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Fri 31 Dec 04 —
» Washington Post: Bill Sheehan reviews Jack McDevitt, Caitlin R. Kiernan, K.J. Bishop, M. John Harrison

» San Francisco Chronicle: Alan Cheuse reviews L. Ron Hubbard, Frederik Pohl

» SF Christmas stories by Mike Allen and by Laurel Winter [audio]

» Green Man Review: Josepha Sherman's Winter Queen speech

Tue 20 Dec 04 —
» Socialist Review: China Miéville's Christmas story, 'Tis the Season

Sun 19 Dec 04 —
» Guardian: Christopher Priest reviews The Thackery T Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand's Ho! Ho! . . . Oh!: There's No Light Without the Dark, about the darker aspects of the Christmas season

» Philip Pullman clarifies his position on the film version of His Dark Materials, and the departure of director Chris Weitz

» Green Man Review: Cat Eldridge reviews the Charles Vess-illustrated Peter Pan

Sat 18 Dec 04 —
» Washington Post: brief review of Ash-Tree Press' Arthur Conan Doyle collection of 'Weird and Imaginative' fiction

Fri 17 Dec 04 —
» BBC News: UK TV personalities Richard & Judy's Best Read 2005 Shortlist includes titles by Niffenegger, Fowler, and Mitchell

Thu 16 Dec 04 —
» Bookslut: Adrienne Martini writes about 'gateway' books and interviews Lucius Shepard

» Independent: Lemony Snicket: You Ask The Questions

» Slate: A Whitewashed Earthsea: How the Sci Fi Channel wrecked my books by Ursula K. Le Guin

Tue 14 Dec 04 —
» NY Times: more about Michael Crichton's State of Fear: Charles McGrath talks with Crichton; Andrew C. Revkin talks with scientists

Mon 13 Dec 04 —
» NY Times: Michiko Kakutani reviews Michael Crichton's "sorry excuse for a thriller"

» Washington Post: Patrick Anderson reviews Dean Koontz's Life Expectancy, "an inventive, often hilarious fable about decency adrift in a world of madness"; also
» Tom Shales reviews TV's Legend of Earthsea, which "will remind you of lots of other mythic classics..."

Sat 11 Dec 04 —
» Washington Post Book World: Elizabeth Hand reviews S.E. Hinton's Hawkes Harbor; also, Bill Sheehan reviews Clive Barker's Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War and a pop-up Stephen King

» NY Times Book Review's 10 Best Books of 2004 includes Philip Roth's The Plot Against America

Entertainment Weekly, Dec. 17th [not online]: review by Gregory Kirschling of Michael Crichton's State of Fear gives it an A-; also, Spotlight on Ursula K. Le Guin describes her reaction to the TV adaptation Legend of Earthsea, including her 'scathing missive' on her website [scroll down]; finally, Stephen King's "2004: The Year in Books" ranks Philip Roth #1

Fri 10 Dec 04 —
» LA Times (via Yahoo): Where Science, Fiction Meet: article about Paul Allen's SF museum

» Slate: article about the latest from Michael Crichton, Planet Earth's novelist of doom

Wed 8 Dec 04 —
» Green Man Review: review of The Annotated Brothers Grimm

» New Scientist: Elizabeth Sourbut reviews Banks, Gibson, Baxter, and Courtenay Grimwood

» Times Online: God is cut from film of Dark Materials by Hollywood to avoid religious backlash in Bush's America

Tue 7 Dec 04 —
» Salon: Laura Miller includes Susanna Clarke among the top 10 books of the year

» Washington Post: Book World Raves for the best of '04, chosen by various reviewers, include books by David Mitchell, Stephen King, China Miéville, Susanna Clarke, Guy Gavriel Kay, Elizabeth Hand

Mon 6 Dec 04 —
» NY Times: Janet Maslin reviews Dean Koontz' Life Expectancy

» Guardian's celebrity picks of favorite books of the year include selections by J.G. Ballard, Iain M. Banks

» Australian Broadcasting Corporation: poll of Australians' 100 favorite books led by J.R.R. Tolkien, with Rowling, Orwell, and Douglas Adams in the top 10

Sun 5 Dec 04 —
» NY Times Book Review: Neil Gaiman reviews The Annotated Brothers Grimm

» Green Man Review: interview with Charles Vess

» Rambles: reviews of Eric Van Lustbader, Matthew Hughes

» St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Best Books of 2004 includes Karen Joy Fowler, Susanna Clarke, A.S. Byatt, Philip Roth, Stephen King, Lucius Shepard, Peter Straub, Joe Lansdale

Fri 3 Dec 04 —
» NY Times Book Review's 100 Notable Books of the Year includes titles by David Mitchell, Karen Joy Fowler, Susanna Clarke, Jonathan Lethem, Philip Roth [editorial commentary]

Wed 1 Dec 04 —
» Guardian: China Miéville's This Much I Know

» PH-UK: K.J. Bishop interview

» NY Times: John Strausbaugh reviews J.G. Ballard: Quotes; also, Janet Maslin reviews O'Nan & King's Faithful

Mon 29 Nov 04 —
» New Jersey Express-Times: another article about Godzilla at 50

» San Francisco Chronicle: Sarah Coleman reviews Michael Chabon's anthology and short novel

» The New Yorker: Laura Miller reviews Lord Dunsany

Sat 27 Nov 04 —
» Entertainment Weekly, Dec. 3rd issue (not online): Sci-Fi 101 sidebar grades new novels by Frederik Pohl (B-), Mark Budz (B), and Stephen Baxter (B+)

» Globe and Mail: James Alan Gardner reviews Iain M. Banks

Thu 18 Nov 04 —
» review of Nicola Griffith's With Her Body

Mon 15 Nov 04 —
» Green Man Review: reviews of Vess' Book of Ballads, Berk & Froud's Goblins

» Salon: fiction by Cory Doctorow, Anda's Game

» NY Times: review of children's fantasy series covers Jonathan Stroud, Clive Barker, Zizou Corder, Stewart & Riddell, G.P. Taylor

» Washington Post: Paul Di Filippo reviews Greg Bear, Forrest J Ackerman, Kage Baker, Sarah Micklem

» San Francisco Chronicle's Books for the Holidays issue has Michael Berry's SF selections: Stross, Clarke, King, Straub, Harrison, Wolfe, and others

» Village Voice: Brandon Stosuy reviews three books by Samuel R. Delany; also, reviews of Michael Chabon and of Jonathan Lethem

» Boston Globe: How 'Dungeons' changed the world

Sat 13 Nov 04 —
» NY Times Book Review: Gerald Jonas reviews Gwyneth Jones, Frederik Pohl, Synergy SF

» National Geographic: The Science of Superheroes

Thu 11 Nov 04 —
» Detroit News: article about Primer, a low-budget SF flick about time travel

Tue 9 Nov 04 —
» Washington Post: Elizabeth Ward reviews Le Guin's Gifts

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Peter Straub, Christopher Moore, S.E. Hinton

Mon 8 Nov 04 —
» Green Man Review: interview with James Stoddard; review of Stross's Atrocity Archives; review of MacLeod's Breathmoss

» Independent: Roz Kaveney reviews Stephen King

» Denver Post: Dorman T. Shindler reviews Shepard's Handbook of American Prayer

Fri 5 Nov 04 —
» NY Times Book Review: Jay McInerney reviews Jonathan Lethem's new collection

» NY Times: tech article on alternate reality game I Love Bees, whose lead writer and designer is Sean Stewart

» Tacoma News Tribune: profile of Ursula K. Le Guin with comments on casting decisions in the Earthsea miniseries

Wed 3 Nov 04 —
» Green Man Review: Paul Brandon is this year's Oak King

Tue 2 Nov 04 —
» Boston Globe: James Sallis on Ray Bradbury's dangerous, unforgettable visions

» Salon: free audio download of new Jonathan Lethem story

» NY Times: profile of Koji Suzuki

Sun 31 Oct 04 —
» NPR audio story on Arkham House: Home to Horror, Sci-Fi Writers

» Washington Post: Michael Dirda on ghost stories

» NY Times: Mark Athitakis surveys horror books

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Nancy Farmer; Mary Eisenhart reviews Funke, Barry & Pearson

» NY Times: A work of Halloween fiction by Susanna Clarke

Thu 28 Oct 04 —
» New Arte Six has interviews with Liz Williams, Marianne de Pierres; column by Victoria Strauss

Wed 27 Oct 04 —
» Sydney Morning Herald: Sophie Masson on devil worship and Satanism

» Green Man Review: Cat Eldredge reviews Bull & Shetterly's War for the Oaks screenplay

Mon 25 Oct 04 —
» Guardian: Justina Robson reviews Banks' The Algebraist

» Independent: Charles Shaar Murray reviews Banks

Sun 24 Oct 04 —
» Boston Globe: Peter Bebergal reviews M. John Harrison, China Miéville, and others

» Rambles this week covers Pamela Sargent and John G. Hemry

Fri 22 Oct 04 —
» New SF interview program Voices in Your Head debuts with James Patrick Kelly

Thu 21 Oct 04 —
» The Agony Column: Rick Kleffel interviews Dennis Etchison, Glen Hirshberg and Peter Atkins; also, magazine reviews

» Riverfront Times: Geeks Gone Wild: "If you can't get laid at a science-fiction convention..."

