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---- 2000-2001 Books ----

These are titles as yet unscheduled but which have been reported sold in recent ''People and Publishing'' pages in Locus magazine. Titles may well change by the time these books are published. The month in parentheses indicates when the item was reported in Locus.

  • Bisson, Terry • The Deletion Artist • sold to Tor (reported Jun 1999)
  • Card, Orson Scott • sequel to Ender's Shadow • sold to Tor (reported Mar 1999)
  • Crowley, John • The Translator • sold to Jennifer Brehl at Avon via agent Ralph Vicinanza (reported Aug 1999)
  • Daniel, Tony • Metaplanetary • sold to HarperPrism (reported Sep 1998)
  • Dann, Jack • Second Chance • sold to Avon/Spike (reported May 1999)
  • Davidson, Avram (edited by Grania Davis and Henry Wessell) • The Other Nineteenth Century • sold to Teresa Nielsen Hayden at Tor via Owlswick
  • Ford, Jeffrey • The Beyond • sold to Avon (reported Mar 1999)
  • Hamilton, Peter F. • stand-alone far future SF novel Fallen Dragon • sold to Betsy Mitchell at Warner (reported Nov 1999)
  • Hartwell, David & Kathryn Cramer • The Hard SF Renaissance • sold to Tor (reported Nov 1999)
  • Landis, Geoffrey A. • Mars Crossing • first novel, sold to Tor (reported Dec 1998)
  • Le Guin, Ursula K. • The Telling (novel) and Tales from Earthsea • sold to Harcourt (reported Jun 1999)
  • Lee, Gentry • The History of the 21st Century • sold to Avon (reported Oct 1998)
  • Martin, George R.R. • The Storm of Swords (3rd book of 'Song of Ice and Fire' series), A Dance with Dragons (4th book), The Winds of Winter (5th book), and A Time for Wolves (6th book) • sold to Bantam (reported Feb 1999)
  • Morrow, James • The Last Witchfinder • sold to Harcourt (reported May 1999)
  • Nielsen Hayden, Patrick, ed. • Up! (original anthology of 'optimistic science fiction') • sold to Tor (reported Jun 1999)
  • Ryman, Geoff • Air • SF novel, sold to St. Martin's (reported Jan 2000)
  • Sawyer, Robert J. • Neandertal Parallax • and two other novels, sold to David Hartwell at Tor via Ralph Vicinanza (reported Dec 1999)
  • Schmidt, Stanley • SF novel Argonaut • sold to David Hartwell at Tor via Eleanor Wood (reported Dec 1999)
  • Silverberg, Robert • King of Dreams • third in the current Majipoor trilogy, sold to John Douglas at Tor, via agent Ralph Vicinanza (reported Apr 1999)
  • Spinrad, Norman • historical fantasy The Druid King • sold to Martin Asher at Knopf/Vintage via agent Russ Galen (reported Jan 2000)
  • Steele, Allen • Time Loves a Hero • (expansion of ''Where Angels Fear to Tread'') sold to Ace via agent Martha Millard (reported Jul 1999)
  • Straub, Peter & Stephen King • unnamed sequel to The Talisman • sold to Random House and Ballantine via agent Ralph Vicinanza (reported Dec 1999)
  • Swanwick, Michael • The Old Bone Road • sold to Avon (reported Mar 1999)
  • Tepper, Sheri S. • The Fresco • novel sold to Jennifer Brehl at Eos via agent Howard Morhaim (reported Oct 1999)
  • Wilson, Robert Charles • novel The Chronoliths and collection The Perseids • sold to Tor via Shawna McCarthy (reported Sep 1999)
  • Wolfe, Gene • In Green's Jungles and Return to the Whorl (2nd and 3rd volumes of ''Book of the Short Sun'', after On Blue's Waters) • sold to Tor (reported Apr 1999)
  • Zindell, David • four volume fantasy series ''The Ea Cycle'' (first volume The Lightstone) • sold to Betsy Mitchell at Warner via agent Donald Maass (reported Nov 1999)
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