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August 2000

• SFWA plans a big autographing party at this year's Worldcon. Details:

The Infinite Matrix is a new online SF magazine, edited by Eileen Gunn, to launch this Fall, sponsored by The e-zine will publish short fiction, occasional novellas and novel excerpts, reviews, and commentary, and will feature a daily Weblog by Bruce Sterling. Further details will be available at Chicon over Labor Day weekend. The Infinite Matrix's URL will be Queries should go to Eileen Gunn: or by mail to Eileen Gunn, Editor, The Infinite Matrix, Suite 227, 322 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110.

Black Gate is a new quarterly magazine of epic/heroic fantasy, to debut at this year's World Fantasy Convention in Corpus Christi, TX the end of October. Guidelines:

Mr. David A. Truesdale, 824 Stone Arch Dr., Independence, MO 64052, or F/SS/DF/H to 25k words. Quarterly. Looking primarily for accessible, epic/heroic fantasy suitable for all ages. We define "epic" fantasy as fiction that incorporates strong elements of heroic myth, adventure-oriented themes, and exotic and colorful settings. (Ex: Tolkien, Leiber, Moorcock, Vance, Eddings, Silverberg, Andre Norton, etc.) Open to all types of fantasy -- including urban fantasy, humor, horror, s&s, and romantic fantasy -- if well written and original. Horror should contain some element of the supernatural, magic, etc. Will consider fiction with "adult/R-rated" content, but are very selective. Electronic submissions (ascii or Word document) accepted from overseas; otherwise send snail mail submissions (disposable ms's or ms's with SASE). Buying first NA serial and 12-month electronic publication rights. 6 cents/wd. OA.

Dennis Etchsion will teach a course in "Writing Suspense and Horror Short Fiction'' at UCLA this fall. The hands-on course, taught by the award-winning author/editor, will also feature "special appearances by guest authors." (Past guests lecturers have included Clive Barker, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, RC Matheson, Ramsey Campbell, Robert Bloch, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, George Clayton Johnson, William F. Nolan, etc.) The class runs for ten Tuesdays evenings, from September 26 to November 28. To register call (310) 825-9971 and ask for course #J8623.
(from DarkEcho)

• SF writer Robert J. Sawyer and computer-vision researcher Dr. Michael Greenspan are co-chairs of "S/SF: The First Canadian Conference on Science/Science Fiction," to be held Tuesday, September 12, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the National Research Council of Canada, 100 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario. Speakers include SF writers Robert J. Sawyer, Robert Charles Wilson, James Alan Gardner, and Julie E. Czerneda; plus astronomer Dr. Robert Garrison (University of Toronto); historian of science Dr. Paul Fayter (York University); Bob McDonald, host of CBC Radio's science-news program _Quirks & Quarks_; and Mark Askwith, a producer from Space: The Imagination Station. Tickets are Cdn$50. More information is on the web at:

Strange Horizons,, is a new weekly online magazine set to debut September 1, 2000, devoted to speculative fiction and related poetry, art, and nonfiction. Submission guidelines are available on the website, or contact Mary Anne Mohanraj, Editor-in-Chief, at

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