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From the October 2000 Locus
Data period: July 2000


on list


1) Callahan's Key, Spider Robinson (Bantam Spectra) 1 -
2) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, J.K. Rowling (Scholastic) 1 -
3) Lt. Leary, Commanding, David Drake (Baen) 1 -
4) King Kelson's Bride, Katherine Kurtz (Ace) 2 1
5) Prophecy, Elizabeth Haydon (Tor) 1 -
6) Mortalis, R.A. Salvatore (Del Rey) 1 -
7) Brightly Burning, Mercedes Lackey (DAW) 3 3
8) Wheel of the Infinite, Martha Wells (Eos) 1 -
9) Silver Wolf, Black Falcon, Dennis L. McKiernan (Roc) 2 4
10) Saturn's Race, Larry Niven & Steven Barnes (Tor) 1 -
11) Calculating God, Robert J. Sawyer (Tor) 2 8
1) Darwin's Radio, Greg Bear (Ballantine) 1 -
2) Beyond Varallan, S.L. Viehl (Roc, July) 1 -
3) The Icarus Hunt, Timothy Zahn (Bantam Spectra) 1 -
4) The Great War: Walk in Hell, Harry Turtledove (Del Rey) 1 -
5) Phylogenesis, Alan Dean Foster (Del Rey) 1 -
6) Hunted, James Alan Gardner (Eos, July) 1 -
7) Acorna's People, McCaffrey & Scarborough (Eos) 1 -
8) The Glasswright's Apprentice, Mindy Klasky (Roc, July) 1 -
9) T'nT: Telzey & Trigger, James H. Schmitz (Baen, July) 2 10
10) Soul of the Fire, Terry Goodkind (Tor) 4 9
1) Cryptonomicon, Neal Stephenson (HarperPerennial) 3 2
2) Wit'ch War, James Clemens (Del Rey, July) 1 -
3) The Year's Best Science Fiction: Seventeenth Annual Collection, Gardner Dozois, ed. (St. Martin's Griffin, July) 1 -
4) The Sparrow, Mary Doria Russell (Fawcett Columbine) 22 -
5) Empire of Unreason, J. Gregory Keyes (Del Rey, May) 2 2


1) Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Vector Prime, R.A. Salvatore (Del Rey) 1 -
2) Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide 2: Ruin, Michael A. Stackpole (Del Rey, June) 2 1
3) X-Men, Kristine Kathryn Rusch & Dean Wesley Smith (Del Rey, June) 2 2
4) Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Evil That Men Do, Nancy Holder (Pocket, June) 1 -
5) Star Wars: Rogue Planet, Greg Bear (Del Rey, May) 3 3


1) Forgotten Realms: The Spine of the World, R.A. Salvatore (Wizards of the Coast) 2 1
2) Battletech: Measure of a Hero, Blaine Lee Pardoe (Roc, July) 1 -
3) Forgotten Realms: The Halls of Stormweather, Anonymous, ed. (Wizards of the Coast, July) 1 -
4) Legend of the Five Rings: The Scorpion, Steven D. Sullivan (Wizards of the Coast, July) 1 -
5) DragonLance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman (TSR) 2 -
6) DragonLance: The Clandestine Circle, Mary H. Herbert (Wizards of the Coast, July) 1 -


Spider Robinson and J.K. Rowling dominated the hardcover list, with Callahan's Key comfortably out in front of Harry. We had 80 nominees, compared to 93 last month.

Greg Bear dominated paperbacks, with Viehl and Zahn both making strong showings as runners-up. Nominees: 98, down from 119.

Stephenson's Cryptonomicon continues to hold the number one slot in trade paperbacks. Wit'ch War and The Year's Best Science Fiction #17 were both strong runners-up. The Sparrow reappears once again. Nominees: 52 to 53 last month.

In media, ''Star Wars'' took the top two positions, with the new Vector Prime out-selling the runner-up 3 to 2. Ruin, last month's number one, stayed on the list at number two, with X-Men not far behind. Nominees: 27, down slightly from 31.

For gaming-related, ''Forgotten Realms'' The Spine of the World had more than twice the votes as the next contender. Dragons of Autumn Twilight, the original 1984 novel, continues to make a showing, neck and neck with the series' new offering, The Clandestine Circle. Nominees: 25, up from 21.

Compiled with data from: Adventures in Crime & Space (TX), Basilisk Dreams (Canada), Borders Bookstores (USA), A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books (CA), Dangerous Visions (CA), DreamHaven (MN), Future Fantasy (CA), Gene's (PA), Heroes & Dragons (CO), Lone Star (TX), Merchant of Venus (NE), Musicland Group (MN), Mysterious Galaxy (CA), Pages for All Ages (IL), Regulator (NC), St. Mark's (NY), The Space-Crime Continuum (MA), The Stars Our Destination (IL), Toadstool (2 in NH), Totem Bookshop (WA), Uncle Hugo's (MN), University Bookstore (WA), White Dwarf (Canada), Mark Ziesing (CA). Data period: July 2000.

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