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This page lists all science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazines seen this month (mostly received for review). For a comprehensive listing of magazines published each month, see Locus Magazine.

New Issues Seen: 10 - 31 December

Absolute Magnitude -- Issue 12, Winter 1999, $4.95, 96pp. SF magazine edited and published by Warren Lapine. This issue has '32 bonus pages' to accommodate a new novella by Hal Clement. Other fiction is by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Bud Sparhawk, Gerard Daniel Houarner, etc. Jack Williamson is interviewed; other features include nonfiction by Allen Steele and Joe Lazzaro, reviews by Steven Sawicki and others; letters. Cover by Dominic Emile Harman. (website) (Sat 11 Dec 1999)

Amazing Stories -- Issue 600, Vol. 71 No. 5, Special edition 2000, $4.95, 96pp. Quarterly SF magazine, edited by Kim Mohan; this is an undated 'special edition' -- the 600th issue of the magazine -- published in sequence where the Spring 2000 issue would go. Fiction includes a 'star-blasting space adventure' by Harlan Ellison (there's a gallery of Ellison photos from past decades on the last page); reprints from the previous centennial issues of the magazine, by Bernard Brown (issue 100), Frances M. Deegan (200), Paul W. Fairman (300), Vance Simonds (400), James Patrick Kelly (500); and a new story by Pamela Sargent (for issue 600). Plus columns by Robert Silverberg, John C. Bunnell, George Zebrowski (on classics of SF cinema), Dr. Sciense, Cory Herndon. Cover by Christopher Moeller. (website) (Thu 30 Dec 1999)

Analog Science Fiction and Fact -- Vol. 120 No. 2, February 2000, $3.50, 144pp. Science Fiction and Fact, edited by Stanley Schmidt. Cover story by Jerry Oltion; other fiction by H.G. Stratmann, Michael A. Burstein, Dave Creek, Pete D. Manison, Charles L. Harness, Brian Plante, Janet Asimov. Science article by Ben Bova; science column by John G. Cramer. Plus Tom Easton's book reviews; letters. Cover by Alan M. Clark. (website) (Mon 13 Dec 1999)

Asimov's Science Fiction -- Vol. 24 No. 2 (whole #289) , February 2000, $3.50, 144pp. SF magazine edited by Gardner Dozois. Novella by G. David Nordley; novelettes by L. Timmel Duchamp, O'Neil De Noux; short stories by Ursula K. Le Guin, James Sarafin, Esther M. Friesner; poetry by Timons Esaias, Ruth Berman; columns by Robert Silverberg, James Patrick Kelly, Paul Di Filippo. Cover by Wolf A. Read. (website) (Thu 23 Dec 1999)

Challenging Destiny -- Issue 8, November 1999, C$7.50, 113pp. Canadian SF magazine, edited by David M. Switzer and Robert P. Switzer. Fiction by James A. Hartley, Vincent Sakowski, Kelly Howard, Ken Rand, James Viscosi, and (a novella) A.R. Morlan. Phyllis Gotlieb is interviewed; James Schellenberg reviews feminist SF. Cover by Chris Whitlow. (website) (Fri 17 Dec 1999)

Interzone -- Issue 151, January 2000, £3.00, 66pp. Monthly SF and fantasy magazine, edited by David Pringle. Special Michael Moorcock issue, with two works of Moorcock fiction and a reprint of his contributions to the 'Fictionmags' mailing list. Plus, fiction by David Garnett, Sarah Singleton, Liz Williams; columns by Nick Lowe, David Langford, Gary Westfahl; reviews by Tom Arden, David Mathew, etc. Cover by Dominic Harman. (website) (Thu 23 Dec 1999)

LC-39 -- Issue 2, 1999, $6, 186pp. Second issue of ''A Magazine of Science Fiction Literature'', edited by Matthew Walls; with a new look that is ''a deliberate attempt to capture the look and feel of a true academic journal''. A double issue with fiction by Sue Burke, Lara Campbell McGehee, Carolyn DeCusatis, Joe Murphy, Bernita Leonard, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Bonnie Mercure, H. Turnip Smith, Stefano Donati, Steve Beai, Susan Rae McElheran, Charles Michael Saplak, William R. Eakin. Plus an editor's note, an editorial, and contributors' notes. (website) (Fri 17 Dec 1999)

The Leading Edge -- Issue 38, November 1999, $3.95, 120pp. Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy; published by Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah; edited by Loralee Leavitt. Fiction and poetry by Richard Harris, Douglas Empringham, Linda Bosson, etc. Kevin J. Anderson is interviewed. Departments include book reviews, letters, and an editorial about the turn of the millennium. Cover by Duncan Long. (website) (Tue 21 Dec 1999)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction -- Vol. 98 No. 2 (whole #581) , Feb 2000, $3.50, 162pp. Monthly SF and fantasy magazined, edited by Gordon Van Gelder. Fiction by Dana Wilde, Paul Di Filippo, Robert Reed, Jeffrey Ford, Michael Shea, Susan Palwick, Brian W. Aldiss. Charles de Lint and Michelle West review books, Kathi Maio reviews films, Paul J. McAuley contributes the 'Curiosities' column, and Gregory Benford and George Zebrowski preview their science column from their forthcoming anthology of space station stories Skylife. Cover by Michael Garland. (website) (Tue 28 Dec 1999)

