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Thursday 2 November 2000
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Chronology 2000
29 Oct

World Fantasy Awards Winners
25 Oct

News Log Octavia Butler honored; Phantastik Awards;

Geffen Awards; Harry Potter 5 title; The Plant; BEM
20 Oct

Gordon Van Gelder Buys F&SF
18 Oct

News Log Harry Potter news; Ellison news; Announcements;

Gordon Van Gelder leaving St. Martin's; Spectrum,

First Fandom Awards; Jack Williamson endows chair;

Terry Bisson wins prize; Alison Spedding released
9 Oct

Keith Roberts, 1935 - 2000

Best of 2000
2 Nov

Field Inspections — SFFH reviews/articles in general publications

Sterling, Le Guin, Pullman, Rice, King, Simmons
31 Oct

Book Review by Jonathan Strahan

Iain M. Banks's Look to Windward
31 Oct

Book Review by Edward Bryant

Jeffrey Thomas's Punktown
23 Oct

Short Fiction Reviews by Rich Horton

Of stories from Summer UK magazines
21 Oct

Book Selections for September....

Ursula K. Le Guin's The Telling; Ken MacLeod's The Sky Road
7 Oct

Short Fiction Reviews — by Mark R. Kelly

Of stories by Shepard, Swanwick, Blumlein, McAuley

Links Portal
20 Oct

Media Refractions — SF, Film, and TV

Blair Witch; Harry vs. Frodo; Gorey Details; Project Greenlight
18 Oct

Aether Vibrations — Science, fiction, and points in between

Nobel, NBA nominees; POD publishing; Clarence voter ad
16 Oct

Prose Quotations — from current SFFH, mostly

"It was her scars that made her beautiful" (Mary Gentle)

2000 Books Index
26 Oct

SFFH Books — New in October

Collections by Bishop, Duncan, Sturgeon; Novels by Cadigan,
Oltion; The Touch; Beagle, Rice, Pullman, Herbert/Anderson

20 Oct

NF Books — New in October

Spectrum 7; Stephen King on writing; science anthologies
25 Oct

Magazines — New in October

New issues of Analog, Asimov's, Realms of Fantasy
24 Oct

E-Publications — New in October

Scott Edelman arrives at SF Weekly; The Plant grows
31 Oct

Bestsellers — SFFH books on general lists

Anne Rice's Merrick debuts on 6 lists

Classified Ads
24 Oct

Letters Ken MacLeod's novels; SF/F's graying audience;

Keith Roberts; short fiction reviews; literary fiction vs. SF
17 Oct

Editorial Referendum Survey Results, Part II: Comments, Plans
9 Oct

Editorial Referendum Survey Results

Calendar 2000

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Due in October: Beagle, Hamilton, King, Pullman, Rice

Oct-Nov-Dec | 2001

Oct: Blair Witch 2. Nov: Red Planet, Sixth Day, Unbreakable

Oct-Nov-Dec | 2001 | 2002

In October: World Fantasy Con

Oct Nov Dec | by Host | by Author || New

Rowling tours US; Crowley reads 1 Nov in New Haven


Locus interviews Frederik Pohl

"The science fiction method is dissection and reconstruction. You look at the world around you, and you take it apart into all its components. Then you take some of those components, throw them away, and plug in different ones, start it up and see what happens."

LOCUS magazine

October 2000

current issue cover

Interviews with Frederik Pohl
and Ken MacLeod

Reviews of new books by
Sheri S. Tepper, Ken MacLeod, Robert Reed, Iain M. Banks, Bruce Sterling, more

Locus Bestsellers
New & Notable Books
Coming in November:
Interviews with Ben Bova, Linda Nagata
15,000 words on Chicon 2000; lots of pics

Locus Bestsellers
New & Notable Books


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