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1999 Archive

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  • Michael Moorcock's 'multiverse' has been adopted by physicists
  • Guy Gavriel Kay wonders how the mainstream should assess SF

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  • John Robert Colombo is looking for characteristic remarks
  • Comments on Harry Potter from Scott Quinney, Rob Tomshany, Roger Silverstein, and Tina DeSantis
  • Jeff Prucher suggests more coin stories

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  • Marty Halpern recommends Blaylock
  • Roger Silverstein clarifies Jack Finney (29 Oct)
  • Pierce Askegren and Alan Elms are thinking alike (28 Oct)
  • Pete Tillman has a coin story too (20 Oct)
  • Michael Walsh has an answer for Mr. Gibbs (15 Oct)
  • William T. Gibbs is looking for SF involving coins or paper money (14 Oct)
  • Patrick Nielsen Hayden on Storm Constantine (14 Oct)

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  • P.D. Tillman analyzes ''Books of the Century''
  • John Ordover follows up

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  • Locus answers Michael Walsh
  • Michael Walsh recognizes Hubert Rogers
  • Rick Norwood comments on all-time best writers
  • John Ordover responds to Dave Truesdale
  • John Ordover responds to Rich Horton

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  • Dave Truesdale on info dumps
  • Rich Horton responds to John Ordover
  • Arthur D. Hlavaty wonders about Dave Truesdale's image of Trek fiction
  • John Lorentz recognizes what JSLEZ is looking for
  • Michael Walsh isn't sure he appreciates Dave Truesdale's suggestion
  • Dave Truesdale does too
  • A.R. Yngve responds to John Ordover
  • Chris Lawson appreciates his reviews
  • is looking for books he read as a child...

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  • John Ordover on the Campbell Conference
  • Mervius reacts to Spinrad interview

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  • Susan Shelton is looking for Christopher Hyde
  • Eric Holweck is looking for Christopher Hinz
  • Steve Murray is looking to unload classic SF paperbacks

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  • Frank Rottensteiner on Stanislaw Lem
  • Mark Nadolny considers genre definitions

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  • Jim Turner: An Appreciation by Michael Bishop

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  • Gary Turner appreciates the obituary and appreciations of his brother Jim
  • Marc Zicree has a correction to the Terry Hodel obituary in the May Locus
  • Marty Halpern takes issue with John Ordover
  • Stephen Jones on the status of Dark Terrors

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  • John Ordover responds
  • Gordon Van Gelder responds
  • S.L. Viehl responds
  • Rick Hauptmann responds
  • Susan R. Matthews wonders about the mid-list and day jobs

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  • Robert Reed remembers Jim Turner
  • John Kessel remembers Jim Turner
  • Algis Budrys assures us his site is alive and well

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  • Jay Russell responds to Stefan Dziemianowicz
  • Anne M. Marble responds to Jay Russell
  • Stefan Dziemianowicz responds to Jay Russell on the state of the horror field

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  • Lisa Hertel tells how to attract book dealers to SF conventions
  • Anne M. Marble likes some ads and some reviews
  • Bob Newgard offers an example of marketing your book on the web
  • Dave Larsen responds to Victor Lieberman
  • Ellen Datlow calls for submissions


  • John Ordover has a theory
  • Bob Sabella and Chris McClelland take issue with Victor Lieberman: they like the reviews
  • John Ordover responds to Kevin Lauderdale and invites further input
  • Aline Dubois needs to contact representatives for John Campbell, Lester del Rey, et al, for a French anthology
  • Victor Lieberman likes the ads in Locus better than the reviews
  • John Ordover responds to Doug McKinney about what SF readers want
  • Kevin Lauderdale responds to John Ordover about media tie-in novels


  • Greg Ketter echoes James Van Hise
  • James Van Hise on book dealers at cons
  • Douglas McKinney and Thornton Kimes respond to Steve Perry
  • Paul Di Filippo with news about the Jack Gaughan estate
  • Steve Perry responds to John Savage
  • John Ordover responds to Steve Perry

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