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January 1999

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  • BSFA shortlist
  • Best of '98: SF Site, Authors' picks on Amazon
  • SFWA Meets with FTC
  • International Horror Guild Award Nominations
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  • Brian Moore, Naomi Mitchison Die
  • Crank! Folds
  • SFWA Officers to Meet with FTC
  • Philip K. Dick Award Nominations
  • Nebula Preliminary Ballot
  • Jean-Claude Forest, 1930 - 1998
  • SFWA Announces Dramatic Nebula Rules

    British Science Fiction Association Awards Shortlist

    The British Science Fiction Association has released the shortlist for the 1998 BSFA Awards. Winners will be announced at this year's Eastercon in Liverpool, April 2-5 1999.

  • The Cassini Division, Ken MacLeod (Orbit)
  • The Extremes, Christopher Priest (Simon & Schuster UK)
  • Inversions, Iain M. Banks (Orbit)
  • Queen City Jazz, Kathleen Ann Goonan (HarperCollins Voyager)
  • To Hold Infinity, John Meaney (Bantam UK)
  • short fiction
  • "La Cenerentola", Gwyneth Jones (Interzone 136)
  • "The Day Before They Came", Mary Soon Lee (Interzone 133)
  • "The First Annual Performance Arts Festival at the Slaughter Rock Battlefield", Thomas M. Disch (Interzone 131)
  • "Shift Change", Timons Esaias (Interzone 137)
  • "Vulpheous", Eric Brown (Interzone 129)
  • artwork
  • Back Cover of Focus 34, Colin Odell
  • Cover of Interzone 135 (illustrating ''Jedella Ghost'' by Tanith Lee), Dominic Harman
  • Cover of Interzone 137 (illustrating ''The Gardens of Saturn'' by Paul J. McAuley), Dominic Harman
  • Cover of Interzone 138 (illustrating Lord Prestimion by Robert Silverberg), Jim Burns
  • Front Cover of Focus 34, Colin Odell

  • Best of 1998

    The editors of SF Site have made their selections of the top SF and fantasy books of the year, with Jonathan Lethem's Girl in Landscape (Doubleday) ranked in first place. Also named are the top ten reprints of 1998, and a ''mainstream novel of the year'' -- Don DeLillo's Underworld. The full list is here. asked authors in a host of categories for their favorite titles of 1998. The SF and Fantasy Authors' Picks include selections of non-genre works by Ben Bova and David Brin, among others, while John Cramer and Maureen F. McHugh choose SF novels by Paul Preuss and John Kessel from 1997. The only choice of a 1998 SF or fantasy book is by Gene Wolfe, whose ''favorite book of 1998--by far--is The Avram Davidson Treasury''.

    SFWA Meets with FTC

    A report on the meeting between representatives of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and the Federal Trade Commission concerning the proposed acquisition of Ingram by Barnes and Noble has been posted on the SF website.

    (Thu 28 Jan 1999)

    International Horror Guild Award Nominations

    The International Horror Guild has announced the following nominations for achievements in the field of horror during 1998. The Awards will be presented at an as yet unscheduled event during the World Horror Convention, March 4 -7 at the Marriott North Central in Atlanta, Georgia. Nominations were derived from recommendations made by the public and the judges' knowledge of the field. Edward Bryant, Stefan Dziemianowicz, Hank Wagner, and Fiona Webster are judges for the awards.