» Green Man Review: review of Ron Goulart's Comic Book Encyclopedia

Wed 20 Oct 04 —
» Slashdot: Neal Stephenson interviewed

Sat 16 Oct 04 —
» Michel Basilières appreciates Jack Vance

» NY Times: David Mitchell interview

Fri 15 Oct 04 —
» NY Times Book Review: Michael Agger reviews Stephen King; also
» Janet Maslin reviews a Christmas story by Christopher Moore

Thu 14 Oct 04 —
» Boston Review: John Crowley on Pogo

Tue 12 Oct 04 —
» NY Times article on Anne Rice's response to Amazon reader reviews

Sun 10 Oct 04 —
» NY Times Book Review: Gerald Jonas reviews Adam Roberts, James Gunn, Emile Souvestre

» Green Man Review: Cat Eldridge and James Hetley discuss Hetley's novel The Winter Oak

Fri 8 Oct 04 —
» Business Week: Eric S. Rabkin article about how SF can suggest solutions to real-life problems; also, Rabkin's personal 15 favorite SF novels

Mon 4 Oct 04 —
» Washington Post: Jonathan Yardley reviews Philip Roth; also, Gregory Feeley reviews Gene Wolfe, Joe Haldeman, Kim Stanley Robinson, Jennifer Stevenson

» NY Times: very long review by Paul Berman of Roth's The Plot Against America; also, literary websites

» San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Ursula K. Le Guin, Liz Williams, and graphic novels; also, Daniel Handler on Philip Roth

» Green Man Review: Cat Eldridge reviews a Brian Stableford historical dictionary

» Technology Review: article linking Gibson's "Gernsback Continuum" to Sky Captain..; "are yesterday’s ideas about the future are more attractive than our own?"

Sun 3 Oct 04 —
» Seattle Times: review of Worlds of Tomorrow, a coffee-table book of covers from SF/pulp magazines

Fri 1 Oct 04 —
» Shimon Wincelberg, writer for Star Trek and Lost in Space, has died in Los Angeles

Thu 30 Sep 04 —
» San Diego Jewish Journal: Stars of David, article on Jewish influence in SF

Wed 29 Sep 04 —
» Salon: Laura Miller reviews Philip Roth

» Norman Roswell tee shirts

Tue 28 Sep 04 —
» San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Stephen King and Neal Stephenson

» Onion A.V. Club: Tasha Robinson reviews Susanna Clarke

Sun 26 Sep 04 —
» The new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio series is being broadcast in the UK by BBC Radio 4

» Green Man Review: Cat Eldridge reviews Charles de Lint

Thu 23 Sep 04 —
» USA Today interviews Stephen King; sidebar

» CNN: L.D. Meagher reviews Larry Niven's Ringworld's Children

Wed 22 Sep 04 —
» Salon: Andrew Leonard's The Summit of Mount Stephenson

» NY Times: Michiko Kakutani reviews Philip Roth's The Plot Against America

Mon 20 Sep 04 —
» Washington Post: Bill Sheehan reviews Stephen King's The Dark Tower

» Guardian: article about Stephen King's long-running series

» UK reviews of Susanna Clarke: Telegraph; Independent

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Susanna Clarke

» WaPo: article on high school summer reading includes lists with books by Miller, Vonnegut, Shute, Heinlein, Wells

Sat 18 Sep 04 —
» NY Times: Philip Roth essay about his new alternate history novel The Plot Against America

» Montreal Gazette: Claude Lalumière reviews Susanna Clarke

Fri 17 Sep 04 —
» NY Times: Janet Maslin reviews Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Thu 16 Sep 04 —
» Slate: Polly Shulman on Fantasy for Grown-Ups: The excellent Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Wed 15 Sep 04 —
» Independent: Can the Magic Last Forever? on the recent popularity of fantasy novels

Sat 11 Sep 04 —
» NY Times: David Brooks on spreadsheet people vs. paragraph people

Fri 10 Sep 04 —
» NY Times Book Review: Gerald Jonas reviews M. John Harrison, Minister Faust, Rudy Rucker

» Rambles has reviews of Stephen R. Donaldson, Alastair Reynolds, and Lyda Morehouse -- see What's new for links

Thu 9 Sep 04 —
» Bookmunch reviews Jeff VanderMeer's Secret Life

» Rich Kleffel reviews Susanna Clarke and posts a column on the New Victoriana

Wed 8 Sep 04 —
» The Globe and Mail asks Is science fiction finished?

Tue 7 Sep 04 —
» Washington Post: Michael Dirda reviews Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

» Salon: Laura Miller reviews Susanna Clarke, "the most sparkling literary debut of the year"; earlier, Laura Miller on David Miller's Cloud Atlas

Fri 3 Sep 04 —
» NY Times Book Review: Gregory Maguire reviews Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell; plus
» Laura Miller column on counterfactual, aka alternate history, fiction

Thu 2 Sep 04 —
» Library Journal: Sci-Fi 101 about what draws readers to the genre, and drives them away

» January: review of Minister Faust

Wed 1 Sep 04 —
» Earlier Guardian reviews: Jon Courtenay Grimwood reviews Charles Stross, Clarke & Baxter, de Pierres; also
» Christopher Priest reviews Adam Roberts

Tue 31 Aug 04 —
» Guardian: Jon Courtenay Grimwood reviews Stephen King, Steph Swainston, Jeff VanderMeer, Greg Bear; also
» Christopher Priest reviews Ian McDonald

» Green Man Review: review of Datlow/Link/Grant's Year's Best Fantasy and Horror

Fri 27 Aug 04 —
» NY Times Book Review: review of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas; Andrew Leonard reviews Nick Sagan's Edenborn

Entertainment Weekly Sept 3rd issue's lead book review is of Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell: "Wholly original and richly imagined, [it] turns out to be more admirable than lovable. B"

» Rambles reviews C.J. Cherryh, Kathy Tyers, and Nancy Springer; see What's New for links

» Amazon Canada's 50 most essential Canadian books includes titles by William Gibson, Margaret Atwood, Guy Gavriel Kay, Kenneth Oppel

Thu 26 Aug 04 —
» Guardian's special SF section includes Philip Pullman's The science of fiction; an article on what SF means to scientists; more about scientists' favourite authors; and an extract from Iain M. Banks' new novel The Algebraist

» well-informed review of Code 46

Wed 25 Aug 04 —
» UK Scientists vote Blade Runner the best SF film of all time, followed by 2001 and Star Wars -- Guardian; Scotsman -- while Asimov, Wyndham, and Hoyle are favourite authors

Tue 24 Aug 04 —
» MSNBC: Nick Sagan is interviewed about the future of the Olympics (click on Fast Forward)

» Rick Kleffel interviews Ian McDonald

» Austin Chronicle: Rick Klaw reviews Minister Faust

» Seattle's SF Museum & Hall of Fame has an interview with Amazing Stories editor-in-chief Dave Gross

Sun 22 Aug 04 —
» Washington Post Book World: review of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas; plus, an interview with Mitchell; and, Michael Dirda reviews China Miéville's Iron Council

» Green Man Review tells about Paul Brandon and possums

Sat 21 Aug 04 —
» The Age: profile of John Birmingham

Fri 20 Aug 04 —
» NY Times Book Review: Laura Miller on Why Teachers Love Depressing Books and ''the drastic fall from grace that the imagination has suffered in popular understanding''

Tue 17 Aug 04 —
» Time Magazine: review of US edition of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas

Mon 16 Aug 04 —
» Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand reviews Jasper Fforde • Also, brief reviews by Larry Tritten

» San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews M. John Harrison, China Miéville, Kit Reed

Sun 15 Aug 04 —
» maisonneuve: Michel Basilières on The Odd Cult of Philip K. Dick; "let’s face it, Dick was a terrible writer"

» Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: review of James White's Sector General series

Thu 12 Aug 04 —
» Bookslut: Adrienne Martini thinks about the Hugo nominees

» Bookselling This Week: interview with Sean Stewart

Wed 11 Aug 04 —
» Time Magazine article on Susanna Clarke's "superb post-Potter fantasy for grownups"

» LA Times review of Jasper Fforde's latest

Fri 6 Aug 04 —
Seed Magazine's Summer issue [not online] has fiction supplement "The New Science Fiction" with stories by Jim Shepard, Jane Alison, Samantha Hunt

Thu 5 Aug 04 —
» New York Times: Janet Maslin reviews Jasper Fforde's Something Rotten

» Gary Westfahl's I, Robot review, in Romanian

Thu 5 Aug 04 —
» The Times: Hollywood and the robot - a war of worlds

Wed 4 Aug 04 —
» Salon: David Brin's Three cheers for the Surveillance Society!

