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This page lists new magazines seen and received by Locus Online. This listing is independent of the comprehensive Magazines Received listings in Locus Magazine. The date in parentheses is the date seen. For subscription and website information, see Magazine Links.

Listings September 1998:

Amazing Stories -- Issue 593, Vol. 70 No. 1, Sum 1998, $4.99, 96pp. Debut issue of new incarnation of the magazine, now owned by Wizards of the Coast, Inc., again edited by Kim Mohan. Fiction by James Alan Gardner, Neal Barrett, Jr., A. C. Crispin, John Gregory Betancourt, Michael Libling, Orson Scott Card, Ben Bova, Malcolm Beckett. Departments by Bruce Sterling, Brian M. Thomsen, Allen Varney, James Lowder. Cover by Bob Eggleton. (Wed 16 Sep 1998)

Analog -- Vol. 118 No. 11, Nov 1998, $2.95, 144pp. Novella by S. D. Howe, novelettes by Wolf Read, Christopher L. Bennett, short stories by Jerry Oltion, F. Alexander Brejcha, Wil McCarthy, Shane Tourtellotte. Science fact by Alexis Glynn Latner. Departments by Tom Easton, John G. Cramer. Cover by Wolf & Steven Hanly Read. (Wed 2 Sep 1998)

Asimov's Science Fiction -- Vol. 22 No. 10 (whole #274) , Oct/Nov 1998, $4.50, 240pp. Special Double Issue with novella by Ian R. MacLeod, novelettes by Bruce Sterling, Cory Doctorow, Robert Silverberg, Kage Baker, short stories by Danith McPherson, R. Neube, Joe Haldeman, Robert Reed, Daniel Marcus; poetry by Sara Backer, W. Gregory Stewart, Wendy Rathbone. Departments by Robert Silverberg, James Patrick Kelly, reviews by Paul Di Filippo. Cover by Gary L. Freeman. (Wed 2 Sep 1998)

Crank! -- Issue 8, 1998, $4.50, 74pp. Short fiction by Carol Emshwiller, Eliot Fintushel; conclusion of a serial by James Blaylock. Cover by François Escamel. (Mon 21 Sep 1998)

Eidolon -- Issue 27, Autumn 1998, 134pp. Fiction by Sean Williams & Simon Brown -- a story first published online last year, and reprinted this year in Gardner Dozois's Year's Best SF -- Leanne Frahm, etc.; science column by Greg Egan, Australian SF news by Steven Paulsen, column by Howard Waldrop, interviews with Richard Harland and Gary Crew. Cover by Shaun Tan. (Tue 8 Sep 1998)

Interzone -- Issue 135, Sep 1998, £3.00, 66pp. Fiction by Tanith Lee, Timons Esaias, John Whitborn, Thomas M. Disch, Dave Stone, Nick Cornwell, Eric Brown; interview with John Whitborn; David Langford's ''Ansible Link'' column; reviews. Cover by Dominic Harman. (Wed 2 Sep 1998)

The New York Review of Science Fiction -- Issue 121, Vol. 11 No. 1, Sep 1998, $3.50, 24pp. Reprint of Jonathan Lethem's essay from Village Voice earlier this year; plus Benford and Ariel Haméon on Thomas Disch, Thomas A. Bredehoft on baby universes in Benford and Lethem, L. Timmel Duchamp on Lethem, and reviews including Brian Stableford on The Fantasy Hall of Fame and Bill Sheehan on Lethem. (Sat 19 Sep 1998)

On Spec -- Vol. 10 No. 3 (whole #34) , Fal 1998, $4.95, 112pp. Fiction by Edo van Belkom, Hugh A. D. Spencer, David Chato, Robyn Herrington, Shirley Barr, Hazel Hutchins, Randy Barnhart, Carol Thomas, Leah Silverman, Leslie Brown, fiona heath. Poetry by Eileen Kernaghan. Editorial by Susan MacGregor. Cover by Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk. (Mon 14 Sep 1998)

Science Fiction Age -- Vol. 7 No. 1, Nov 1998, $3.99, 98pp. Fiction by Michael Swanwick, Andrew Weiner, Jack Williamson, John Kessel, Dana William Paxson, Gregory Benford, David Ira Cleary. Departments by Melissa J. Perenson, Frederick C. Durant III, Karen Haber, Eric T. Baker, Cory Doctorow; reviews by D. Douglas Fratz, Richard Parks, Paul Di Filippo. (Tue 29 Sep 1998)

Star*Line -- Issue 21.5, Sep/Oct 1998, 20pp. Poetry by Andrew Darlington, John Grey, Kathryn Rantala, Lawrence Schimel, M. B. Simon, etc. Plus small press reviews, a convention report, and letters. (Wed 16 Sep 1998)

Tales of the Unanticipated -- Issue 19, August 1998 - July 1999, $5.00, 80pp. Short stories by David J. Hoffman-Dachelet, William Mingin, J. C. Rez, Eleanor Arnason, Steve Eller, Stephen Dedman, 9 others. Poetry by John Calvin Rezmerski, John Grey, Bob Cook, G. O. Clark, Ruth Berman, 6 others. Interview with Maureen F. McHugh; editorial, letters. Cover by Rodger Gerberding. (Sat 12 Sep 1998)

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