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Author Appearances: Newest Listings

New Listings 6 December 2002 include:

Kelly Link opens for Future Bible Heroes at the Mercury Lounge in Manhattan, tomorrow evening Saturday 7 December
Bakka bookstore in Toronto hosts a launch party for The Bakka Anthology of new stories by past and present Bakka employees -- Robert J. Sawyer, Nalo Hopkinson, Tanya Huff, and others -- celebrating the store's 30th anniversary; 19 December
William Gibson signs Pattern Recognition in San Francisco, 7 Feb 2003

New Listings 5 December 2002 include:

Spectrum 9 signing in Burbank CA postponed from 7 Dec to 21 Dec
Carol Emshwiller reads in NYC this weekend
Joe Haldeman signs in Cambridge MA this weekend, and in Gainesville FL on 22 Dec
A launch party for Mary Sangiovanni's Under Cover of Night, this weekend in NYC

New Listings 1 December 2002 include:

Michael Crichton is on tour, beginning Monday 2 Dec
Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman sign in MA and PA
F. Paul Wilson and Sarah Smith read at KGB Bar in NYC, 18 Dec
Robert Jordan signs his latest novel in January, in (so far) San Diego CA and Milford NH

New Listings 9 November 2002:

Kelly Link reads at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft NJ on Thursday, 14 Nov
Michael Walsh holds a launch party for Old Earth Books' reprints of Edward Whittemore's novels, Monday 11 Nov in NYC
Brian A. Hopkins, Tippi N. Blevins, and Allen Steele appear online on this month
The British Fantasy Society holds its Christmas Open Night, with guests Liz Holliday and Ben Jeapes, 13 Dec in London

New Listings 6 November 2002:

Lots more events at Dark Delicacies in Burbank CA, including Gahan Wilson this Saturday 9 Nov, William F. Nolan on 23 Nov, a bunch of Spectrum 9 artists on 7 Dec, and Don Glut and others on 14 Dec.
New listings for Jeff Berkwits, Robert Jordan, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, John Platt, and Nancy A. Collins; see by Author listings for details

New Listings 22 October 2002 include...

DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis is hosting several signings with World Fantasy Convention guests of honor and other writers, beginning Wed 30 Oct; visit their webpage for the complete list and late additions
Jonathan Carroll's tour for White Apples begins at World Fantasy Con, and continues through November across the US; Carroll, and Ellen Kushner, read at the KGB Bar in New York City, 20 November
Harlan Ellison signs the anniversary edition of Dangerous Visions at two California locations in November, and reads a new story at one of them

New Listings 4 October 2002:

Lisa Goldstein, Jefef Mariotte, and Pat Murphy appear tonight at Dark Carnival in Berkeley; Brian Froud, Jonathan Carroll, and Harry Turtledove are there in a few weeks
Octavia Butler, Ursula K. Le Guin, Vonda McIntyre, and Syne Mitchell conduct a 'Special Clarion West Fall Reading' at the University of Washington, 24 Oct.
Jonathan Carroll and Tee Morris read at the Library of Congress in November

New Listings 28 September 2002:

Hugo nominated fan writer Jeff Berkwits (and Locus Online contributor) appears tonight on RadioScifi, midnight; Anne McCaffrey and John Flynn are there 6 Oct.
Ariel Cinii, an SF/media filker gone pro, performs in New York City, 13 Oct (info)
R.A. Salvatore's tour for his latest Forgotten Realms novel, runs 15-27 Oct, from MN to IL to KS to TX

New Listings 20 September 2002 include...:

Michael Moorcock signs in Berkeley CA this Sunday, 22 Sept.
Jeff VanderMeer reads in New Orleans, 25 & 26 Oct.
Additional dates for Allen Steele, Cheslea Quinn Yarbro, Whitley Strieber, Nancy Holder, Tamara Thorne
New England Horror Writers Association event in Burlington MA, 25 Oct, includes Stanley Wiater, Jeffrey Thomas, and a host of others

New Listings 16 September 2002:

Pat Murphy, Peter S. Beagle, and Dave Smeds sign at the Borderlands Books table at the Sonoma County Book Fair in Santa Rosa CA, 21 Sept.
Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson are at the Borderlands store in San Francisco, 23 Sept.
Stanley Schmidt signs recent books in Danbury CT, 29 Sept.
Dave Duncan and Sean Russell sign in Alberta and British Columbia, late Oct. to early Nov.

New Listings 9 September 2002 include...