Tue 3 Aug 04 —
» Houston Chronicle: Michael Dirda's book lover's wish for America

Mon 2 Aug 04 —
» Futurismic: new fiction by Jay Lake

» Backbone: article by Robert J. Sawyer It's 2014, and life is the same. Only better

Sun 1 Aug 04 —
» NY Times Magazine: Susanna Clarke's Magic Book about Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

Sun 1 Aug 04 —
» Washington Post Book World: Michael Dirda reviews Russell Hoban's Her Name Was Lola

» Suzy McKee Charnas' essay Clarion: Teaching the best fiction writers' workshop for fantasy and science fiction

Fri 30 Jul 04 —
» Popular Science's August issue has articles about Arthur C. Clarke and about SF's singularity; not on PS's site, but latter article is here: Is Science Fiction About to Go Blind?

» Rick Kleffel interviews China Miéville

» Rambles: reviews of Christopher Moore, Scott Mackay, plus Donaldson, Bradley, etc. -- see What's new

» The Times: Ian Nathan article on Hollywood's treatment of robots

Thu 29 Jul 04 —
» Denver Post: Fred Cleaver reviews Charles Stross, China Miéville, and Jeff VanderMeer

» New issue of MarsDust has interviews with Robert J. Sawyer and Lawrence Schimel; stories by James S. Dorr and Rebecca Maines

» Village Voice: Joy Press reviews Elizabeth Hand's Mortal Love

» Salon: Dylan Evans ponders robotic laws [from Guardian]

Wed 28 Jul 04 —
» Salon: Philip Pullman introduces Norman Lindsay's Magic Pudding

Tue 27 Jul 04 —
» Saskatchewan's CBC Radio One interviews Jack Williamson

» Lawrence Person is, again this year, a Bulwer-Lytton Contest dishonorable mention

Mon 26 Jul 04 —
» Michael Wilmington's 'I, Robot' speaks clearly to our inner 12-year-old

Sat 24 Jul 04 —
» Robyn Asimov defends I, Robot the movie

» NY Times: profile of G.P. Taylor, the "Christian alternative" to Harry Potter

Entertainment Weekly's July 30th issue's SF roundup gives John Birmingham's Weapons of Choice an A, Charles Stross's Iron Sunrise a B+, James Alan Gardner's Radiant a B-, and China Miéville's Iron Council a C+ [not online]

Fri 23 Jul 04 —
People, August 2nd issue: Elizabeth Hand's Mortal Love gets a 4-star review [not online]

Thu 22 Jul 04 —
» Stephen Hawking, quoted in New Scientist and elsewhere: "I'm sorry to disappoint science fiction fans, but if information is preserved, there is no possibility of using black holes to travel to other universes."

» Salon interviews Alan Moore

Wed 21 Jul 04 —
» NPR's I, Robot coverage includes comments from Harlan Ellison

Mon 19 Jul 04 —
» NY Times Book Review on manga and graphic novels

Sun 18 Jul 04 —
» NY Times editorial We, Robots about Asimov and Hollywood

» NY Times Book Review: Gerald Jonas reviews China Miéville, Ken MacLeod, Joe Haldeman

Sat 17 Jul 04 —
» Slate: Chris Suellentrop on Isaac Asimov: How I, Robot gets the science-fiction grandmaster wrong

» CNN: Sci Fi Channel's M. Night Shyalaman expose admitted to be hoax

Thu 15 Jul 04 —
» Village Voice: John Giuffo reviews China Miéville's Iron Council

» Tacoma Tribune: interview with Robert J. Sawyer concerning I, Robot

» NY Times: Edward Rothstein on I, Robot

» Globe and Mail: Kim Stanley Robinson interview

Wed 14 Jul 04 —
» L.A. Times: A sci-fi shy Hollywood, with quotes from Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Greg Bear, Orson Scott Card

Mon 12 Jul 04 —
» St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Dorman Shindler reviews The Locus Awards, Kim Stanley Robinson, etc.

Sun 11 Jul 04 —
» Reviews of Ray Bradbury's The Cat's Pajamas by Fred Chappell in Washington Post Book World, and by Timothy Perrin in the LA Times Book Review -- who advises that Bradbury's SF trappings are "always in service to the story"

» Also in today's Washington Post: Paul Di Filippo reviews Sean Stewart, Charles Stross, Paul Brandon, Bruce Sterling, and Tony Daniel

» NPR's coverage of Seattle's new SF Museum

Fri 9 Jul 04 —
» Ursula K. Le Guin's BookExpo America Speech, Some Assumptions about Fantasy

Tue 6 Jul 04 —
» San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Greg Bear, Sean Stewart, Emmanuel Carrere, Kage Baker

Mon 5 Jul 04 —
» The Trades: reviews of stories from Dozois's 21st Annual Year's Best

Sun 4 Jul 04 —
» SignOnSanDiego: Kim Stanley Robinson reacts to The Day After Tomorrow: "Dumb. Just so - dumb."

» After the Apocalypse, an SF feature by Yasuaki Nakajima, is getting much film festival circuit buzz; see clip here

Fri 2 Jul 04 —
» Salon excerpts Sean Stewart's new novel Perfect Circle

Thu 1 Jul 04 —
» Rambles has recent reviews of books by Alex Irvine, Mercedes Lackey, Peter Crowther, E.E. Knight, Bruce Balfour, and others--see What's new

» Green Man Review reviews Charles de Lint's Medicine Road

Mon 28 Jun 04 —
» Globe and Mail: Robert J. Sawyer
Op-Ed about SpaceShipOne

Sun 27 Jun 04 —
» LA Times: Ursula K. Le Guin reviews Lord Dunsany

» Washington Post: Lawrence Norfolk reviews Elizabeth Hand

Wed 23 Jun 04 —
» LA Times: long article about Black to the Future festival recently in Seattle

» NPR: Alan Cheuse reviews Asimov's I, Robot

» Wired: Rise of the Machines surveys Isaac Asimov's work

Tue 22 Jun 04 —
» USA Today's story about the SF Museum and Hall of Fame opening

Mon 21 Jun 04 —
» Salon: Andrew Leonard raves about Steven Erikson's series beginning with Gardens of the Moon

» New York Review of Books: Alison Lurie on Pinocchio

Sun 20 Jun 04 —
» Emmanuel Carrère's book on Philip K. Dick, reviewed by Francie Lin, is the cover feature review in today's Los Angeles Times Book Review

» San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Stephen King

Sat 19 Jun 04 —
» NY Times Book Review: Gerald Jonas reviews Kim Stanley Robinson, Bruce Sterling, Adam Connell; also,
» Charles Taylor reviews Emmanuel Carrère's book on Philip K. Dick

» The Long Now Foundation: Bruce Sterling's "The Singularity: Your Future as a Black Hole" (scroll down for media links)

Thu 17 Jun 04 —
» NY Times article about

Tue 15 Jun 04 —
» Fast Forward TV interviews Bruce Sterling

» Publishers Weekly: Charles N. Brown interviewed

» NY Times: profile of Donna Shirley, director of the SF Museum and Hall of Fame, opening this Friday

Mon 14 Jun 04 —
» NY Times: this article about Karen Joy Fowler makes note of her "Pulphouse and Science Fiction" past; also
» an article about private space travel

» Green Man Review: Cat Eldridge reviews Al Sarrantonio's anthology Flights

» MN Twin Cities' City Pages: interview with 7 local Sf/F female authors, Between Planets

Sat 12 Jun 04 —
» Seattle Post-Intelligencer: article about SF Museum set to open June 18th

» Bookslut: Adrienne Martini interviews Kage Baker and essays upon The Female Reader

» Rambles: reviews of Guy Gavriel Kay, of Gene Wolfe, and others -- see What's new

Wed 9 Jun 04 —
» Slate debates Karen Joy Fowler's The Jane Austen Book Club

Tue 8 Jun 04 —
» San Franciso Chronicle: reviews of YA novels by Lois Lowry, Jeanne DuPrau, Sylvia Waugh

» LA Times profile of Karen Joy Fowler

» Ottawa Citizen profile of Cory Doctorow -- here almost readably scanned

» Tallahassee Democrat profile of Jeff VanderMeer

» Austin Chronicle: Rick Klaw reviews Jessica Reisman's The Z Radiant

Mon 7 Jun 04 —
» Publishers Weekly profiles Margaret Weis

Fri 4 Jun 04 —
» NY Times Book Review Summer Reading issue includes SF titles by Morgan, Heinlein, Gorodischer, Asher; plus fiction by Greer, Stephenson, Fowler, Byatt, King

Mon 31 May 04 —
» NY Times: article about Mark Bode, who's completed his late father Vaughn Bode's "The Lizard of Oz"

Fri 28 May 04 —
» Rambles: reviews of Terry Pratchett, C.J. Cherryh, Kushner & Sherman, Lee & Miller, and others -- see What's New

Thu 27 May 04 —
» City Pages: "Between Planets" interview with Eleanor Arnason, Lois McMaster Bujold, Patricia Wrede, Pamela Dean, Lyda Morehouse, Caroline Stevemer, and Peg Kerr

» USA Today on manga: teens & manga; girls & manga

Wed 26 May 04 —
» The Capital Times: feature article on WisCon

Tue 25 May 04 —
» Cato Daily Dispatch: Cato Senior Fellow Patrick Michaels warns that The Day After Tomorrow "can't even be considered science fiction because true science fiction films are based on actual scientific fact"

Sun 23 May 04 —
» San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Kim Stanley Robinson, Charles Stross, Leslie What, and comics inspired by Michael Chabon

Sat 22 May 04 —
» Publishers Weekly interviews Robert Silverberg and interviews Kit Reed

Thu 20 May 04 —
» Guardian: Terry Pratchett answers questions

» Green Man Reviews of Robida & Verne, Dark Matter: Reading the Bones, and a catalog

» Was Slate's Harry Potter/Left Behind article prefigured by Lucius Shepard's 1/03 Left Behind review?

