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August 2000
edited by Charles N. Brown
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Mailing date: 27 July 2000

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The August issue features the 2000 Locus Awards winners, with complete Locus poll results (survey results will follow next month). Interviews are Brian Aldiss and Candas Jane Dorsey.

Other awards news: the Campbell and Sturgeon winners; Mike Resnick wins the Eiffel Tower Award; the Warner Aspect First Novel contest gets huge response.

And, coverage of the Harry Potter phenomenon.

To be posted online from this issue:

  • Brian Aldiss interview excerpts
  • Candas Jane Dorsey interview excerpts
  • Locus Bestsellers
  • New and Notable Books

    Reviews in the August issue:

    Distillations: Short Fiction Reviews by Mark R. Kelly

  • Century Spring 2000
  • Interzone 4/2000
  • Interzone 5/2000
  • Asimovís 7/2000

    Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe

  • Brain Plague, Joan Slonczewski
  • Sister Emily's Lightship and Other Stories, Jane Yolen
  • The Essential Hal Clement, Volume Two: Music of Many Spheres, Mark L. Olsen & Anthony R. Lewis, eds.
  • The SFWA Grand Masters: Volume Two, Frederik Pohl, ed.
  • French Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Pulp Fiction: A Guide to Cinema, Television, Radio, Animation, Comic Books, and Literature from the Middle Ages to the Present, Jean-Marc Lofficier & Randy Lofficier

    Reviews by Faren Miller

  • The Telling, Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Soulsaver, James Stevens-Arce
  • King of the City, Michael Moorcock
  • In Green's Jungles, Gene Wolfe
  • Kingdom of the Grail, Judith Tarr
  • SHORT TAKE: White Mars, Brian Aldiss with Roger Penrose

    Reviews by Russell Letson

  • Saturn's Race, Larry Niven & Steve Barnes
  • Evergence: The Dying Light, Sean Williams
  • George Turner: A Life, Judith Raphael Buckrich

    Reviews by Edward Bryant

  • High Cotton: Selected Stories of Joe R. Lansdale, Joe R. Lansdale
  • The Ushers, Edward Lee
  • SHORT TAKE: The Salutation, Sylvia Townsend Warner

    Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman

  • Transformation, Carol Berg
  • Prophecy, Elizabeth Haydon
  • The Black Chalice, Marie Jakober
  • Protector of the Small: Page, Tamora Pierce
  • Callahan's Key, Spider Robinson
  • Chimera, Will Shetterly
  • Rules of Conflict, Kristine Smith
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