Realms of Fantasy -- Vol. 6 No. 3, February 2000, $3.99, 82pp. Bimonthly fantasy magazine edited by Shawna McCarthy. Fiction by Peni R. Griffin, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Lois Tilton and Noreen Doyle, Richard Parks, Anna Kirwan. Gahan Wilson reviews Harry Potter; Karen Haber profiles the art of John Jude Palencar; Eric T. Baker reviews games; Heinz Insu Fenkl writes the Folkroots column; Resa Nelson reviews TV. Cover by Michael Whelan. (No website) (Thu 23 Dec 1999)

Science Fiction Chronicle -- Issue 204, Vol. 21 No. 1, December 1999, $3.95, 54pp. SF and fantasy news and review magazine, edited by Andrew I. Porter. In addition to news there's an interview with Jane Johnson, a Marc Ortlieb report on AussieCon Three, Jeff Rovin's SF Cinema column, Stephen Jones and Jo Fletcher's The British Report, and book and magazine reviews by Don D'Ammassa. Cover by Ron Walotsky. (website) (Mon 20 Dec 1999)

Star*Line -- Issue 23.1, Jan/Feb 2000, 20pp. Journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Poetry by Bruce Boston, G.O. Clark, Denise Dumars, etc. Plus market news, small-press reviews, letters. Cover by Cathy Buburuz. (website) (Wed 22 Dec 1999)

The Third Alternative -- Issue 22, 2000, £3, 66pp. British SF magazine, edited by Andy Cox. Fiction by Alexander Glass, Sten Westgard, Tony Ballantyne, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Jason Gould, Douglas Smith; plus Rhys Hughes in an accompanying supplement. David Mathew interviews William Gibson, Desmond Knight surveys the films of Ed Wood. Plus columns by Peter Crowther, Allen Ashley; reviews by Peter Tennant, many others. Cover by Steven Lawler. (website) (Thu 30 Dec 1999)

True Review -- Vol. 12 No. 1 (whole #43) , January 2000, $2.00, 8pp. Quarterly SF, fantasy, horror, and mystery review magazine, edited and published by Andrew M. Andrews. This issue has reviews by books by Vonnegut, Pratchett, Tarr, Sheffield, Willis, Simmons, etc. etc. (No website) (Thu 23 Dec 1999)

Weird Tales -- Issue 318, Vol. 56 No. 2 (whole #318), Winter 1999/2000, $4.95, 66pp. Dark fantasy and horror magazine, edited by George H. Scithers and Darrell Schweitzer; ''The Unique Magazine''. Fiction by Keith Taylor, R.G. Evans, George Barr, James Robert Smith, Ramsey Campbell, James Van Pelt, Chris Presta-Valachovic, Andy Duncan, Tanith Lee. Verse by Jill Bauman, Ruth Berman, Bruce Boston, etc. Reviews by S.T. Joshi. Cover by Bob Eggleton. (website) (Tue 14 Dec 1999)

New Issues Seen: 1 - 9 December

Interzone -- Issue 150, December 1999, £3.00, 67pp. 150th issue; as columnist David Langford puts it, ''There were lavish pre-millennial celebrations when this Interzone went to press, and champagne flowed freely as tens of thousands of guests cheered...''. Fiction by Richard Calder, Ian Watson, Leigh Kennedy, James Lovegrove, Jean-Claude Dunyach, Eric Brown. Alison Sinclair is interviewed by David Mathew. Graham Andrews provides an annotated bibliography of the late James White. Gary Westfahl explains why he's writing a Bibliographic Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Film in a column titled ''Big Dumb Opticals''. Plus, Paul J. McAuley reviews Cryptonomicon; other reviews by Chris Gilmore, David Mathew, Paul Brazier. Cover by Dominic Harman. (website) (Wed 1 Dec 1999)

The New York Review of Science Fiction -- Issue 136, Vol. 12 No. 4, December 1999, $3.50, 24pp. Essays on hard SF by Wayne Daniels and David Swanger; David Bratman writes about Christian fantasist Frank Peretti. Mark Rich offers some (rather belated) short fiction reviews. Books by Nancy Kress, Connie Willis, Lisa Mason, Jeffrey Ford, Charles Sheffields, etc., are reviewed by Joan Gordon, Mark W. Tiedemann, Dan'l Danehy-Oakes, Brian Stableford, etc. And Michael Swanwick reaches Z! (website) (Fri 3 Dec 1999)

Science Fiction Age -- Vol. 8 No. 2, January 2000, $3.99, 90pp. Fiction by Brian Stableford, Cory Doctorow, Bruce Boston, John Kessel, Eric Brown, Geoffrey A. Landis. Paul Di Filippo reviews Gibson; Richard Parks reviews Baxter; D. Douglas Fratz reviews Haldeman. The Science column is entirely by David Brin. John Harris's art is profiled by John Grant. Plus, columnists Melissa J. Perenson on TV, Eric T. Baker on games, and Cory Doctorow on the Internet. We couldn't find the ''Millennium's Best'' lists of games, books, websites, etc., as promised on the cover, though. Cover by John Monteleone. (No website) (Fri 3 Dec 1999)

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