Tue 18 May 04 —
» Boston Globe: James Sallis on Walter Tevis: A life, and an oeuvre, plagued by shadows

» Seattle Times: profile of Snowfall author Mitchell Smith

» Slate: Harry Potter and Left Behind are more alike than you might think

Mon 17 May 04 —
» Seattle Times: Octavia Butler reflects on Abu Ghraib

» The Comics Journal: 2004 - A good year to get out of the manga business? [excerpt]

Fri 14 May 04 —
» Guardian: J.G. Ballard on The Day After Tomorrow -- "what the Hollywood disaster movie says about the US psyche"

» Rambles: reviews of Sara Douglass, Mary Gentle, Jack McDevitt, and others -- see What's New

Wed 12 May 04 —
» Wigglefish reviews Adam Connell's Counterfeit Kings

Mon 10 May 04 —
» CNN's James Argendeli reviews Joe R. Lansdale's Bumper Crop

Sun 9 May 04 —
» NY Times Book Review: Donald E. Westlake reviews Thomas Berger's Adventures of the Artificial Woman

» NY Times: preview of I, Robot and other summer SF films

» Denver Post: Dorman T. Shindler reviews Bruce Sterling

» Chicago Tribune: Bruce Sterling on Wi-Fi

» Portland Tribune: article about BloodHag

» Bookslut: Adrienne Martini interviews Steven Brust and defines Neal Stephenson's brand of SF

» Rambles: reviews of Kij Johnson, Jody Lynn Nye, Deborah Chester, and others -- see What's New

» Green Man Review: reviews of Kage Baker, Patricia A. McKillip, and many others -- see What's New

» January: review of Guy Gavriel Kay's The Last Light of the Sun

» fps: Cynthia Ward reviews Someday's Dreamers Lesson 3: Precious Feelings

Wed 5 May 04 —
» USA Today: article on Johanna Sinisalo's Troll, winner of the Finlandia Prize

» Village Voice: Sinisalo's Troll reviewed by Izzy Grinspan

» Guardian: Toby Green's Top 10 Utopias; also,
» Oliver Burkeman on OED's SF citations

» Telegraph: Ask Margaret Atwood

Tue 4 May 04 —
» NY Times: review of futuristic novel Globalia by French writer Jean-Christophe Rufin

» More reviews of Karen Joy Fowler in San Francisco Chronicle and Sunday's NY TimesSlate's summary

Fri 30 Apr 04 —
» NY Times: Richard Eder reviews Karen Joy Fowler

Thu 29 Apr 04 —
» Salon: Andrew Leonard reviews Bruce Sterling's The Zenith Angle (first of Salon's biweekly reviews of new science fiction and fantasy books)

Wed 28 Apr 04 —
» SF Chronicle: David Kipen reviews Karen Joy Fowler's The Jane Austen Book Club

• Also, Entertainment Weekly's current issue (not online) reviews Fowler's novel, grading it A-

Mon 26 Apr 04 —
» San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Neal Stephenson's The Confusion

Sun 25 Apr 04 —
» Guardian: China Miéville reviews Ted Chiang's Stories of Your Life

» Austin American-Statesman: Dorman T. Shindler reviews Karen Joy Fowler's The Jane Austen Book Club

» Green Man Review: No'am Newman reviews Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light

Wed 21 Apr 04 —
» Green Man Review: Cat Eldridge reviews George Alec Effinger's Budayeen Nights

» Astrobiology Magazine: interview with Ben Bova

» New print zine Seasons in the Night is accepting submissions for its first issue, set to print in June

» LA Times front page feature article: Anne Rice is moving to the suburbs

» Salon interviews Neal Stephenson; Andrew Leonard reviews The Confusion

» Time Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world today includes J.K. Rowling, Peter Jackson, Charlie Kaufman [subscription required]

Tue 20 Apr 04 —
» Washington Post: Michael Dirda reviews Karen Joy Fowler's The Jane Austen Book Club

» Village Voice: David Ng reviews Neal Stephenson's The Confusion

» Boston Globe: James Sallis surveys the fiction of Fred Chappell

» San Francisco Chronicle: June Sawyers reviews Poppy Z. Brite's Liquor

Sun 18 Apr 04 —
» New York Times Book Review: Stephen Metcalf reviews Neal Stephenson's The Confusion; also,
» Gerald Jonas' science fiction column covers Neal Asher, Gregory Benford, Zoran Zivkovic

» CNN: Ray Bradbury addresses the President's Commission on Moon, Mars and Beyond

Thu 15 Apr 04 —
» The Economist: article about Philip K. Dick, The world according to Dick [subscription required]

Wed 14 Apr 04 —
» Seattle Weekly coverage of the new Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, aka "Siffumhoff"

Tue 13 Apr 04 —
» San Antonio Express-News: feature article about SF/fantasy artist John Picacio [free registration required]

» New York Times: Michael Chabon op-ed about writing and censorship

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand reviews a biography of John Fowles

» San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Cory Doctorow, Rudy Rucker, and two DC/Vertigo comics

Sat 10 Apr 04 —
» The Route V50, a short SF film advertising Volvo, directed by Stephen Frears and starring Robert Downey Jr. [via] • earlier film by Carlos Soto

Fri 9 Apr 04 —
Entertainment Weekly's April 16 issue reviews Neal Stephenson's The Confusion [due Apr 13]: "he might just have created the definitive historical-sci-fi-epic-pirate- comedy-punk-love story" -- A-

Thu 8 Apr 04 —
» Astrobiology Magazine: article about last week's conference with the Mars terraforming debate with Clarke, Bear, et al • Terraforming gallery

» Reason: article by Jesse Walker, Doctor Who and the Fandom of Fear, subtitled "What happens when fans take over a franchise?" [via]

» Strange Horizons: 2nd annual Readers' Choice Awards winners include Jeremy Smith, Greg van Eekhout, Greg Beatty

Wed 7 Apr 04 —
» s1ngularity: Gabe Chouinard interviews Jonathan Carroll

» The Agony Column: City of Saints and Madmen: The Untold Story Part 1 and Part 2

Tue 6 Apr 04 —
» New at Rambles: reviews of Charles de Lint, Spiderwick Chronicles #4, Jasper Fforde, and Kevin J. Anderson

» Wired: article about Seattle's Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (previously known as Experience Science Fiction), opening June 2004

» Telegraph: review of Brian Aldiss's Affairs at Hampden Ferrers

» Green Man Review: review of Nalo Hopkinson's The Salt Roads

Mon 5 Apr 04 —
» Publishers Weekly: How SF editors are Casting a Wider Spell, with Sheila Gilbert, Diana Gill, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Ginjer Buchanan, Anne Groell, Byron Preiss, Betsy Mitchell, James Baen, Jaime Levine [subscription required]

» Washington Post: Bill Sheehan reviews Poppy Z. Brite's Liquor; also,
» Elizabeth Hand reviews a first fantasy novel written by 13-year-old Flavia Bujor, confessing "this is perhaps the worst book I have ever reviewed"; also,
» An essay by Alice Hoffman, Sharpening an imagination with the hard flint of a fairy tale; and
» Michael Dirda on How Alice helped shape our literary world

Fri 2 Apr 04 —
» Slate: David Edelstein reviews Guillermo del Toro's heavenly Hellboy

» Salon: Stephanie Zacharek reviews Hellboy -- "a dazzling comic-book movie"

Tue 30 Mar 04 —
» NY Times: About Andrew Sean Greer

Mon 29 Mar 04 —
» The New Yorker: fiction by Jonatham Lethem: Super Goat Man

» San Francisco Chronicle: review of Isabel Allende's The Kingdom of the Golden Dragon

Sun 28 Mar 04 —
» Green Man Review: review of Datlow & Windling's The Faery Reel; other reviews of Richard Calder, Karl Wagner, Jane Yolen, and Roger Zelazny

Wed 24 Mar 04 —
» Salon: Robert J. Howe short story Miscarriage of justice

» Slate: Steven Johnson on The Science of Eternal Sunshine

» Electric Story: Lucius Shepard reviews Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

» Green Man Review: review of Patrick Nielsen Hayden's anthology New Magics

Sun 21 Mar 04 —
» Washington Post Book World: Bill Sheehan reviews Guy Gavriel Kay, Lucius Shepard, Richard K. Morgan, and Graham Joyce; also,
» Michael Dirda reviews Jasper Fforde; and,
» Paul Di Filippo reviews Chang-rae Lee

» Boston Globe: James Sallis on Joe R. Lansdale: Blending savagery and savage humor

» Guardian: Philip Ardagh reviews Joan Aiken

» NE Ohio CrainTech: article about Geoffrey Landis and Mars, Fact and Fiction

» Fantastic Literature has recent acquisitions online

Thu 18 Mar 04 —
» Ellen Datlow has posted photos from the February KGB Reading with Michael Kandel and Paul McAuley

