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Friday 20 October 2000

Gordon Van Gelder Buys F&SF

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, one of the leading magazines in the field, has been sold to its editor, Gordon Van Gelder, by long-time publisher and owner Edward L. Ferman.

The official sale took place October 18. Van Gelder announced earlier this week that he was leaving his 12-year editorial position at St. Martin's Press, effective October 20.

The magazine, called The Magazine of Fantasy with its first issue and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction ever since the second issue, started in 1949, with Lawrence Spivak as publisher and Joseph W. Ferman as general manager. Ferman became publisher in 1954. His son, Edward Ferman, joined the magazine in 1962, became editor in 1966, and publisher in 1970. He turned over editorship of the magazine to Kristine Kathryn Rusch in 1991, and Gordon Van Gelder became editor in 1996.

F&SF, as the magazine is universally abbreviated, won the Hugo Award for Best Magazine eight times from 1958 through 1972. After the magazine category was replaced by the Best Editor category, Ferman won that award three times. He won the World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998.

Gordon Van Gelder's new address is:

Gordon Van Gelder
Fantasy & Science Fiction
PO Box 3447
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Details of the sale and of plans for F&SF will appear in the November issue of Locus Magazine.

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