Additional Terry Brooks dates
Carol Emshwiller reads October 2 in Brooklyn

New Listings 4 September 2002 include...

John Kessel, Andy Duncan, Karen Joy Fowler and others chat online about Fowler's controversial Sci Fiction story What I Didn't See, 12 Sept.
Garth Nix tours the UK for new book Sabriel beginning 17 Sept.
The Herbert/Anderson Dune franchise will be in Seattle, 17 and 18 Sept.
Robert J. Sawyer, Robert Charles Wilson, Phyllis Gotlieb and other local writers appear at Toronto's "The Word on the Street" open-air book festival, 29 Sept.
Dark Delicacies in Burbank CA has a busy schedule for the next three months, hosting Clive Barker, Jonathan Carroll, David Skal, Fred Saberhagen, and others; additional signings by movie and music folks are included on the store's events page
Jody Lynn Nye does several Halloween readings in the Chicago area, October
James Patrick Kelly and Allen Steele sign in New Hampshire, Oct. and Nov.

New Listings 23 August 2002 include...

August: Robert Hood signs in Parramatta, NSW Australia, this Sunday, 25 August
KGB Bar, NY: Lupoff and Swanwick are there 18 Sept; Clegg and Cacek 16 Oct's/Analog chats: themes are poets and Fall authors in Sept, the writing life in Oct, new books and artists in Nov, with Boston, Haldeman, Asaro, Kushner & Sherman, and Harman, among others
Dixon Place, NY: Irvine and Klasky on 14 Oct, Springer, Robins, and Wein on 11 Nov
October: David Weber tours the South, for War of Honor
Plus new listings for Balfour, Hopkins, Chalker, Kotani, Moestra, Herbert & Anderson

New Listings 7 August 2002 include...

Juliet Marillier, Kate Forsyth, China Miéville sign in Sydney this month
Pat Murphy helps celebrate Tachyon Publications 7th anniversary party at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, 17 August
Borderlands hosts a Meisha Merlin event with authors Lee Killough, George R.R. Martin, Mark Tiedemann, and others, 3 September
Brian A. Hopkins signs in Oklahoma City, 24 August
Raymond E. Feist tours the UK, September
Two more Orson Scott Card dates in September
Clive Barker signs in San Francisco, 14 October

New Listings 21 July 2002 include...

Jeffrey Ford reads this Friday, 26 July, in Philadelphia; later "Philadelphia Fantastic" readings are by Kelly Link in Sept, Madeleine Robins in Oct
Neal Hallford & Jana Hallford sign in Santa Monica on Saturday, 27 July
Dan Simmons and Sean Russell appear at Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego CA) in August
Judith Berman and Katherine Vaz read at the KGB Bar (NYC) in August
Allen Steele and John Morressy sign in New Hampshire, August and November

New Listings 12 July 2002 include...

China Miéville speaks at the Library of Congress, 16 July
Pat Murphy signs at the 7th Annual Celebration of Independent Bookselling, an outdoor fair in San Francisco, 20 July
Robert Newcomb signs at Del Rey's booth at ComicCon, 2 and 4 August; David Gemmell is there on the 3rd
Robert McCammon signs in Alabama, 9 Sep; John Saul is in Honolulu the same day
Big Terry Brooks tour begins 19 Sep

New Listings 5 July 2002 include...

New dates next week for Paul Levinson, Michael Swanwick, and Karen Michalson
Online Asimov's Chat with Rick Wilber and students, 9 July
Big Orson Scott Card tour for Shadow Puppets beginning 19 August, the book's publication date
Trey Barker opens Green River Books in Princeton IL with 30 July appearances by Richard Chwedyk, Tina Jens, Nick Pollota, and others
Dark Delicacies (Burbank CA) hosts Nancy Holder, Harry Shannon, Bruce Campbell, and numerous others in July, August

New Listings 16 June 2002 include...

Rachel Pollack and Constance Ash read at the KGB Bar in NYC this Wednesday, 19 June
Douglas Rushkoff launches his new book at The Slipper Room, NYC, Wednesday, 19 June
Ellen Datlow, Katherine Vaz, and Michael Cadnum sign in San Francisco, Saturday 22 June
Neil Gaiman reads Coraline in its entirety at the West Coast launch event, 2 July in Berkeley; an East Coast launch (no reading) follows 11 July in NYC
David Brin signs in San Diego, 13 July
The Peoria Public Library celebrates the 50th anniversary of Philip Jose Farmer's The Lovers, 10 August
Brian Froud is booked in San Francisco for 30 October













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