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May 2000
edited by Charles N. Brown
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Mailing date: 27 April 2000

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The May issue features coverage, with lots of photos, of the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, held in March in Ft. Lauderdale FL; and interviews with Guy Gavriel Kay and Sean McMullen.

Lots of awards news: winners of the Philip K. Dick Award and Asimov Undergraduate Awards; nominations for the Hugo, Stoker, Chesley, Prometheus, Aurora, and HOMer Awards, among others. Publishing news: Baen Books moves to North Carolina; Penguin buys DK; how AOL almost bought Bertelsmann instead of Time Warner.

Obituaries include:

  • Karel Thole
  • Catherine Crook de Camp
  • Edward Gorey
  • Jean Karl
  • Joseph H. Delaney
  • Dr. Alex Comfort

    To be posted online from this issue:

  • Guy Gavriel Kay interview excerpts
  • Sean McMullen interview excerpts
  • Locus Bestsellers
  • New and Notable Books

    Reviews in the May issue:

    Distillations: Short Fiction Reviews by Mark R. Kelly

  • F&SF 3/2000
  • Asimovís 4/2000
  • SF Age 5/2000

    Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe

  • The Fountains of Youth, Brian Stableford
  • Evolution's Darling, Scott Westerfeld
  • In the Upper Room and Other Likely Stories, Terry Bisson

    Reviews by Faren Miller

  • The Gates of Fire, Thomas Harlan
  • The Princess of Dhagabad, Anna Kashina
  • Wild Life, Molly Gloss

    Reviews by Russell Letson

  • Eater, Gregory Benford
  • Lodestar, Michael Flynn

    Reviews by Edward Bryant

  • Welcome Back to the Night, Elizabeth Massie
  • Skull Full of Spurs, Jason Bovberg & Kirk Whitham, eds.
  • The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, Volume Ten, Stephen Jones, ed.
    Short Takes:
  • An Antique Vintage, John Pelan
  • The Pop-up Book of Phobias, Gary Greenberg, Balvis Rubess, Matthew Reinhart

    Reviews by Carolyn Cushman

  • Fortress of Dragons, C.J. Cherryh
  • Hunted, James Alan Gardner
  • Utterly Charming, Kristine Grayson
  • Empire of Unreason, J. Gregory Keyes
  • The Glasswright's Apprentice, Mindy L. Klasky
  • Under the Overtree, James A. Moore
  • The Burning City, Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle
  • Witness in Death, J.D. Robb
  • Broken Time, Maggy Thomas
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