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This page will cover notable electronic SFFH publications, including regularly-updated websites and e-mail newsletters, though not always in the detail of this initial page. Send suggestions for this page to Dates indicate when received or reviewed.

Recent Issues Seen: to 27 January

Ansible -- Issue 150, January 2000. Long-running monthly sf/fan newsletter, written and published by Dave Langford since 1979, and winner of multiple Hugo Awards. Available free by e-mail. This issue has ''Cosmic Carousel'' news about Douglas Adams, Arthur C. Clarke, Ellen Datlow, Terry Gilliam, Mike Moorcock, Alison Spedding, Michael Swanwick, and Bryan Talbot; a list of UK conventions; ''Infinitely Improbable'' news of publishing, obituaries, outraged letters, and ''Thog's Masterclass'', quotes of fractured prose from writers from the obscure to the famous. A condensed version is published monthly in Interzone magazine. (Wed 12 Jan 2000)

DarkEcho -- Issue 01.27.00, Vol. 7 No. 2. Weekly, free e-mail newsletter covering the horror field, written and published by Paula Guran. The lead story is about the horror hype coming out of the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah this year, where last year's buzz was about The Blair Witch Project. This year: American Psycho, Hamlet, and others. Also: news about A.E. van Vogt's death; publishing, awards, and media news; workshop announcements, market reports. To subscribe, email with ''subscribe'' as the subject. (Thu 27 Jan 2000)

The Dead Mule 2000 -- January 2000. A 'mostly Southern' webzine of poetry, fiction, photos, essays and articles; this issue publishes a horror/suspense story by F. Brett Cox, ''Up Above the Dead Line''. (Thu 27 Jan 2000)

The Linguistics & Science Fiction Newsletter -- Vol. 1 Issue 1, January 2000. Bimonthly e-mail newsletter written and published by Suzette Haden Elgin (Ph.D. linguistics) from the Ozark Center for Language Studies; free to members of the Linguistics & Science Fiction Network (annual dues, $5.00). For more information e-mail; a sample issue is posted at First issue covers the linguistics/science fiction interface (with comments about an Eleanor Arnason story, constructed languages, etc.); cyberspace (comments about magazine articles, website recommendations); real world linguistics (examples of creole, white-trash-bashing, Japanese translations); and other things (Benford's law; Tarzan's marriage). (Wed 26 Jan 2000)

GalaxyOnline -- January 2000. Entertainment-provider website with ambitions to build a library of original SF programming (movies, children's series, etc.) available on-demand through broadband technology. Staff includes president and CEO Doug Conway (whose ''companies have produced entertainment collectibles for every major studio...''), publisher Ben Bova, head of development David Gerrold, chief technology officer Daniel Moran, advisory members Nicholle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Bill Mumy, and Dorothy Fontana. Website postings so far include science and entertainment news; essays by David Brin on aliens and Gregory Benford on Mars; columns by Jack Dann, David Gerrold, Mike Resnick, and Spider Robinson; a story by Orson Scott Card, ''The Elephants of Poznan''; nonfiction book reviews by Tom Easton, and a movie review by George Zebrowski. Went online January 15. (Mon 24 Jan 2000)

Science Fiction Weekly -- Issue 144, Vol. 6 No. 4, Jan. 24 2000. Website of news, reviews, and features, updated weekly, staffed by executive producer Craig E. Engler, editor in chief Brooks Peck, etc. News is compiled from Sci Fi Wire. This issue includes a review of Iain M. Banks's Inversions, a 'classic sci-fi' review of Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End, a 'cool stuff' feature review of John Clute's The Book of End Times, an interview with TV creator Rob Tapert, plus movie, website, game reviews, and letters. (Tue 25 Jan 2000)

The SF Site -- Mid-January 2000. Website, updated bimonthly, concentrating on book and magazine reviews, with a large standing collection of links, and featuring occasional interviews, author reading lists, awards news, etc. Publisher and managing editor is Rodger Turner. This issue includes the editors' selections of the best SF and fantasy books of 1999, a retrospective review of Ursula K. Le Guin's The Dispossessed, reviews of new books by James Morrow, Robert Charles Wilson, Judith Merkle Riley, etc.; listings of books published in January and forthcoming books. Part of the SF Site is FictionHome, which both hosts and reviews most of the major SF and fantasy print magazines. (Thu 27 Jan 2000)

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