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Updates to Electronic Publications seen this week: 18 - 24 August
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DarkEcho Newsletter -- 08.24.00
Weekly e-mail newsletter about the horror field, published by Paula Guran. This issue opens with Guran's thoughtful comments on reading online vs. reading the printed page, with some particular reaction to reading material on GalaxyOnline. Chet Williamson reports a case of possible plagiarism from one Ann Melrose in a submission to Ellen Datlow. News covers the latest on Stephen King, R.L. Stine, Harry Potter, Amazing Stories, and Ray Bradbury. Plus, media notes from Zentertainment, net notes, events, markets, etc.
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E-publisher selling short fiction e-books in formats for Palm, Rocket, and Computers. New this week: stories by Karen Haber, Kate Wilhelm (including "The Encounter"), Gardner Dozois, and David Langford ("The Spear of the Sun"). (Thu 24 Aug 2000)

Hellnotes Newsletter -- Vol. 4, Issue 34 -- August 25, 2000
Weekly e-mail newsletter about the horror field, edited by David B. Silva and Paul F. Olson. This edition open with an editorial wondering what constitutes success in electronic publishing. News includes Amazing Stories' suspension, the World Fantasy nominations, and Emil Petaja's death. There are reviews by Garrett Peck of Douglas Clegg and Bentley Little of T. Winter-Damon & Randy Chandler; a quiz; author signings; an interview with Hollow Man screenwriter Andrew W. Marlowe; publishing, movie, and TV news; market reports.
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The Official Stephen King Web Presence... []
Part II of ''The Plant'' is available for download. Note that when Part III becomes available in late September, Part I will be taken down. (Mon 21 Aug 2000)

Science Fiction Weekly [] -- August 21, 2000
Weekly e-zine of news and reviews. The webzine's annual Unofficial Hugo Poll is underway, with scheduled end August 31. Columns include reviews of new books by Niven & Barnes and Harry Turtledove, and under Classics, a look at Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.

Sci Fiction []
New this week, original fiction by Dave Hutchinson, Tir-na-nOg, and classic reprint by Robert Sheckley, The Wind is Rising. (Wed 23 Aug 2000)

Seeing Ear Theater []
An original audio drama ''Titanic Dreams'' by Robert Olen Butler, adapted by Sarah Montague, starring Gigi Edgley and Clancy Brown; plus a reading by Greg Cox of his ''Star Trek: Assignment Eternity''. (Thu 24 Aug 2000)


Ansible -- Issue 157, August 2000.
Monthly fanzine, written and published by David Langford. This issue has news items about Forrest J Ackerman, Charles Platt (on interviewing L. Ron Hubbard), David Pringle, Brian Stableford; plus UK convention listings, publishing news notes, and of course, Thog's Masterclass. (Updated Fri 4 Aug 2000)
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E-publisher offering free books, or excerpts from books, and links to partners who sell hardcopies; in various categories, including SF, fantasy, YA, mystery, romance, etc. Requires user registration to read free portions. Recent offerings include "Crusade" TV scripts by Fiona Avery, "Crusade" scripts and short stories from J. Michael Straczynski, and Gardner Dozois's anthology The Year's Best Science Fiction: 17th Annual Collection.

DarkEcho Newsletter -- 08.17.00
Weekly e-mail newsletter about the horror field, published by Paula Guran. This issue has profile of Steve Rasnic Tem and Melanie Tem, with a review of their chapbook The Man on the Ceiling; nomination listings for the World Fantasy Awards and the British Fantasy Awards; misc. news and events notices.
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E-publisher selling short fiction e-books in formats for Palm, Rocket, and Computers, with typically 6-8 new stories each week. Three stories by Karen Haber have been posted the week of August 14. Recent weeks have added numerous stories by Robert Silverberg, Kate Wilhelm, David Langford, Pamela Sargent, and Barry Malzberg. Also has the current, 10th anniversary issue of Eidolon available. [Very nice site design; gets points for having a "new this week" page. -- ed.]

