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News Log: Briefs and Links

Wednesday 25 October 2000

§ Octavia Butler will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from PEN Center USA West at the organization's annual awards in Los Angeles tonight, October 25.

(Note: the awards link here does not include the Lifetime Achievement Award, but does list winners and nominees in other categories. The only genre connections are in the Screenplay category, where nominees included the writers of Being John Malkovich and Toy Story 2; the winner is David O. Russell for Three Kings.)

PW Daily reports results of a marketing survey by NPD BookTrends on book buying habits of 12,000 American households, with particular attention to Harry Potter:

  • 47% of all book purchases were planned before going to the bookstore
  • 77% of Harry Potter purchases were planned
  • Half of those were bought as gifts
  • One third of HP books were bought for people 35 or older
  • Of 1.6 billion books sold in the US last year, half were for adults/teens, and half were for children 14 and under

§ Correspondent Michael Walsh alerts us to this 1999 Listserv post describing a six-degrees-of-separation link from Gordon Van Gelder to H.L. Mencken. (Search for 'Mercury'.)

Monday 23 October 2000

§ Winners of the German ''Phantastik Award'' 2000, determined by e-mail vote of 574 readers, were announced Saturday, October 21. The website lists winners and runners-up in these and other categories.

Best German Novel 1999
  • Krieg der Engel, Wolfgang und Heike Hohlbein (Ueberreuter)
  • Best Foreign Novel 1999
  • Hearts in Atlantis, Stephen King (Heyne)
  • Author of the Year 1999
  • Joanne K. Rowling
  • Best Translation 1999
  • Uwe Anton, for Geschoepfe der Nacht by Dean Koontz
  • Best Feature 1999
  • Die Matrix
  • Best TV Series 1999
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Flop of the Year 1999
  • Star Wars: Episode 1
  • § Winners of the second annual Geffen Awards were announced October 19th at Icon 2000, the annual Israeli SF&F Convention. The award is named after the late Amos Geffen, co-founder of the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy, and a trailblazer in SF publishing in Israel.

    Best SF
  • Dune: House Atreides, Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson (Am-Oved)
  • Best Fantasy
  • Stardust, Neil Gaiman (Opus Press)
  • During her Friday appearance on The Today Show author J.K. Rowling mentioned that volume 5 of the Harry Potter series will ''probably'' be called Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And it probably will not be published until 2002.

    § Stephen King will continued posting installments of ''The Plant''; the fourth will be posted midnight E.S.T. on October 23rd at--

    § This obituary of Keith Roberts, by Christopher Reed, is reprinted from The Guardian:

    § The Spanish SF and newszine BEM has closed at issue number 75. It had been running for ten years. States the press release:

    The editors Ricard de la Casa, Pedro Jorge Romero, Joan Manel Ortiz and José Luis González consider that a printed bimonthly newszine is obsolete in the era of the Internet, when news spreads within days.
    The website will be maintained however; and a CD-ROM will be produced of all past issues.

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