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February 2002

Posted 1 February:

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Swanwick Needs Programs

Dear Locus Online,
     Perhaps somebody out there can help me. I had such a good time at Readercon 13 that I neglected to grab a handful of program books on the way out. This is a problem because my son, Sean, wrote a funny, scurrilous profile of me that began, "Take my Dad — please!" Now, friends, former teachers, and above all family members are hectoring me for copies. And I have none. Even Sean doesn't have a contributor's copy!
     Worse, nobody I've been in touch with on the con committee knows where the old programs went.
     Somewhere out there is a garage with boxes of surplus Readercon 13 programs, and a homeowner who would rather have the space. If he or she is reading this ... could you send me a batch? I need twenty or more, but I'll settle for anything you can spare. I'll gladly pay the costs.

Michael Swanwick
29 January 2002

Remembering Cele Goldsmith Lalli

Dear Locus Online,
     I was shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Cele Goldsmith Lalli. She was editor of the Ziff-Davis sf magazines during my formative years as an sf reader and her work there left a lasting impression upon me. In my opinion, she was one of the more influential editors in the genre's history, despite a relatively brief tenure. In addition to publishing the first stories of the writers you mention, I believe she also introduced Keith Laumer, among others. Her contributions were significant. She will be missed.

Carl Glover
1 February 2002

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