Wed 17 Mar 04 —
» Onion A.V. Club: Tasha Robinson reviews Cory Doctorow's Eastern Standard Tribe

» NY Times: article on comics by literary guys--Michael Chabon, Greg Rucka, and others

» Green Man Review: review of Conrad Williams' Use Once, Then Destroy

Tue 16 Mar 04 —
» Independent: Alan Moore interview

» Toronto Star: review of memoir by Jan Lars Jensen about his mental breakdown following publication of novel Shiva 3000

» Boston Globe: review of Koontz's Odd Thomas

Sat 13 Mar 04 —
» NY Times: Kim Stanley Robinson essay A Red Planet Forever in the Orbit of Science and Dreams

» Green Man Review: review of Charles de Lint's Medicine Road

Entertainment Weekly, March 19 issue, has short reviews of McCarthy's Lost in Transmission (grade: B), Doctorow's Eastern Standard Tribe (B-), and McAuley's White Devils (A)

Fri 12 Mar 04 —
» LA Times: killer review by Manohla Dargis of arthouse SF film Robot Stories

Thu 11 Mar 04 —
» Publishers Weekly: feature article by Paula Guran, Tomes of Terror and Trepidation [reg required]

» Guardian: Diana Wynne Jones rather likes Christopher Paolini's Eragon

Wed 10 Mar 04 —
» NY Review of Books: Michael Chabon review/essay on Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials

» Guardian: Archbishop Rowan Williams reviews the stage version of His Dark Materials

» NY Times: article by Mel Gussow on Heinlein's first novel

» Online Journalism Review: David Brin's 2020 VISION: Journalism the Day After Tomorrow [via]

Mon 8 Mar 04 —
» Salon: review of too-good-to-be-SF novel by Andrew Sean Greer; to which Patrick Nielsen Hayden reacts

» Spiked: article about fandom's threat to society

Sun 7 Mar 04 —
» NY Times: Gerald Jonas reviews Richard K. Morgan, Howard V. Hendrix, Ben Bova, Jack McDevitt

» NY Times: article on Michel Gondry, director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

» LA Times: Michael Harris reviews Gregory Benford

Tue 2 Mar 04 —
» NY Times Arts Briefing: Philip Roth alternate history novel The Plot Against America due in October

Sun 29 Feb 04 —
» San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Gene Wolfe, Christopher Golden, Robert Holdstock, and Argosy

Mon 23 Feb 04 —
» Guardian: publicity gearing up for Susanna Clarke's 800-page Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell -- "Jane Austen meets Philip Pullman"

» Reviews of Paul McAuley's White Devils in the Guardian and in the Independent

» Reviews of Gene Wolfe's The Knight in Green Man Review and in Strange Horizons

» Denver Post: review of Carol Berg's Son of Avonar

Fri 20 Feb 04 —
» The Lancet reviews VanderMeer & Roberts' Disease Guide [free registration required]

» Orlando Weekly: profile of Jeff VanderMeer

Wed 18 Feb 04 —
» The Onion A.V. Club's Tasha Robinson interviews Arthur C. Clarke

» Great SF & Fantasy Works is expanded and updated

Tue 17 Feb 04 —
» Slate's Summary Judgment covers a novel about a man who lives backward from age 70

Mon 16 Feb 04 —
» Washington Post: Michael Dirda reviews Gene Wolfe's The Knight

Thu 12 Feb 04 —
» interview with Ray Bradbury

Tue 10 Feb 04 —
» Publishers Weekly: interview with Zoran Zivkovic (registration required)

Mon 9 Feb 04 —
» Eugene OR reads Le Guin's The Lathe of Heaven

Sun 8 Feb 04 —
» Arizona Republic: interview with William Gibson

» NY Times: brief review [scroll down] of Jonathan Stroud's The Amulet of Samarkand

» Green Man Review: review of Laurell K. Hamilton's Seduced by Moonlight

» Telegraph: Roger Highfield essay on treatments of time travel includes discussion of Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveller's Wife

» Technology Review: article on the Harry Potter fan fiction community (e.g. at

Wed 4 Feb 04 —
» Sequential Tart: interview with Argosy publisher James Owen

» The Register-Guard [Eugene OR]: how Bruce Holland Rogers delivers short stories

Sun 1 Feb 04 —
» Guardian: Michael Moorcock reviews K.J. Bishop's The Etched City • Plus, Jon Courtenay Grimwood briefly reviews Ursula K. Le Guin, Martin Sketchley, Elizabeth Moon, and Walter Jon Williams

» Green Man Review: Cat Eldridge reviews Kage Baker's The Angel in the Darkness; Grey Walker reviews Charles de Lint's Refinerytown

» January: Sienna Powers reviews Victoria Strauss's The Burning Land; Robert Lightbody reviews Steve Cash's The Meq

» Washington Post: Michael Dirda examines Sheridan Le Fanu's 1864 novel Uncle Silas

» Austin American-Statesman: review of Rick Klaw's Geek Confidential [requires free registration]

Thu 29 Jan 04 —
» New York Times: article about the New Zealand settings for LotR includes comments from jan howard finder

» Green Man Review: review of new Dover edition of The English and Scottish Popular Ballads

Sun 25 Jan 04 —
» New York Times: article about and review of the stage production of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials

Thu 22 Jan 04 —
» Reviews of Kim Stanley Robinson's Forty Signs of Rain by PD Smith (Guardian) and by Kim Newman (Independent)

» Also in Guardian, Ask Ursula K. Le Guin a question

» Also in Independent, Charlie Lee-Potter reviews Audrey Niffenegger

» Sydney Morning Herald: Lachlan Jobbins reviews Neal Stephenson

Tue 20 Jan 04 —
» Village Voice notes the debut of the new Argosy Magazine [listing]

» AP: review of London stage play based on Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Koontz, Altman, Bailey, Moore & O'Neill

Thu 15 Jan 04 —
» Chicago Tribune: Alan Cheuse reviews Clarke & Baxter's Time's Eye

Wed 14 Jan 04 —
» Borders: Neil Gaiman interviews Gene Wolfe about The Knight [via]

Mon 12 Jan 04 —
» Chicago Tribune: Kim Stanley Robinson reacts to the prospect of a Mars mission [free reg required]

Sun 11 Jan 04 —
» New Left Review: Fredric Jameson reviews Gibson's Pattern Recognition

Fri 9 Jan 04 —
Entertainment Weekly January 16 (not online): Clarke & Baxter's Time's Eye gets an A-

» Guardian: M. John Harrison reviews Will Self; also,
» A.S. Byatt essays on fairy tales;
» Sarah LeFanu rereads The Left Hand of Darkness;
» Jeff Noon explains Falling Out of Cars

» Independent: Charles Shaar Murray reviews The Sandman: Endless Nights; plus,
» interview with Gwyneth Jones;
» review of a book by Iain Banks about whisky

» Denver Post: Diana Gabaldon is frustrated by 'romance' label

» Washington Post: long article about Stephen King and The Populist Manifesto

Sat 3 Jan 04 —
» NY Times Book Review: Gerald Jonas reviews Heinlein, Clarke & Baxter, and Gorodischer » And Andrew O'Hehir reviews Stephen King's Wolves of the Calla

» The New Yorker: Anthony Lane reviews The Return of the King

Fri 2 Jan 04 —
» Green Man Review: Best Books of 2003 from GMR's favorite authors and artists

» Associated Press (here and here): Anne Rice bids farewell to her vampire Lestat

— Aether Vibrations —
Science, fiction, and points in between

Wed 24 Nov 04 —
» Yahoo News: Hayao Miyazaki's animated Howl's Moving Castle, based on the novel by Diana Wynne Jones, sets box office record in Japan

» Bookslut: Adrienne Martini is down on trilogies

» Columbia University is hosting a Godzilla Symposium on Saturday, Dec. 4th

Mon 22 Nov 04 —
» NY Times: Daniel Akst on Computers as Authors: "This is not science fiction..."

Mon 8 Nov 04 —
» Washington Post: article about bestseller lists and why Nielsen BookScan data isn't more widely available

Wed 27 Oct 04 —
» Hobbits?: Fossils discovered of dwarf-like human species that lived up until 18K years ago -- major discovery: CNN; Nature

Tue 12 Oct 04 —
» Slate: Who are novelists voting for?

