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This page lists selected new science fiction, fantasy, and horror books seen published this month, mostly via bookstores sightings (though all books received for review will be listed). For a comprehensive listing of new books published each month, see Locus Magazine. Its Books Received listings are accumulated as the online Locus Index.

Key: * = first edition, + = first US edition. Date with publisher info is official publication month; date in parentheses at paragraph end is date seen or received.

Seen in December

* Butler, Robert Olen Mr. Spaceman (Grove Press 0-8021-1660-4, $23, 223pp, hc, January 2000) Literary SF novel from the Pulitzer-Prize winning author of A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain. On December 30, 2000, an alien abducts a busload of humans in an attempt to understand the human race. Amazon has Kirkus and its own reviews. (Thu 23 Dec 1999)

Carroll, Lewis; annotated by Martin Gardner The Annotated Alice: The Definitive Edition (Norton 0-393-04847-0, $29.95, 28+312pp, hc, November 1999) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, annotated by Gardner; an updated edition of the book first published in 1960; with the original illustrations by John Tenniel. Gardner's original edition was the prototype for many annotated classic works since, by Isaac Asimov among others. (Tue 7 Dec 1999)

* Clute, John, & Candas Jane Dorsey, eds Tesseracts8 (Canada: Tesseract 1-895836-61-1, C$9.95, 7+312pp, tpb, October 1999, cover by Mitchell Stuart) Original anthology of ''new Canadian speculative fiction'', 21 stories and poems by Hugh A.D. Spencer, A.M. Dellamonica, Cory Doctorow, Yves Meynard, Jean-Louis Trudel, Karl Schroeder, etc. Also in hardcover. (Tue 28 Dec 1999)

* D'Alembert, Arthur The Song of the Swan II (Universal Publishers 1-58112-825-8, 275pp, tpb, June 1999) SF novel, sequel to The Song of the Swan (1998). The text of the book is available at (Mon 20 Dec 1999)

* Dedman, Stephen Foreign Bodies (Tor 0-312-86864-2, $23.95, 286pp, hc, December 1999, cover by Bruce Jensen) SF novel, reviewed by Gary K. Wolfe in the January 2000 Locus and Jonathan Strahan in the November 1999 Locus. Amazon has the Kirkus review. (Fri 17 Dec 1999)

* Gottlieb, Sherry Worse Than Death (Forge 0-312-87392-1, $22.95, 251pp, hc, January 2000) Erotic horror novel about vampires; Amazon quotes blurbs from Joe Haldeman, Frank M. Robinson, etc. (Mon 27 Dec 1999)

+ Haldeman, Joe Forever Free (Ace 0-441-00697-3, $21.95, 277pp, hc, December 1999) First US edition (UK: Orion/Gollancz November 1999). SF novel, the true sequel to Haldeman's classic Hugo- and Nebula-winning The Forever War (1974); 1997's Forever Peace was a thematic sequel only; Amazon has a statement from Haldeman clarifying the inevitable confusion. Amazon quotes several reviews, but a scathing Kirkus review, posted a couple weeks ago, has been removed. Russell Letson's review will appear in the January Locus. (Tue 7 Dec 1999)

+ Hamilton, Peter F. The Naked God (Warner Aspect 0-446-52567-7, $26.95, 975pp, hc, January 2000, cover by Jim Burns) First US edition (UK: Macmillan UK September 1999). Massive space opera novel, sequel to The Reality Dysfunction (1996) and The Neutronium Alchemist (1997). (Mon 27 Dec 1999)

+ Koontz, Dean False Memory (Bantam 0-553-10666-x, $26.95, 627pp, hc, December 1999) First US edition (UK: Hodder Headline October 1999). Psychological thriller about mind control. Amazon has Kirkus and its own reviews. (Mon 27 Dec 1999)

* Newcombe, Ion, ed Antipodean SF Anthology 1 (1998-1999) (Australia: Jade Creations 0-646-38044-3, A$6.95, 78pp, chapbook, September 1999) (Reprint) anthology of more than 50 short-short stories from the Antipodean SF website, by authors such as Robert Stephenson, Edwina Harvey, Paul Wilson, Andrew Sullivan, etc. See website for ordering details. (Thu 2 Dec 1999)

* Pugmire, W.H. Dreams of Lovecraftian Horror (Mythos Books 0-9659433-4-8, $9.95, 91pp, tpb, December 1999, cover by Stanley C. Sargent) Collection of 14 horror stories, some original, edited by Stanley C. Sargent and David Wynn. (Sat 18 Dec 1999)

* Sargent, Stanley C. Ancient Exhumations (Mythos Books 0-9659433-5-6, $12.95, 4+123pp, tpb, November 1999, cover by D.L. Hutchinson) Collection of 7 horror stories, one original, edited by Peter Worthy and David Wynn. (Sat 18 Dec 1999)

* Zelazny, Roger The Great Book of Amber (Avon Eos 0-380-80906-0, $20, 1258pp, tpb, December 1999, cover by Tim White) Omnibus volume of all ten fantasy novels in the two Amber sequences, beginning with Nine Princes in Amber (1970), ending with Prince of Chaos (1991). Zelazny was one of the hottest, most stylish writers of the 1960s New Wave, and this was his version of a classic sword & sorcery fantasy series. The first book, Nine Princes in Amber, is riveting, but subsequent volumes offer increasingly diminishing returns. The series ranked #9 in Locus's 1998 poll for best all-time fantasy novel. (Mon 6 Dec 1999)

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