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SF/F/H on General Bestseller Lists
22 Nov 1999

Michael Crichton's Timeline is too new to appear on any of this past week's bestseller lists, except for the hourly-updated Amazon Hot 100 list, where it ranks #4 as of Monday morning 22 Nov, right after the three Harry Potter books.

William Gibson's All Tomorrow's Parties (Putnam) remains #7 on the San Francisco Chronicle list, appeared at #8 last week (14 Nov) at LAT and dropped one to #9 this week (21 Nov), and remains a NYT also-ran this week at #26. It's dropped to #21 on Amazon's hardcover fiction list, and isn't on PW's list at all.

Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson's Dune: House Atreides (Bantam Spectra) has reappeared at #15 on LAT after two weeks off, ranked #7 last week at WP but dropped off again this week, and dropped to also-ran status at #17 on the NYT list. It's #11 on Amazon's hardcover fiction list, #12 at PW.

Stephen King's Hearts in Atlantis is a NYT also-ran at #17 this week and has fallen off the WP list. It's been off the LAT list for three weeks, but remains #9 on the Amazon hardcover fiction list and #8 on the PW list.

Amazon's SF bestsellers list does not appear to have been updated in the past two weeks. On the Barnes & Noble's SF bestseller list Timeline is followed by Terry Brooks's Angel Fire East (Del Rey).

Harry Potter books continue to dominate the lists; in fact they place 1-2-3 on most lists (including LAT, NYT, SFC, Amazon Hot 100, the USAT), higher than they did two weeks ago, when the typical rankings were 1-2-4.

The latest Locus Magazine bestseller list, compiled from September sales at specialty bookstores, is here.

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