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Thursday 13 January 2000 (What's New)
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10 Jan

  Library Journal's Best Books of 1999
10 Jan

  1999 Philip K. Dick Award Nominees
12 Jan

  News Log • Links to online news
16 Dec

  Best SF/F/H Books of 1999 Tally and Links

Media Refractions
12 Jan

  Scripter Nominees; People's Choice Winners
9 Jan

  Latest Malkovich Honors
7 Jan

Aether Vibrations • Science, fiction, and points in between

22 Dec

Book Selections Spinrad • Robinson | 1999 Summary
9 Jan

Story Selections Top Ten Stories of 1999
13 Jan

Field Inspections Delany on NY Y3K
10 Jan

Bestsellers • SF/F/H books on general lists [wide page]
13 Jan

New SF/F/H Books || Nonfiction Books
10 Jan

December Magazines

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7 Jan

Author Appearances by Date || by Host || by Author

11 Jan

Letters Swanwick, Middlemiss, Bisson
29 Oct

Editorial Harry Potter: classics?

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January 2000

Interviews with
Gregory Benford and Geoffrey A. Landis

Reports, Photos from 1999 World Fantasy Con

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Books Reviewed
Reviews of new books by Kathleen Ann Goonan, Gene Wolfe, Joe Haldeman, Frank M. Robinson, Terry Pratchett, Michael Crichton
many more!

New and Notable Books


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