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Have you read...? (gray bands indicate no answers)
Allen Steele's ''...Where Angels Fear to Tread''

Yes: 23%    No: 66%
Jane Yolen's ''Sister Emily's Lightship''

Yes: 24%    No: 65%
P.D. Cacek's ''Dust Motes''

Yes: 6%    No: 82%
Isaac Asimov's ''Nightfall''

Yes: 77%    No: 13%
Shirley Jackson's ''The Lottery''

Yes: 63%    No: 27%
C.L. Moore's ''Vintage Season''

Yes: 49%    No: 40%
Arthur C. Clarke's ''The Star''

Yes: 61%    No: 30%
H.G. Wells' ''The Star''

Yes: 27%    No: 62%
Tom Godwin's ''The Cold Equations''

Yes: 52%    No: 38%
James Blish's ''Common Time''

Yes: 32%    No: 57%
C.M. Kornbluth's ''The Marching Morons''

Yes: 47%    No: 41%
Ray Bradbury's ''A Sound of Thunder''

Yes: 63%    No: 26%
Harlan Ellison's ''I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream''

Yes: 70%    No: 20%
Bob Shaw's ''Light of Other Days''

Yes: 39%    No: 49%
W.W. Jacobs' ''Monkey's Paw''

Yes: 48%    No: 41%
Terry Bisson's ''Bears Discover Fire''

Yes: 41%    No: 48%
Stanley G. Weinbaum's ''A Martian Odyssey''

Yes: 46%    No: 42%
Robert A. Heinlein's ''By His Bootstraps''

Yes: 54%    No: 36%
James Tiptree, Jr.'s ''The Women Men Don't See''

Yes: 43%    No: 46%
Theodore Sturgeon's ''It''

Yes: 47%    No: 42%

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