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Dear Locus,

I'm editing the 5th edition of Anatomy of Wonder, the standard critical guide to SF. The 4th edition, 1995, appeared too early to include a section on online resources. A chapter in AOW5 will be devoted to this topic, and you could be a big help in helping me identify the best or better sites. For convenience, the websites will be grouped in this sequence, whose categories are not mutually exclusive and which correspond to some extend to chapters in AOW5. Sites to be annotated must generally: 1) be easy to navigate, 2) be frequently updated, as necessary, including regular checking of links, 3) be reasonably balanced and intelligently edited with accurate text; 4) of general interest to the more experienced reader of SF and often to scholars as well; 5) omit clutter and advertising on the site; and 6) include an e- mail address for the webmaster or someone having primary responsibility for the site. Most sites I've investigated lacked one or usually several of these character!

  • General (multi-subject sites) (please limit to SF or mostly SF)
  • Authors (included authors range from early to contemporary and are those who wrote the more highly regarded works, and wrote most of those books flagged as best books; includes SF writers and occasional writers of SF; unable to locate adequate sites for MANY authors; request list of those whose sites I've found)
  • Film/TV (from the general like Internet Movie Database to the specialized)
  • Art/illustration (have a list of illlustrator websites for most illustrators who have won Hugos; request list if desired)
  • Teaching SF
  • Utopias/dystopias
All help welcome and will be acknowledged in the printed book. Please respond soonest. Neil Barron, 135 Foots Creek Rd, Gold Hill, OR 97525, 541-582-4261,

Neil Barron
14 April

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