. 95 No. 4&5 (whole #567) , Oct-Nov 1998, $4.95, 242pp. Double-sized, 49th anniversary issue. Novella by Judith Moffett, novelettes by Tanith Lee, Mary Rosenblum, Pat Murphy, short stories by Robert Sheckley, John Kessel, Rachel Pollack, Avram Davidson, and Adam-Troy Castro. Science column by Gregory Benford, reviews and departments by Charles de Lint, Robert K. J. Killheffer, Paul Di Filippo, and Jonathan Lethem. Cover by David A. Hardy. (Fri 28 Aug 1998)

The New York Review of Science Fiction -- Issue 120, Vol. 10 No. 12, Aug 1998, $3.50, 24pp. Tenth anniversary issue with a long essay by Samuel R. Delany and reminiscences of the decade by Susan Palwick, Kathryn Cramer, Claire Wolf, Robert K. J. Killheffer, Jenna A. Felice, Kenneth L. Houghton, Shira Daemon, Ariel Haméon, Kevin J. Maroney. (Mon 31 Aug 1998)

Odyssey -- Issue 5, Jul/Aug 1998, £3.00, 70pp. Fiction by James Van Pelt, Joe Sutcliff Sanders, Devon Monk, Corey Keligren, Philip Gladwin, Mary Gentle, Steve Carper. Interviews with Karen Joy Fowler and John Jarrold; features by David Langford, Andy Lane, Jeff Hecht, Marcus L. Rowland, Colin Greenland; reviews. (Sat 8 Aug 1998)

Realms of Fantasy -- Vol. 5 No. 1, Oct 1998, $3.99, 90pp. Fiction by Christopher Mowbray, David Sandner, Fiona Kelleghan, Peni R. Griffin, Robert Charles Wilson, James Van Pelt. Departments by Terri Windling, Gahan Wilson, Dan Perez, Karen Haber, Eric T. Baker. Cover by Luis Royo. (Tue 25 Aug 1998)

Science Fiction Chronicle -- Issue 198, Vol. 19 No. 9&10, Aug 1998, $3.50, 50pp. Long interview with C. J. Cherryh; Jack Chalker's Guide to Baltimore; news and reviews. Cover by Robert Pasternak. (Sat 8 Aug 1998)

The Rejected Quarterly -- Issue 1, Vol. 1 No. 1, Sum 1998, $5.00, 40pp. Debut issue of magazine ''featuring fine literature rejected at least five times'' -- submissions must include five rejection slips. Stories, poetry, features, art. Edited by Daniel Weiss. Published four times a year. Subscriptions $20 to Black Plankton Press, P.O. Box 1351, Cobb CA 95426. Cover by Lillian Schlagel. (Mon 10 Aug 1998)

The Third Alternative -- Issue 17, 1998, £3, 57pp. Fiction by Conrad Williams, Roberta Murphy, Joel Lane, Steve Rasnic Tem, Alexander Glass, Jason Frowley, Jeff VanderMeer. Features includes profiles of David Lynch and Kurt Vonnegut, and an interview with Christopher Priest. Cover by Wendy Down. (Mon 31 Aug 1998)

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