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Author Appearances
New Listings, 9 December 1999:
Catherine Asaro, Todd McCaffrey, Sherry Gottlieb at Dangerous Visions (Shermans Oaks CA) in January
Greg Kihn, C.J. Cherryh, Jane S. Fancher at Other Change of Hobbit (Berkeley CA) in January
Susan Sizemore, Doranna Durgin, Stephen Leigh, George Foy on Cybling in January
Two more Paul Levinson dates, in January

Updated listings By Date; By Host; By Author

Event Listings
3 December 1999:
Planetfest this weekend in Pasadena CA (December Forthcoming Events..)

Convention Listings
Updates, 2 December 1999:
All listings from December '99 updated from the December issue of Locus.

Author Appearances
New Listings, 30 November 1999:
Paul Levinson adds four appearances to read and sign The Silk Code.
Jeffrey Ford will be the Philadelphia Fantastic guest in February

Author Appearances
New Listings, 10 November 1999:
Elizabeth Hand's appearance at Dixon Place (NY, NY) has been cancelled; she's replaced by Graham Joyce, who will appear (Thu 11 Nov) with previously scheduled Peter Straub and Terri Windling
Scheduled at Dangerous Visions (Sherman Oaks CA) this month and next: Greg Kihn, Richard Knaak, Bruce Boxleitner

New Listing, 10 November 1999:
''Vampire Dreams'', a play by Suzy McKee Charnas, is staged in New York City in December; details in Forthcoming Events/Books/Films December 1999

Author Appearances
New Listings, 28 October 1999:
Today's appearance by Brian Froud, Wendy Froud, and Terri Windling at Borderlands Books in San Francisco is at 1:00 p.m., not 3-4 p.m. as previously listed.
James Morrow, William Gibson, and Connie Willis are scheduled on Event Horizon in November
Marc Laidlaw, William Gibson, Greg Bear, Nina Kiriki Hoffman and others will appear at the Northwest Bookfest in Seattle, 13-14 November (no specific times available); Gibson will be at Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle on 4 November

Convention Listings
Added Visioncon 2000, Feb 18-20 2000 (see Cons Jan-Mar 2000)

Author Appearances
New Listings, 20 October 1999:
Raymond E. Feist tour in November
Stephen Jones and Jo Fletcher at The Stars Our Destination (Chicago IL), 30 October

Author Appearances
New Listings, 13 October 1999:
Big Terry Brooks tour begins 24 Oct in New York
Terri Windling reads at Dixon Place 11 Nov; on 9 Dec, Paul Park replaces Thomas M. Disch
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro at Other Change of Hobbit (Berkeley CA) 12 Nov

Pat Cadigan makes two conference appearances this month:

  • In Rimini, Italy, 16-18 October, at the XXVth Annual Conference organised by the Piu Manzu International Research Centre, titled Argonauts of the Noosphere. She will talk on "The man-machine hybrid" in a session entitled "The cybernetic man: science or science fiction?", chaired by Enzo Biagi, Journalist and author, Milan; alongside author and critic Mark Dery, and Pierre Levy, of the University of Quebec.
  • In Camden, Maine, 22-24 October, at Pop!Tech, The Camden Technology Conference on popular culture in the digital age. She will take part in a session on Pop!Tech Today, Pop!Tech Tomorrow, alongside Henry Jenkins of MIT, chaired by Maine State Governor Angus King.


