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Thursday 1 June 2000
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newsChronology 2000

30 May

  News Log SF Hall of Fame Inductees
22 May

  Publishing News DNA Buys SFC; Sci Fiction Debuts
20 May

  Nebula Awards Winners
18 May

  Bruce Sterling Wins Arthur C. Clarke Award
30 Apr

  News Log Le Guin, Stephenson win prizes; Edward Gorey dies
22 Apr

  Stephen Baxter Wins Philip K. Dick Award
22 Apr

  Announcements James White Award; Workshop; Market
21 Apr

  Hugo Awards Nominations
31 May

Media Refractions • TV listings; Dune trailer; Battlefield Malkovich
15 May

Aether Vibrations • Science, fiction, and points in between

29 May

SFFH Books | NF Books | Magazines • New this week
30 May

Field Inspections • SFFH reviews in general publications
29 May

Bestsellers • SFFH books on general lists

Cumulative Lists • 1999 Books Movies | 2000 Books Movies

17 May

Books for May: Gregory Benford • Brian Stableford
18 Apr

Books for April: Guy Gavriel Kay • Alastair Reynolds
17 May

Short Fiction Nine stories for May
18 Apr

Short Fiction Eight stories for April

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30 May

Letters Arnie Fenner, Tanya Huff
25 Feb

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