Galaxy Online []
The ambitious 'online entertainment network' has added a fiction section, "The Writer's Corner", edited by Rick Wilber, with original and reprint stories. The reprints ("classics") are by Ellison, Silverberg, and Heinlein; originals are Orson Scott Card's "Waterbaby" (posted 7/10) and Nick DiChario's "Flyby Aliens" (7/28). (Date monitored: 15 Aug 2000)
[Good luck finding them without our direct links. The site's retro-design is horrible; content -- mostly sundry opinion columns by various SF notables -- is hidden behind vague section headings like "Future Shock" and "Brave New World"; there's no way to find anything except via the search function by author; nothing is dated (the posting dates above were discovered only via output from the search function); and there's no way to see what's new since the last time you visited the site. The designers seem intent on breaking as many rules of good website design as possible (such as those described in this best and worst of web-media design article -- especially the 3rd point, the 2nd point, the 4th point, the 1st point (those section headings), the 5th point...) --ed.]

Hellnotes Newsletter -- Vol. 4, Issue 33 -- August 18, 2000
Weekly e-mail newsletter about the horror field, edited by David B. Silva and Paul F. Olson. This edition includes part of an interview with What Lies Beneath director Robert Zemeckis and the film's producers, in which Zemeckis talks about cyberscanning actors. Plus, publishing news, market report, book reviews, etc.
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The Linguistics & Science Fiction Newsletter -- Volume 1, Issue 4 -- July/August 2000
Bimonthly e-mail newsletter written and published by Suzette Haden Elgin, Ph.D. (linguistics), at the Ozark Center for Language Studies in Huntsville AR. This issue considers 'email' vs. 'e-mail'; comments about recent magazine and e-pub' articles, including PW Daily's April Fool's Day edition ("S&S to Release Latest [Stephen] King Book In Theory Only"); how two professors of international law are using episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation as examples in their classrooms; and Elgin's enthusiastic recommendations of George R.R. Martin's A Clash of Kings and Ursula K. Le Guin's Four Ways to Forgiveness. (Received 29 Jun 2000)
(Free to members of the Linguistics & Science Fiction Network, annual dues $5; e-mail; sample issue at

Redsine [] -- Issue One, August 2000
New bimonthly e-zine from publisher Garry J. Nurrish, chief editor Trent Jamieson, and non-fiction editor D.J. Tyrer. First issue has Jeff VanderMeer as the featured author, with three stories and an excerpt from an Ambergris novella in progress. Other fiction is by Iain Darby, Sandy DeLuca, Edwina Harvey, D.F. Lewis, Simon Logan, Mark McLaughlin, Geoffrey Maloney, D.J. Tyrer, D. Harlan Wilson. Nonfiction includes interviews with Jeffrey Thomas and John B. Ford, and articles by D.S. Davidson and D.J. Tyrer. Related sites: Jeff VanderMeer's official website; VanderWorld.

Science Fiction Weekly [] -- August 14, 2000
Weekly e-zine of news and reviews. This week's edition features John Clute's ''Excessive Candour'' column, reviewing Gene Wolfe's In Green's Jungles; an interview with Crow: Stairway to Heaven's executive producer Bryce Zabel; reviews of books by Ken MacLeod (by Joe Monti) and Stephen L. Burns; news; reviews of films, games, anime, etc.

Sci Fiction []
Original and reprint short fiction, edited by Ellen Datlow; one original story weekly, a "classic" reprint biweekly. Recent originals are A.R. Morlan's Ciné Rimettato (8/16/00), Graham Joyce's Partial Eclipse (8/9/00), and Howard Waldrop's Winter Quarters (8/2/00). Most recent reprint, Tom Reamy's The Detweiler Boy.

Seeing Ear Theater []
Audio recordings, featuring author readings -- most recently, Michael Moorcock's "The Dreamthief's Daughter" and more; Pat Cadigan's story "The Final Remake of the Return of Little Latin Larry with a Completely Re-mastered Soundtrack and the Original Audience" (with musical score by Elliott Sharp); David Marusek's "Yurek Rutz, Yurek Rutz, Yurek Rutz"; and Kathleen Ann Goonan's "Solitaire". SET also has dramatic adaptations (e.g., of Jack Vance's "The Moon Moth" and Kim Stanley Robinson's "The Lucky Strike") and classics (from old radio shows like X Minus One).

SF Site [] -- Mid-August
Semi-monthly reviews website. This edition has an interview with Gordon Van Gelder; a column on Embiid Publishing by Rich Horton; and lots of reviews, including one of Galaxy Online's new fiction section.

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