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Monday 26 February 2001

Upcoming Films

§ Article on the much-delayed Simon Magus, a film based on a Yiddish fairy tale. It opens March 2 in Los Angeles, March 16 in New York...

§ A.I. See how the fingerprint turns into a circuit diagram.



§ Robert Enrico, 1931 - 2001. He directed the 24-minute film "Incident at Owl Creek", which won the Palm d'Or at the 1962 Cannes Film Festival. Based on a story by Ambrose Bierce, it was broadcast, slightly abbreviated, as one of the last episodes of The Twilight Zone in 1964, as "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" -- and won an Oscar as best short film at the 1964 Academy Awards.

§ Stanley Kramer, director of On the Beach, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, and numerous other 'message' films including Inherit the Wind, High Noon, and Judgment at Nuremberg.


§ Perspectives on Hannibal: How he evolved into a stereotype--

Classic horror recipes aren't as overcooked, comments Gene Seymour--

§ How many producers does it take to make a film? Considering that just about anyone can be a producer...

§ Here's a handy compilation of top 10 film lists by numerous filmmakers and critics, including Clive Barker, Ray Bradbury, Roger Corman, Joe Dante, Roger Ebert, Terry Gilliam, and Gene Siskel.

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