Convention Listings
Added CONduit 10 listing, May 19-21, 2000. (Cons Apr-Jun 2000)

Author Appearances
New Listings, 8 October 1999:
Bruce Sterling, Don Webb, Lawrence Person and others in Austin, 15 Oct., in conjunction with the Turkey City Writer's Workshop being held that weekend
Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson will drop in at Dangerous Visions (Sherman Oaks CA), 14 Oct.; appearing there later in the month: Harlan Ellison, William Gibson, Richard Matheson, etc.
Dave Duncan is in Vancouver and Calgary, November
Robert J. Sawyer lectures at the Library of Congress, 10 Nov.
More Paul Levinson appearances, Nov. and January


Convention Listings
Updated GoH and membership info for Archon 24, Sep 29-Oct 1 2000. (Cons Jul-Sep 2000)

Author Appearances
New Listings, 30 September 1999:
More Paul Levinson appearances in October
Added Jewelle Gomez to October 6th Dixon Place event in NYC
Kim Newman, Graham Joyce on Event Horizon, late October

Convention Listings
Updates, 29 September 1999:
All listings from October '99 updated from the October issue of Locus.

Revised Listings, 22 September 1999:
Forthcoming Films listings from September through 2000 are updated from various published sources. Note that New Rose Hotel, the film version of William Gibson's short story, has finally been scheduled for exhibition, at least in New York City (October 1st at Cinema Village, according to Web Film Release Schedule).

Author Appearances
New Listings, 21 September 1999:
Neil Gaiman makes two appearances this week, tonight and Saturday, benefitting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Paul Levinson tour begins this Saturday in Philadelphia
Walter Jon Williams appears twice this weekend in the Bay area (CA)
Joe R. Lansdale and Jan Burke appear this weekend at Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego CA); Louise Marley and Linda Barnes are there in October
R.A. Salvatore and James Gurney are at Dangerous Visions (Sherman Oaks CA) in October
Paul Di Filippo is added to the F&SF 50th anniversary Dixon Place bash, 20 Oct in New York
Kim Stanley Robinson, Howard V. Hendrix, and Wendy Froud & Terri Windling are at Other Change of Hobbit (Berkeley CA) in October

Convention Listings
Changes, 21 September 1999:
Added listing for Icon 24, 29-31 October in Cedar Rapids IA
The First Zimbabwe National SF Convention, scheduled for 27-28 November 1999, has been indefinitely postponed.

Author Appearances
New Listings, 15 September 1999:
The tenth season of the The New York Review of Science Fiction Readings at Dixon Place in NY begins next week, Sept. 23, with readings by Hal Clement and Paul Levinson. Events in October include an AfroFuturism panel with Nalo Hopkinson and a 50th anniversary F&SF celebration with Gordon Van Gelder, Terry Bisson, Carol Emshwiller, and Ron Goulart.
Ian Randal Strock speaks at the Wings Club in Manhattan, Sept. 30
The ''Three Brazen Hussies'' -- Lisa Goldstein, Pat Murphy, Michaela Roessner -- appear for readings and signings in Northern California, Oct. and Nov.; plus Michaela Roessner will be on Event Horizon Oct. 7
Forrest J Ackerman is added to the schedule at The Booksmith (San Francisco CA) in October

New Listings, 24 August 1999:
Revised Forthcoming Books lists (through 2000) with selections from Locus Magazine's September 1999 listings.

Author Appearances
New Listings, 20 August 1999:
Ellen Datlow appears tomorrow at Dangerous Visions (Sherman Oaks CA)
Big Orson Scott Card tour, Sept. and Oct.
Kim Stanley Robinson, Gregory Maguire, Anne Simion, Wes Craven appear at The Booksmith (SF, CA) in Sept., Oct.
James Blaylock, Greg Bear at Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego CA) in Sept.
China Mieville, Peter Straub scheduled on Event Horizon (online) in Sept.
Neal Barrett, Jr., Joe R. Lansdale, Martha Wells appear at the Texas Book Festival in Austin, Nov 4-7

Author Appearances
New Listings, 28 July 1999:
Rudy Rucker and Amy Thomson appear this Friday in San Francisco
Keith Allen Daniels also appears this Friday, in Corte Madera (near San Francisco)
Amy Thomson, James P. Blaylock, Alice Borchardt, Tad Williams, Orson Scott Card, Greg Bear, Joe R. Lansdale scheduled at Dangerous Visions (Sherman Oaks CA) in Aug, Sep





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