Thu 16 Sep 04 —
» USA Today: NASA discovers a ringworld, sort of

Wed 25 Aug 04 —
» Richard Krzemien posts a free comic for writers, The Writer at Work

Mon 16 Aug 04 —
» LA Times Op-ed by Win Blevins about the joys of reading

Sun 15 Aug 04 —
» Stanford Graduate School of Business: article on the effect of bestseller lists on book sales

Wed 9 Jun 04 —
• Laura Freas advises: "When you next see the newest Harry Potter movie, watch for the scene in the classroom where a picture of a werewolf is projected on a screen. They bought the rights to reproduce Kelly Freas' werewolf from his interior for [H. Warner Munn's] The Werewolf of Ponkert"

Tue 1 Jun 04 —
» NY Times: New Yorker Fiction, by the Numbers

Thu 4 Mar 04 —
» Guardian: Philip Pullman and others protest plans to let retailers determine book prices

Tue 20 Jan 04 —
» Thomas Pynchon's voice to appear in Sunday 25 January's episode of The Simpsons; see this Modern Word discussion [scroll down] or this Boston Globe article

» Telegraph: The Queen knows her Harry Potter

Sat 10 Jan 04 —
» NY Times: Studying Literature by the Numbers;
» Edward Rothstein on What's Your Law? at Edge, with contributions from Bruce Sterling, Gregory Benford, many others

— E-Publications —
what's new at other SFFH sites

Fri 31 Dec 04 —
» Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City for December reviews Gwyneth Jones, Peter Straub, and others, interviews Chris Roberson

» SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Robert Silverberg's anthology Between Worlds

» The Agony Column: Rick Kleffel on graphic novels

Thu 22 Dec 04 —
» Fantastic Metropolis -- newly redesigned -- has fiction, nonfiction, and art by Rikki Ducornet

Tue 20 Dec 04 —
» SF Weekly: Connie Willis interviewed

» Arte Six: column by Jacqueline Carey; interview with Margo Lanagan and excerpt from her Black Juice (scroll down)

Thu 16 Dec 04 —
» Mid-December SF Site includes a conversation with Alan M. Clark

Wed 15 Dec 04 —
» The Agony Column: Earthsea in Clorox by Ursula K. Le Guin, discussing the TV adaptation of her fantasy series; earlier,
» Rick Kleffel reviews magazines

Wed 8 Dec 04 —
» Futurismic: fiction by Carrie Vaughn

» Dave Langford's Ansible 209

Thu 2 Dec 04 —
» Star*Line's latest editor's choice poem, Darrell Schweitzer's "Edgar Allan Poe Nears His End", is now online at

» Lone Star Stories Issue #6 has fiction by Stephanie Burgis, Jason Erik Lundberg, Steven Utley; poetry by Melissa Marr, Karen A. Romanko, and Steven Utley

» December scifidimensions has an interview with Joe DeVito; reviews of Frederik Pohl, Mark Budz, Maxine McArthur, and others; TV, movie, and comics reviews

» December Deep Magic available for download in PDF format

Mon 29 Nov 04 —
» Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest, a new quarterly magazine, is scheduled to debut March 2005

» SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Philip Roth; interview with George Zebrowski

Fri 26 Nov 04 —
» SF Weekly: Nick Gevers interviews Elizabeth Hand

» Bookmunch: interview with Jeff VanderMeer

Wed 24 Nov 04 —
» The Agony Column: Rick Kleffel interviews Sheila Kelly (aka S.L. Viehl); also, excerpt from Alastair Reynolds' Century Rain

» interviews Ellen Datlow

Sat 13 Nov 04 —
» The Agony Column: Rick Kleffel interviews Graham Joyce, reviews Stross and Aeon

Tue 9 Nov 04 —
» Futurismic: new fiction by Michael Canfield, Is You Is/Is You Ain’t?

» Latest Wildside Press newsletter

Mon 8 Nov 04 —
» Rick Kleffel reviews Neil Gaiman's A Screenplay

Sun 7 Nov 04 —
» New URL for Weird Tales magazine

» The Agony Column: commentary by Terry D'Auray and Rick Kleffel on reading SF/F series

» November issue of Ultraverse has fiction by Tim Pratt, Jeff Carlson, Chris Africa, Deanna Rittinger; plus reviews

» November issue of Deep Magic now available

Fri 5 Nov 04 —
» Dave Langford's Ansible 208

Wed 3 Nov 04 —
» Fantastic Metropolis: long interview with Thomas Ligotti; also, preview their new design

» Lost Pages Halloween Special has work by Don Webb, Samantha Henderson, Mark Paterson, and others

» SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Lucius Shepard

Wed 27 Oct 04 —
» November Internet Review of SF has Matthew Cheney interviewing Mary Rickert, Jeremiah Sturgill on Theodore Sturgeon, Guy Hasson on Israeli SF, reviews, etc.

» Rick Kleffel interviews Richard K. Morgan and Gary Gibson

Sun 24 Oct 04 —
» October Emerald City includes Cheryl Morgan's report from Swissnex; reviews of Courtenay Grimwood, Stephenson, and others; an interview with Jacob Weisman; short fiction reviews; etc.

Mon 11 Oct 04 —
» Dave Langford's Ansible 207

» Matthew Cheney imagines a presidential debate moderated by SF fans

Thu 7 Oct 04 —
» SF Poetry Association's Star*Line's editor's choice poem is Charlee Jacob's "The Metaphysics of Force"

» Concatenation's autumnal update includes numerous new columns, articles, and reviews

Fri 1 Oct 04 —
» Issue 22 of ChiZine has fiction by Robert Swartwood, Chris Leonard, and Matt Duvall, guest editorial by Nick Mamatas, reviews, poetry, etc.

Thu 30 Sep 04 —
» Lone Star Stories Issue #5 has fiction by Barth Anderson, Josh Rountree, Steven Utley; poetry by Lindow, Simon, and Utley

» The Agony Column interviews Susanna Clarke

Wed 29 Sep 04 —
» Claude Lalumière's Lost Pages has a Richard Calder special, with Lucius Shepard, K.J. Bishop, Neddal Ayad

Tue 28 Sep 04 —
» Emerald City's September issue has lengthy Worldcon reportage

» Internet Review of SF's October issue has Matt Cheney, Ellen Datlow, Jay Lake, and more

» SF Weekly: Nick Gevers interviews John Clute

Thu 23 Sep 04 —
» Rick Kleffel interviews Clive Barker

Wed 15 Sep 04 —
» RevolutionSF interviews China Miéville

Fri 10 Sep 04 —
» RevolutionSF has fiction by Bill McKinley, Mark Finn, Don Webb, Steven Utley, and Herman Melville

Thu 9 Sep 04 —
» Dave Langford's Ansible 206

» Deep Magic's September issue, with fiction, articles, and an interview, is available for download

Tue 7 Sep 04 —
» SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

Thu 2 Sep 04 —
» September SF Site includes Jeff VanderMeer's review of Harrison's Light

» September SciFiDimensions includes a profile of Harlan Ellison

» Futurismic has new story Art's Appreciation by Tom Doyle

» September Quantum Muse

Sat 28 Aug 04 —
» Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City for August includes an article by Mike Glyer, a report from the SF Foundation's conference in Liverpool, reviews of L.E. Modesitt, Steve Cockayne, Michael Cobley, interview about Savoy Books, and more

Wed 25 Aug 04 —
» Rick Kleffel interviews Kem Nunn

» Lost Pages August update is a D.F. Lewis special

Tue 24 Aug 04 —
» James Patrick Kelly has posted new story Lisa, to be workshopped during Noreascon 4 (Friday 3 Sept 11 a.m.)

Sun 22 Aug 04 —
» August Internet Review of SF includes Cheryl Morgan on SF awards, interview with Clive Barker, Greg Beatty on the SF Museum, a review of The Village, and more

Tue 17 Aug 04 —
» Claude Lalumière has a blog

» August issue EOTU Ezine

» Issue 75, August-September, AntipodeanSF

Sun 15 Aug 04 —
» Agony Column: critical essay on Chester Himes

» Interview with Ellen Datlow from Polish SF mag Ubik

» The Alien Online: Adam Roberts reviews Damien Broderick's x,y,z,t: Dimensions of Science Fiction

Fri 6 Aug 04 —
» August Ansible

Thu 5 Aug 04 —
» New e-zine Pretentious Heathens UK (i.e. PH-UK) has interviews with Jeffrey Ford and Michael Moorcock

» Strange Horizons: Greg Beatty analyzes this year's Campbell Award finalists

» SF Site for August interviews and reviews Ian R. MacLeod; plus reviews of Cherith Baldry, Jeff VanderMeer, I, Robot, and others

» Ellen Datlow's redesigned website has posted photos from the July 21st KGB reading with James Blaylock and Steven Popkes

» August scifidimensions interviews Fiona Avery, reviews Jeff VanderMeer and Minister Faust, and has original fiction by Nina Munteanu

» August SF Crowsnest has reprinted interviews with Elizabeth Hand, Greg Bear, and Marianne De Pierres, plus Ken MacLeod on Why Robots?, and fiction by Bulgarian writer Radi Todorov Radev

» Lone Star Stories Issue No. 4 has fiction by Jay Lake, Mikal Trimm, Steve Utley

Fri 30 Jul 04 —
» Challenging Destiny is now an e-zine; you can purchase it via

Tue 27 Jul 04 —
» Resource: Georgia Tech's Bud Foote Science Fiction Collection

Sun 25 Jul 04 —
» July issue of Emerald City includes Cheryl Morgan's analysis of Locus Poll results

Thu 22 Jul 04 —
» The Infinite Matrix: Howard Waldrop's 1954 Retro-Hugo voting advice

» July Internet Review of SF interviews James Van Pelt; has features and essays by Therese Littleton, Jay Lake, Cynthia Ward; plus reviews and an editorial about elitism