    Darker Angels, S.P. Somtow (Tor)
    Fog Heart, Thomas Tessier (St. Martin's)
    The Halloween Man, Douglas Clegg (Leisure)
    Irrational Fears, William Browning Spencer (White Wolf)
    The Tooth Fairy, Graham Joyce (Tor)
    Wildest Dreams, Norman Partridge (Subterranean)

    first novel
    Carmilla: The Return, Kyle Marffin (The Design Image Group)
    Dawn Song, Michael Marano (Tor)
    Queen of Darkness, Miguel Conner (Warner Aspect)
    Silk, Caitlin Kiernan (Roc)
    The Symbiotic Fascination, Charlee Jacob (Necro Publications)

    Black Butterflies: A Flock on the Dark Side, John Shirley (Mark V. Ziesing)
    The Collector of Hearts: New Tales of the Grotesque, Joyce Carol Oates (NAL/Dutton)
    Crypt Orchids, David Schow (Subterranean)
    Extremities, Kathe Koja (Four Walls Eight Windows)
    Falling Idols, Brian Hodge (Silver Salamander)

    The Best of Cemetery Dance, Richard Chizmar (CD)
    The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams, J. O'Barr & Ed Kramer (Del Rey)
    Dark Terrors 4, Stephen Jones & David Sutton (Gollancz)
    Imagination Fully Dilated, Alan Clark & Elizabeth Engstrom (CD)
    Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers, Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling (HarperPrism)

    long form
    "As Above, So Below", Brian Hodge (Falling Idols)
    "Blackburn Bakes Cookies", Bradley Denton (One Day Closer to Death)
    "Mr. Club and Mr. Cuff", Peter Straub (Murder for Revenge)
    "The Sweet of Bitter Bark and Burning Clove", Doris Egan (Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers)
    "What Would You Do For Love?", John Shirley (Black Butterflies)

    short form
    "Blackbirds", Norman Partridge (Imagination Fully Dilated)
    "Dead Blue", Lucy Taylor (Imagination Fully Dilated)
    "Four of a Kind", Bryn Kanar (Cemetery Dance Issue 29)
    "Inside the Cackle Factory", Dennis Etchison (Dark Terrors 4)
    "Lighting the Corpses", Del Stone Jr (Robert Bloch's Psychos)

    Gothic Horror: A Reader's Guide from Poe to King and Beyond, Clive Bloom (St. Martin's)
    Mondo Macabro: Weird and Wonderful Cinema Around the World, Pete Tombs (St. Martin's)
    Screams of Reason: Mad Science and Popular Culture, David J. Skal (W.W. Norton)
    The St. James Guide to Horror, Ghost, and Gothic Writers, David Pringle (St. James)
    A Writer's Tale, Richard Laymon (Deadline Press)

    graphic story/stories
    Blood for the Muse: Agony, Ecstasy, Tragedy, by Terry M. West, art by Stew Noak, Glenn Chadbourne, and Ryan Dunlavey (Blind Wolf Studios)
    Night City #1, written by Mort Castle, art by Don Kramer, Mark Nelson, and Jaewon (Thorby)
    Preacher Ancient History, written by Garth Ennis, art by Richard Case (DC)
    Transmetropolitan: Back on the Street, written by Warren Ellis, art by Darick Robertson (DC)

    Carpe Noctem
    The Urbanite

    Edward Gorey
    Dave McKean
    Lisa Snellings
    Douglas Walters
    Gahan Wilson

    Apt Pupil, Directed by Bryan Singer, Screenplay by Brandon Boyce, Story Stephen King
    Dark City, Directed by Alex Proyas, Screenplay by Alex Proyas, Lem Dobbs and David S. Goyer, Story Alex Proyas
    Fallen, Directed by Gregory Hoblit, Screenplay by Nicholas Kazan
    Gods and Monsters, Directed by Bill Condon, Screenplay by Bill Condon, Novel by Christopher Bram
    John Carpenter's Vampires, Directed by John Carpenter, Screenplay by Don Jakoby, Novel by John Steakley

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    The X-Files

    (Monday 18 Jan 1999)

    Last month: December 1998

  • FTC to review Barnes and Noble/Ingram deal
  • Sawyer resigns as SFWA President
  • Sawyer wins UPC award again
  • Sapphire finalists
  • John Millard, 1917-1998
  • New York Times Best SF of 1998
  • James Patrick Kelly, Councilor
  • Welcome to Paradox marathon

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