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Monday 22 May 2000
Publishing News

DNA Buys Science Fiction Chronicle

Editor/publisher Andrew Porter has sold Science Fiction Chronicle to Warren Lapine's DNA Publications, which owns or handles the business dealings of small press magazines Aboriginal SF, Absolute Magnitude, Dreams of Decadence, Fantastic Stories (formerly Pirate Writings), and Weird Tales. Porter will continue as SFC's news editor. DNA hopes to bring the magazine from a bi-monthly publishing schedule back to monthly.

Porter began publishing in 1964, and his SF Weekly was a newszine from 1966 to 1968. In the '70s and early '80s, he edited semiprozine Algol (later Starship), and in 1979 he founded Science Fiction Chronicle. Porter is a three-time Hugo Award winner, once for Algol and twice for Science Fiction Chronicle. Lapine launched his first magazine Harsh Mistress (now Absolute Magnitude) in 1993, and bought his first outside magazine (Weird Tales) in 1998.


Sci Fiction Debuts

''Sci Fiction,'' a new fiction area of edited by Ellen Datlow, debuted May 19th, with plans for one original story each week and one classic 'reprint' every other week. Initial stories are an original novelette, ''Freeing the Angels'' by Pat Cadigan and her husband Chris Fowler, and the classic Robert A. Heinlein story ''...And He Built a Crooked House''. Tentative schedule for the next six weeks (originals, unless otherwise noted):

  • May 24
    ''The War of the Worlds'' by James P. Blaylock
  • May 31
    ''The Ugly Chickens'' by Howard Waldrop (classic)
    ''Malthusian's Zombie'' by Jeffrey Ford
  • June 7
    ''Chimera'' by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • June 14
    ''The Pope of the Chimps'' by Robert Silverberg (classic)
    ''Castle in the Desert: Anno Dracula 1977'' by Kim Newman
  • June 21
    ''Dune: Nighttime Shadows on Open Sand'' by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson
  • June 28
    ''The Ship Who Sang'' by Anne McCaffrey (classic)
    ''Winter Quarters'' by Howard Waldrop

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