Mon 19 Jul 04 —
» Steven H Silver's Argentus has published issue four

» RevolutionSF: Rick Klaw reviews Stross' The Atrocity Archives

» Rick Kleffel's The Agony Column excerpts China Miéville's Iron Council

» R. Scott Bakker interview

Sat 17 Jul 04 —
»'s new BBoard includes a Sci Fiction section

Thu 15 Jul 04 —
» SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Alexander C. Irvine; Paul Di Filippo reviews China Miéville

» Strange Horizons: Tee Morris article on Elitism in SF/F/H is prompting reactions in the blogosphere

» RevolutionSF has fiction by Josh Rountree and Lou Antonelli

» Rick Kleffel column on Hill House limited editions

Mon 12 Jul 04 —
» Ticonderoga Online goes monthly; four new reviews posted today

» Rick Kleffel's The Agony Column has published an interview with Peter Watts

» Michael Arnzen essay: What Corrupted Me

» Electronic Green Journal: Ryder Miller essay on the environmental context of LotR

» SFReader: critical essay by Daniel E. Blackston on Jeffrey Ford's "The Empire of Ice Cream"

Mon 5 Jul 04 —
» July Ansible

Sun 4 Jul 04 —
» July issue of Ultraverse has short stories by Chris Africa and others; a review; first novel descriptions

» Issue #20 of Guy H. Lillian III's fanzine Challenger has items about Julius Schwartz, and from Gregory Benford, Mike Resnick, Taral Wayne, and others

» And here's the latest from Michael A. Arnzen's Bram Stoker Award-winning Gorelets

Thu 1 Jul 04 —
» Aeon Speculative Fiction, an electronic magazine/anthology in multiple ebook formats, will debut in October at the World Fantasy Convention; Kristine Kathryn Rusch will contribute a regular opinion column.

» Futurismic has new fiction by Ruth Nestvold and by Hannu Rajaniemi, plus new reading guidelines

» Rick Kleffel's The Agony Column has published an interview with Tony Ballantyne

» July issues have been posted of SF Site, Science Fiction Crowsnest, Deep Magic, scifidimensions

» Issue 22 of ChiZine has fiction and poetry by Nick Mamatas, Laura Anne Gilman, Bruce Boston, and others

Tue 29 Jun 04 —
» Cory Doctorow wins Locus Award for best first novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. You heard it there first.

Sun 27 Jun 04 —
» June issue of Emerald City reports on Wiscon, reviews Miéville, Stross, Stewart; interviews Kelly Link & Gavin Grant; etc.

Wed 23 Jun 04 —
» Issue 6 of The Internet Review of Science Fiction has interviews and articles about Joe Haldeman and John Brunner, by Cynthia Ward and Matthew Cheney, etc.

» Issue 20 of webzine ChiZine has fiction by Elizabeth Bear, Robert Boyczuk, and Scott William Carter; poetry; a column by David Niall Wilson; reviews; etc.

» Debut of EpicSFF includes an interview with Nicholas Kaufmann

» June issue of Arte Six has an interview with Elizabeth Hand (scroll down)

» Visions, the magazine of Fantastic Queensland, has articles, fiction, reviews

Sun 20 Jun 04 —
» Green Man Review: Sharyn November's Message from the Urban Summer Queen

Thu 17 Jun 04 —
» Ellen Datlow is interviewed by Lynne Jamneck [from Simulacrum]

Mon 14 Jun 04 —
» RevolutionSF has new fiction by Steven Utley and by K.D. Wentworth, movie reviews, a feature on Sffh heroines, and much else

» The Agony Column: Rick Kleffel interviews Kim Stanley Robinson

Sat 5 Jun 04 —
» June issue of David Langford's Ansible

Fri 4 Jun 04 —
» Issue #3 of Lone Star Stories has fiction by Martha Wells, poetry by Mikal Trimm, etc.

Thu 3 Jun 04 —
» Fantastic Metropolis: Robert Wexler is interviewed

Tue 1 Jun 04 —
» June's SF Site has an interview with Don Dixon, reviews of Paul McAuley, Peter F. Hamilton, Justina Robson, Shrek 2, and more

» June 1st SF Weekly has The Day After Tomorrow interviews, review, and a Lab Notes commentary by Wil McCarthy

» This week's Strange Horizons has an interview with Julie Czerneda, fiction by Rosamund Hodge, poetry by Chris Corbett, and Tee Morris' review of Wen Spencer

» June scifidimensions has interviews with Octavia E. Butler and Robert Newcomb, reviews of Jonny Quest and The Jetsons DVDs, etc.

» Kim Antieau interviews Lisa Goldstein

Wed 26 May 04 —
» Emerald City's
May issue has reports from the Plokta Cabal, the Arthur C. Clarke Award ceremony, a benefit in San Francisco, and Penguicon 2.0... plus lots of reviews

Sun 23 May 04 —
» The Internet Review of Science Fiction for May has an interview with Sheila Williams, John Joseph Adams on dinosaurs, essays and features by Elizabeth Barrette, and Jay Lake, reviews, etc.

» Fantastic Metropolis has reprint fiction by Jeffrey Ford

Tue 18 May 04 —
» s1ngularity: fiction by Colin Brush and by Adam Roberts [excerpt from The Snow]; interview with Peter Crowther

» SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Bruce Sterling

» SF Revu: Iain Emsley interviews John Crowley

Mon 17 May 04 —
» Ticonderoga Online Issue 2 has fiction by Trent Jamieson and Geoffrey Maloney; interviews, reviews, etc.

» WriteWords, UK Writers' Community, has an interview with editor John Jarrold

Fri 14 May 04 —
» Lost Pages May 14 update includes an article on torture by Darius Rejali, columns by Neddal Ayad and Claude Lalumière

Wed 12 May 04 —
» MarsDust Episode 2.3 includes an interview with Neil Gaiman, fiction by Ruth Nestvold

Mon 10 May 04 —
» Issue #4 of Simulacrum: The Magazine Of Speculative Transformation, a subscription PDF magazine, now available; Issue #1 still available for free

Sun 9 May 04 —
» The Nutmeg Point District Mail Vol. IX, No. 1, the Avram Davidson electronic newsletter, announces publication of Davidson's final Vergil Magus novel

Mon 3 May 04 —
May issues of --
» Quantum Muse, with fiction, artwork, and comic;
» SF Crowsnest, with Vera Nazarian, Ken MacLeod, and lots of film & TV reviews;
» scifidimensions, with Lou Anders, John Robert Marlow, and reviews;
» Ultraverse, with fiction, reviews, and new section SciFimage;
» Made in Canada, with reviews, and Robert Charles Wilson's GoH speech from Ad Astra;
» Deep Magic, with fiction, articles, and reviews

Sat 1 May 04 —
» May issues of Emerald City and Ansible

Tue 27 Apr 04 —
» SF Weekly: Nick Gevers interviews Terry Bisson

Mon 26 Apr 04 —
» Neometropolis is a new cyberpunk e-zine, edited by John Jacobs, to be published in PDF beginning June 2004

Sun 25 Apr 04 —
»'s Gabe Chouinard is once again open to fiction submissions

Wed 21 Apr 04 —
» Issue #4 of The Internet Review of Science Fiction has an interview with Gordon Van Gelder, Rich Horton on small press SF, Cynthia Ward on anime, Iain Emsley on virtual communities, reviews by Nina Munteanu, Greg Beatty, and bluejack [subscription--free through June--required]

» Science Fiction Weekly: John Clute reviews Gregory Benford's Beyond Infinity

Tue 20 Apr 04 —
» The Best Pulp Fiction Online celebrates its first year of completion

» The New Yorker: slipstream fiction by Steven Millhauser, Cat 'n' Mouse

Thu 15 Apr 04 —
» Mythic Delirium has upgraded its website and offers a free PDF sample issue

Mon 12 Apr 04 —
» New at Lost Pages: fiction by Anna Tambour, columns by Christos Tsirbas, Allen Steele, and Claude Lalumière

Fri 9 Apr 04 —
» First issue of e-zine Cosmic Speculative Fiction, available by free subscription from, has 20,000 words of fiction by Don D'Ammassa, Steve Antczak, Mark Fewell, and Denyse Loeb

Fri 2 Apr 04 —
» April issues of Ansible, Deep Magic, Quantum Muse, scifidimensions, SF Crowsnest, SF Site, and Vestral Review are online

Thu 1 Apr 04 —
» The Fortean Bureau reveals Grocery Lists of the Stars

» Fantastic Metropolis interviews Dr. Lambshead

» Tachyon Publications has a Special Offer good today only

» Cheryl Morgan exposes The Great Dill Pickle Conspiracy

Tue 30 Mar 04 —
At other SFFH sites...
» Strange Horizons has a special Eleanor Arnason issue, with interview, fiction, poetry, reviews

» SF Weekly: Scott Edelman editorializes about I-Con and winning the Moskowitz Award; interview with Robert Jordan

» March Emerald City: Cheryl Morgan reports on last week's ICFA (more coverage in her Con Blog); lots of reviews

Sun 28 Mar 04 —
» Journal of Mythic Arts Winter 2004 issue includes Emma Bull, Charles de Lint, Jane Yolen

» Made in Canada Newsletter returns after a hiatus

Fri 26 Mar 04 —
» Infinity Plus: Adam Roberts reviews the 2004 Arthur C. Clarke shortlist

Sun 21 Mar 04 —
» Issue 3 of The Internet Review of SF includes Jay Lake on Ray Vukcevich, an interview with audiobook producer Stefan Rudnicki, UK Small Press in Review, short fiction reviews, etc.

