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Thursday 24 February 2000
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future historyChronology 2000

14 Feb

  Clarke Award Shortlist
23 Feb

  News Log Bertelsmann update; SF Age discontinued
28 Jan

  A.E. van Vogt, 1912 - 2000
8 Feb

  Announcements Markets, deadlines, workshops
24 Feb

Media Refractions • SFFH in Film and TV
15 Feb

  Oscar nominations
24 Feb

Aether Vibrations • Science, fiction, and points in between

11 Feb

Books for February: Gene Wolfe • Kathleen Ann Goonan
27 Jan

Books for January: Stephen Baxter • Stephen Dedman
17 Jan

   Best of 1999: Locus Reviewers' Picks
11 Feb

Short Fiction Five stories for mid-February
9 Jan

   Top Ten Stories of 1999
17 Jan

Movies Best SFFH (and other) Films of 1999

24 Feb

Field Inspections • SFFH reviews in general publications
21 Feb

Bestsellers • SFFH books on general lists [wide page]
21 Feb

New SFFH Books | NF Books | Magazines | E-zines
15 Feb

Cumulative • 1999 Books Movies | 2000 Books Movies

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22 Feb

Letters from Talmon, Stephenson, Grant, et al
17 Jan

Editorial On Buying Books

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