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SFFH in Film and TV

He discovers he's a ghost.

He discovers she's a guy.

His dad is Darth Vader.

She's her sister and her mother.

He is Mother.

The baby's father is Satan.

Al Pacino is Satan.

Alanis Morissette is God.

Michael Caine is Inspector Doppler.

Brad Pitt doesn't really exist.

George and Martha don't have a kid.

He stops running just before the finish line -- and smirks.

Kevin Spacey did it.

Kevin Spacey did it.

The blonde did it.

The person you think did it, did it.

All the passengers did it.

He puts her on the plane.

He dies on the bus.

He dies in the freezing water.

She falls from the bell tower.

She shoots him on the balcony.

She cuts off his genitals.

The dwarf stabs him.

His mom has him hypnotized.

He turns back into a half-wit.

He blows up the bridge.

She drives them off the bridge.

She pushes the nun off the cliff.

They drive into the Grand Canyon.

She wasn't really dead.

He wasn't really dead.

He lives to be 108.

"Top of the world, Ma!"

She chooses Blane over Duckie.

He gets into Princeton.

The gigolo gets the model.

The hooker gets the millionaire.

Kevin Spacey gets his.

Glenn Close gets hers.

Her hand pops out of the grave.

Lady Liberty's arm sticks out of the sand.

The president nukes New York.

The money goes up in flames.

Michael has Fredo killed.

They both die in a shootout.

They all die in a shootout.

The mob gets him.

The pod people get him.

He's a replicant, too.

He flies away in a hot-air balloon.

The stewardess lands the plane!

They never left planet Earth.

They save Private Ryan.

Old Yeller dies.

Lassie comes home.

It was all a game.

It was all a dream.

It was his sled, stupid.

(NY Times 23 Jan)
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