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1999 Archive

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Reviews and Articles in General Publications

§ Philadelphia Inquirer, January 16, 2000
J.G. Passarella's novel Wither (Pocket Books), one of's ten best horror books of 1999, is reviewed by a book group made up of teachers and administrators at the Logan Township Elementary School in Gloucester County.

(Fri 28 Jan 2000)

§ Los Angeles Times, January 23, 2000
Jonathan Levi reviews Robert Olen Butler's Mr. Spaceman (Grove Press).

Time, January 31, 2000
Paul Gray reviews Peter Ackroyd's The Plato Papers (Doubleday)... ''Perhaps only true sci-fi fans can pick up a book and note, without yelping in protest, that it takes place in roughly A.D. 3705. Yet [this book] offers just such a leap forward in time with almost no accompanying science or fiction, at least in the sense of narrative exposition and descriptions of characters and settings.''

§ January Magazine, January 17, 2000
Claude Lalumière reviews James Morrow's The Eternal Footman (Harcourt Brace). Also recently: Lalumière's The Essential Science Fiction Library, and interviews with Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

Entertainment Weekly, January 7, 2000
Tom De Haven reviews three current thrillers; he gives Dean Koontz's False Memory (Bantam) a B-. A sidebar review by L.S. Klepp gives Steven Millhauser's Enchanted Night (Crown) an A-. [Not online]

(Tue 25 Jan 2000)

§ Washington Post Book World, January 23, 2000
Martin Morse Wooster's SF column wonders if today's computers are making SF obsolete -- how can mere novels compete with the web? -- but decides that the ''best SF writers are producing books that are in many ways superior to those of previous generations''. He reviews Herbert and Anderson's Dune: House Atreides (Bantam Spectra), Stephen Baxter's Manifold: Time (Del Rey), Greg Egan's Teranesia (HarperPrism), and Charles Sheffield's Starfire (Bantam Spectra).

Also in this Book World: reviews of two books about the number zero, Robert Kaplan's The Nothing That Is: A Natural History of Zero (Oxford), reviewed by Rudy Rucker, and Charles Seife's Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea (Viking), reviewed by Curt Suplee.

§ Salon, Jan. 21, 2000
Polly Shulman's SF feature is on Graham Joyce, with discussions of The Tooth Fairy (Tor), Dark Sister (Tor), and Indigo (Pocket).

(Mon 24 Jan 2000)

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