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27 August 2002




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New and Notable Books

Kage Baker, Black Projects, White Knights (Golden Gryphon 9/02) This collects 14 diverting, wide-ranging stories about the immortal cyborg time travellers of ''The Company'', including three previously unpublished stories.

John Barnes, The Sky So Big and Black (Tor 8/02) A feisty teenage girl living on Mars provides the focus for this SF novel in Heinleinesque juvenile mode but darker, set in the universe of Orbital Resonance.

Orson Scott Card, First Meetings (Subterranean Press 7/02) The original 1977 story ''Ender's Game'' is combined with two others set in the Enderverse, one, not previously published, featuring Ender's father as a child.

Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois, eds., Future Sports (Ace 7/02) Ten classic SF sports stories are gathered in this entertaining anthology which show that SF can say something about anything. Authors include Arthur C. Clarke, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Howard Waldrop.

Charles de Lint, Seven Wild Sisters (Subterranean Press 5/02) Seven young women growing up in backwoods hill country get caught up in a fairy feud in this charming fantasy novella, illustrated by Charles Vess.

Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds., The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fifteenth Annual Collection (St. Martin's 8/02) The heavyweight contender of the fantasy year's bests weighs in with a hefty 38 stories, 10 poems, and extensive coverage of 2001 in fiction, comics, and more.

Carol Emshwiller, The Mount (Small Beer Press 7/02) Humans are enslaved and used as horses by technologically superior but weak-legged alien invaders called Hoots in this offbeat coming-of-age tale.

Carol Emshwiller, Report to the Men's Club and other stories (Small Beer Press 7/02) Collection of 19 stories, seven original, by an author noted for her genre-defying work.

Neil Gaiman, Coraline (HarperCollins 7/02) A charming fantasy with a dark edge, ostensibly for young readers but rewarding for fantasy fans of all ages, illustrated by Dave McKean. Coraline finds a door into another world oddly like this one.

Laura Anne Gilman, ed., Worlds that Weren't (Roc 7/02) This original anthology gathers four novellas by masters of alternate history: Harry Turtledove, S.M. Stirling, Mary Gentle, and Walter Jon Williams.

Lisa Goldstein, The Alchemist's Door (Tor 8/02) Elizabethan alchemist John Dee goes to Prague and meets Rabbi Judah Loew and his golem, and the creepy Elizabeth Bathory in this decidedly different historical fantasy.

David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer, eds. Year's Best Fantasy 2 (Eos 7/02) Hartwell & Cramer present their choice of the year's best fantasy with these 22 stories.

James Patrick Kelly, Strange but not a Stranger (Golden Gryphon 9/02) Collection of fifteen stories, one original, ranging from old-fashioned SF to fantasy by one of our finest short story writers.

Tanith Lee, A Bed of Earth (Overlook Press 9/02) Lee returns to her world of alchemy and its parallel version of Renaissance Venice in this opulent third book in the acclaimed series ''The Secret Books of Venus''.

Jack McDevitt, Chindi (Ace 7/02) Efforts to track an alien signal lead to strange worlds and a massive starship dubbed ''the Chindi'', in this third SF novel featuring starship pilot Priscilla ''Hutch'' Hutchins.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch, The Disappeared (Roc 7/02) A cop investigates grisly murders involving aliens and a woman on the run, in the future world of Rusch's award-winning novella, ''The Retrieval Artist''.

Sean Russell, The Isle of Battle (Eos 8/02) Mutable landscapes and multiple intrigues keep things lively in this second volume in the epic fantasy trilogy ''The Swans' War''.

Jan Siegel, The Witch Queen (Del Rey 8/02) Siegel mixes Greek and British folklore with some distinctive bits of her own in this third volume in the series begun in Prospero's Children. (Published in Britain as Witch's Honour, a much better title.)

Douglas E. Winter, Clive Barker: The Dark Fantastic (HarperCollins 8/02) The authorized biography of the colorful, multi-talented writer/director/artist, with insightful literary analysis by Winter.

Malcolm Yorke, Mervyn Peake: My Eyes Mint Gold (Overlook Press 6/02) An in-depth biography of the iconoclastic artist and author of the ''Gormenghast'' trilogy, extensively illustrated with Peake's own drawings.

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