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These are the ''Selected Books by Author'' from the December 2001 issue of Locus Magazine, plus a few others, resorted by month. See Locus for complete lists sorted by publisher. (Subscribe!) Abbreviations indicate

tpb=trade paperback;
otherwise mass-market pb, or we're not sure

otherwise novel

a=associational [non-sffh];
otherwise sf/fantasy

1st US editions (+) are books previously published in the UK or other countries; otherwise US and UK books listed as originals are 1st English language editions. Schedules are tentative and subject to change -- particularly in later months.

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Forthcoming Books: January 2002

US books | UK books | + 1st US editions

  • + Ashley, Mike • Algernon Blackwood: An Extraordinary Life(Carroll & Graf, nf, tpb)
  • Bear, Greg • Vitals(Ballantine Del Rey, hc)
  • Brackett, Leigh • Martian Quest: The Early Brackett(Haffner Press, cln, hc)
  • Bradbury, Ray • They Have Not Seen the Stars: The Collected Poems of Ray Bradbury(Stealth Press, cln, hc)
  • Bradley, Marion Zimmer, ed. • Sword and Sorceress XIX(DAW, anth)
  • Brenchley, Chaz • Hand of the King's Evil(Little Brown/Orbit)
  • Brin, David • Kiln People(Tor, hc)
  • + Clute, John • Appleseed(Tor, hc)
  • + Constantine, Storm • The Way of Light(Tor, hc)
  • Danvers, Dennis • The Watch(HarperCollins/Eos, hc)
  • Di Fate, Vincent • The Science Fiction Art of Vincent Di Fate(Paper Tiger, hc)
  • Dozois, Gardner, ed. • Supermen(St. Martin's, anth, tpb)
  • + Hobb, Robin • Fool's Errand(Bantam Spectra, hc)
  • Holt, Tom • Falling Sideways(Little Brown/Orbit, hc)
  • + Irvine, Ian • The Tower on the Rift(Warner Aspect)
  • + Joyce, Graham • Smoking Poppy(Pocket, hc)
  • + Kearney, Paul • Hawkwood's Voyage(Ace)
  • Klasky, Mindy L. • Season of Sacrifice(Penguin/Roc)
  • Laumer, Keith • Retief!(Baen, cln)
  • + MacLeod, Ken • Dark Light(Tor, hc)
  • Matheson, Richard • Nightmare at 20,000 Feet(Tor, cln, tpb)
  • McKillip, Patricia A. • Ombria in Shadow(Ace, hc)
  • Mitchell, Syne • Technogenesis(Penguin/Roc)
  • O'Leary, Patrick • The Impossible Bird(Tor, hc)
  • Pelan, John, & Benjamin Adams, eds. • Children of Cthulhu(Ballantine Del Rey, anth, hc)
  • Stirling, S.M. • The Peshawar Lancers(Penguin/Roc, hc)
  • Taylor, Lucy • Girl Under Glass(Silver Salamander Press, cln, hc)
  • Weil, Ellen, & Gary K. Wolfe • Harlan Ellison: The Edge of Forever(Ohio State University Press, nf, tpb)
  • Williams, Sean, & Shane Dix • Echoes of Earth(Ace)

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