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Saturday 9 September 2000

Worldcon Photo Gallery

(As I did at Westercon in Honolulu, I took my recently acquired digital camera to Chicon 2000 and snapped pics, mostly of various luminaries around the convention and in the late-night parties. Herewith a selection. Click on the thumbnails for larger images. For more photos, see the October and November issues of Locus Magazine.

--Mark R. Kelly)

Dealers Room

Setting up...
Locus table
Gordon Van Gelder reads Locus
Gene Wolfe, Marina Fitch
Locus's latest Hugo
Cezarija Abartis, Eleanor Arnason, Russell Letson
Gene Wolfe moving through the dealers room

Analog/Asimov's Table in the Dealers Room

Joe Haldeman signing; Trevor Quachri behind
Connie Willis; Gardner Dozois, Sheila Williams behind
James Patrick Kelly
Jim kisses Connie
Dominic Harman [Asimov's, Interzone artist]
Michael Swanwick signs

Meet the Pro's

David Marusek; Hal Clement
Stephen Baxter
Charles Sheffield
Ellen Datlow
Robert Sawyer; Amy Thomson
Forrest J Ackerman
Gregory Benford, looking startled
Robert Silverberg, signing one of his classics
Ralph Vicinanza and Robert Silverberg, deep in conversation
Elizabeth Hand, Gregory Benford

SFWA Suite and nearby corridors...

James Patrick Kelly, Nick DiChario
Nancy Kress, Ralph Vicinanza
Jerry Oltion, Eleanor Wood, Stanley Schmidt
Mike Resnick, Robert Silverberg
Ben Bova, Sean McMullen
Marina Fitch, Gary K. Wolfe
artist Michael Dashow (right)
Paul Witcover, Sheila Williams, Gordon Van Gelder
Asimov's and Analog birthday cakes!
Frederik Pohl
Connie Willis

Hugo Reception

Jan Lars Jensen
Joe Haldeman, Gregory Benford, Elisabeth Malartre
Vernor Vinge, Neal Stephenson, Lois McMaster Bujold

More late-night parties...

Edward Bryant
Ellen Datlow, Gardner Dozois
Ellen Datlow, with something on her head
Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Marina Fitch, and that something
Adam-Troy Castro, Bill Johnson (Sean McMullen in bg)
Steve Barnes, Allan Rousselle, Marc Scott Zicree, John Vourlis
M. Shayne Bell
Andy Porter
Cory Doctorow

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