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Friday 23 February 2001

Audio Fiction on CD

Frequency: Science Fiction Audio Anthology Bimonthly audio anthology, issued on CD, of original short fiction. Volume 1 has stories by Stephen Dedman, Kurt Roth, Ray Vukcevich, John Serna, and Stanley Schmidt (read by Peter Dillard, Dave LaFontaine, etc.); Volume 2 [cover shown] has stories by Cory Doctorow, Stephen Dedman, Jerry Oltion, John B. Rosenman, Bruce Holland Rogers, and Bud Sparhawk. Publisher/editor is Jaq Greenspon; editor/producer is Jeremy Bloom. The first issue "Vol. #1 Issue #0", which debuted at last year's Worldcon, was a 2-CD anthology of last year's five Hugo-nominated short stories, by Swanwick, Bisson, Swanwick, DiChario, and Resnick. See website for ordering and subscription details.

Audio Fiction on the Web

§ Seeing Ear Theater [] presents an audio adaptation by Tony Daniel of Octavia E. Butler's novel Kindred, starring Alfre Woodard and Lynn Whitfield.


§ [] now has available e-book editions of Paul Park's The Cult of Loving Kindness, Howard Waldrop's collection Dream Factories and Radio Pictures (including an original novelette "Major Spacer in the 21st Century"), Rudy Rucker's The Secret of Life, and others. Coming soon: Terry Bisson's collection of Wilson Wu stories Numbers Don't Lie, and Richard Wadholm's debut novel Astronomy. (And don't miss Lucius Shepard's movie reviews, like this one of The Sixth Day and other PKD-inspired films.)

§ Scorpius Digital Publishing [] has made its first e-book release, of Steven R. Boyett's 1986 novel Ariel, in Microsoft Reader format, available from

Fiction on the Web

§ Chiaroscuro [] Issue #7, Jan- March 2001, has fiction by Joel Arnold, Craig Davidson, Mort Castle, and Tim Pratt; plus poetry by David Niall Wilson, R.G. Evans, etc.

§ Infinity Plus [] has recently posted Andy Duncan's Nebula-nominated novella Fortitude; other fiction by William Shunn, Patrick Welch, Alastair Reynolds, and Paul Park; and interviews with George R.R. Martin and Paul Park.

§ Redsine [] Issue Four, February 2001, features author Brian Stableford with four new stories and an interview.

§ Sci Fiction [] has posted these original stories in recent weeks:

§ Spectrum SF [] has made available Eric Brown's novella "Destiny on Tartarus" from its April 2000 issue, now a finalist for the British SF Award, available as a downloadable PDF file.

Nonfiction E-zines

§ Ansible 163, February 2001 [] has health news about Poul Anderson, Ray Bradbury, and Peter Nicholls; Dean Koontz's claims about his latest novel; miscellaneous news and quotes, outraged letters, etc.

§ Emerald City 163 [] is an online review-zine by Cheryl Morgan covering books and conventions. The current issue looks at books by China Miéville, Tom Arden, Thomas Harlan, and others.

§ Fantastica Daily [] has interviews with Sara Douglass and with Karen Michalson, conducted by Eva.

§ Phantastes, Winter 2000/2001 [], the "online journal of fantasy criticism", has essays by Matthew Beckham, Melissa Pinol, and William P. Simmons, plus results of a short story contest judged by Robin McKinley, Victoria Strauss, and Lawrence Watt-Evans, with the winning story Stoking the Fire by Jennifer Taylor and runners-up by John Richters, K.V. Johansen, and Ursula Vernon.

§ Science Fiction Weekly []
Highlights from recent weeks include

§ SF Site []
Highlights of the mid-February posts include editorial selections of the Best Read of the Year: 2000, and an interview with Simon R. Green.

E-Mail Newsletters

MATHOM Issue 14, 02.20.01 -- Occasional e-newsletter from Edward Bryant covering events and news in the Colorado area. This issue has a report on Trey Barker's heart attack, and a schedule of SF/F/H events during the Rocky Mountain Book Festival in March. To subscribe contact

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