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SF/F/H on General Bestseller Lists
8 Dec 1999

Michael Crichton's Timeline is high on mosts lists this week -- though not overtaking the Harry Potter books on lists where they are eligible. Crichton is #3 at LAT, #4 at NYT, #9 at SF Chronicle, #1 at PW, #4 at USAT, #1 on the Amazon hardcover fiction list, #5 on Barnes & Noble's, #4 at WSJ, and #1 on the Booksense list. It hasn't made WP yet because that list is apparently a week behind everyone else's.

(The Wall Street Journal's top 10 fiction and nonfiction lists are reprinted on CNN., an association of independent booksellers, isn't selling books online yet, but has its own bestseller list.)

Blip: Eric Idle's The Road to Mars is #8 at LAT this week.

Holding on: Stephen King's Hearts in Atlantis rose two to #10 at NYT, rose two to #8 at PW, and rose two to #8 on Amazon's hardcover fiction list. It's #10 on both the WSJ and BookSense lists. Gibson's All Tomorrow's Parties is #12 in SF and #22 on Amazon's hardcover fiction list. Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson's Dune: House Atreides is up one to #13 at PW and down five to #18 on the Amazon fiction hardcover list.

Raymond E. Feist's Krondor the Assassins slipped three to #30 on NYT's extended online fiction list.

Nonfiction: Dava Sobel's Galileo's Daughter is #1 in SF and #3 on the BookSense list, and lower down on several other lists: #9 at NYT, #14 at PW, #12 on Amazon's hardcover nonfiction list. One other science-themed nonfiction book ranks on a couple lists, Richard Feynman's The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, #9 in SF and #15 at BookSense.

The latest Locus Magazine bestseller list, compiled from September sales at specialty bookstores, is here.

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