Fri 5 Mar 04 —
» Ansible 200

Tue 2 Mar 04 —
» March issue of Ultraverse has fiction by Chris Africa and others, interview of Elaine Walker, review of Frankenstein

Mon 1 Mar 04 —
Recently at other SFFH sites...

» SF Weekly for March 1st: Scott Edelman editorializes about The Lord of the Rings' Oscar wins

» SF Site for March includes Readers' Choice Best Books of 2003, Guy Gavriel Kay interview, reviews

» Emerald City's February issue interviews Sean Wallace and reviews Richard Morgan, Kim Stanley Robinson, many others

» Strange Horizons has fiction by Alex Irvine and an interview with Joe Haldeman

» SF Weekly's John Clute reviews the debut novel of Steph Swainston

» SF Crowsnest for March includes Ken MacLeod's Open Letter to an Open Enemy, interviews with Jane Jensen and Timothy Zahn, lots of reviews

» scifidimensions for March has book, film, TV reviews; news, letters, commentary

» Green Man Review introduces its Lord of Misrule

» EOTU Ezine's Science Fiction Issue III

Mon 23 Feb 04 —
» 2nd issue of The Internet Review of Science Fiction includes editorial about Asimov's, short fiction reviews, etc.

Thu 19 Feb 04 —
» Salon: Alex Irvine's fiction Retroactive anti-terror

Wed 18 Feb 04 —
» Ticonderoga Online is readying to relaunch in March

Tue 17 Feb 04 —
» Kim Antieau interviews James Frenkel

Mon 16 Feb 04 —
» SF Site for mid-February includes editors' choice Best SF and Fantasy Books of 2003 and William Thompson's Recommended Reading 2003

» Electric Story: Lucius Shepard on Monster and this year's Oscar nominees

» SFRevu: Gene Wolfe interview and review

» The Alien Online: Adam Roberts rereads Clarke's Childhood's End

Mon 9 Feb 04 —
» The Internet Review of Science Fiction, Vol. I No. 1, has appeared; subscription free through June '04

Sun 8 Feb 04 —
» Ansible 199

Wed 21 Jan 04 —
» Best of 2003 lists posted by Fantastic Metropolis contributors and RevolutionSF editors

Tue 13 Jan 04 —
» Electric Story: Lucius Shepard reviews The Return of the King

» DarkEcho: Recommended Dark Reads from 2003 with inputs from Ellen Datlow, Hank Wagner, Stefan Dziemianowicz, and Paul Guran

» fps: The Magazine of Animation, has reviews by Cynthia Ward of SF/F anime DVDs including Time Stranger, Futurama Vol. 2, and others

Sun 11 Jan 04 —
» Gabe Chouinard revives s1ngularity

Fri 9 Jan 04 —
» January Ansible Thu 8 Jan 04 —
» Cheryl Morgan has a new blog

Wed 7 Jan 04 —
» Best of 2003 lists by genre experts posted at Fantastic Metropolis and Green Man Review, and by Jonathan Strahan [scroll down for books lists]; Locus Recommended Reading Lists forthcoming in the February issue

Mon 5 Jan 04 —
» Capt. Xerox provides this pdf 2004 science fiction calendar

— New Links —

Sat 11 Dec 04 —
» Nalo Hopkinson offers a free Christmas story, A Young Candy Daughter, with a request for donations for hurricane relief in the Caribbean.

Mon 29 Nov 04 —
» Photos from Bob Tucker's 90th Birthday party

Thu 11 Nov 04 —
» Tales from the Crypt DVD features interviews with George A. Romero, John Carpenter, R.L. Stine, and Joel Silver, and an hour-long roundtable discussion with Ray Bradbury

» New website, focusing on Canadian SF: Polaris

Thu 14 Oct 04 —
» William Gibson is blogging again

Wed 13 Oct 04 —
» Zoran Zivkovic reports from the Brisbane Writers Festival

Sun 26 Sep 04 —
» LitHaven, a portal for writing on the web, launches with current issue links to Kit Reed, Benjamin Rosenbaum

Thu 23 Sep 04 —
» Anna Tambour and Others has stories, essays, plus pieces by Vera Nazarian and Alistair Rennie

Mon 20 Sep 04 —
» new story by M. John Harrison [via]

» Ellen Datlow's photos from Noreascon 4

Fri 10 Sep 04 —
» Locus photographer Beth Gwinn has a blog

Tue 31 Aug 04 —
» Ellen Datlow's photos from the August 26th KGB reading with Ilsa J. Bick & Alexander Irvine

Wed 25 Aug 04 —
» Beyond Magazine, published by Nisi Shawl in conjunction with the recent "Black to the Future" festival in Seattle, has 5 sf/f stories by high school students

Sun 15 Aug 04 —
» Irregular Quarterly is a new print zine for short fiction of quality

» Cold Tonnage Books' August catalog

» New link: UC Riverside's Eaton Collection

» Suzy McKee Charnas has a blog

Thu 12 Aug 04 —
» Ellen Datlow's photos from The Faery Reel signing and reading on 24 July

Mon 19 Jul 04 —
» Wrigley-Cross Books' July catalog

Mon 12 Jul 04 —
» The Official Philip José Farmer Home Page is taking preorders for a limited edition reprint of 1970 erotic Gothic novel Love Song

Mon 5 Jul 04 —
» New link: Robert E. Howard

Thu 1 Jul 04 —
» Bromer Booksellers in Boston has issued a science fiction catalog

» Revision 14 is a new website offerring promotional opportunities, information, and inspiration for published and pre-published writers of all genres

Wed 23 Jun 04 —
» New link: Hugh B. Cave Official Website

» Cold Tonnage Books' June catalog

» Fantastic Literature's June catalog

Mon 14 Jun 04 —
» Wrigley-Cross Books' June catalog

Sat 12 Jun 04 —
» New Link: The Parasitorium, a Yahoo writers' group run by Del Stone Jr. for authors yet to see print

Wed 9 Jun 04 —
» Nick Kaufmann's photos from HWA's Bram Stoker Awards banquet

Fri 28 May 04 —
» James Patrick Kelly's photos from the Rio Hondo 04 writers workshop in Taos Ski Valley, NM

Thu 27 May 04 —
» Cold Tonnage Books' May catalogue

Tue 25 May 04 —
» Maurizio Manzieri has launched an SF Art message board and blog

Thu 20 May 04 —
» Matt Stover has a blog

Mon 17 May 04 —
» Ellen Datlow has posted photos from ICFA

Sun 9 May 04 —
» Paula Guran has a blog

Sun 9 May 04 —
» May catalogs from Wrigley-Cross Books and Fantastic Literature are now available

Thu 29 Apr 04 —
» James Patrick Kelly offers free readings in mp3 format of three new stories, including current Hugo nominee "Bernardo's House": Free Reads

Sun 25 Apr 04 —
» Online book dealer Wrigley-Cross Books' April catalog now online

Thu 22 Apr 04 —
» UK online book dealer Fantastic Literature's April catalog now online

Tue 20 Apr 04 —
» Ellen Datlow has posted photos from the March KGB Reading with Richard Morgan and Andy Duncan

Tue 13 Apr 04 —
» The official Lucius Shepard website,, is up

Thu 8 Apr 04 —
» James Patrick Kelly's collection of tasteful (mostly) ICFA photos

Tue 6 Apr 04 —
» Two new VanderSites: and

» John Jarrold's new site, The Script Doctor

» Mark McLaughlin's Stoker-nominated poetry chapbook "Professor LaGungo's Exotic Artifacts & Assorted Mystic Collectibles" is online

» Solaris Books

Thu 25 Mar 04 —
» Cold Tonnage Books' latest catalog

» New link: VitalCore: publisher of Sci/Fi, Fantasy, Time Travel, and Futuristic novels

Wed 10 Mar 04 —
» Suzy McKee Charnas' website (note new URL) has a new essay, Santa Fe Spirit?

» Stephen Hunt has a new authorized website

Wed 18 Feb 04 —
» Fantastic Literature (online UK OOP book dealer) has posted its new catalog

Mon 9 Feb 04 —
» Cold Tonnage Books' latest catalog

Thu 5 Feb 04 —
» L.W. Currey, Inc. offers catalog OCEANS OF INK: AMATEUR MAGAZINES, 1931-1959 -- click on Catalogs, View, and make selection

Wed 4 Feb 04 —
» Cory Doctorow's second novel Eastern Standard Tribe is available as a free download

Thu 29 Jan 04 —
» Ellen Datlow's photos from the Jan. 21st KGB reading with Jim Young and Jeffrey Ford

Wed 14 Jan 04 —
» Ellen Datlow's photos from the Dec. 17th KGB reading with Nancy Kress and Jack McDevitt

Tue 13 Jan 04 —
» The SF Poetry Association, Star*Line magazine, and the Rhysling Awards have a new website:

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