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4 June 2004


Responses to Kristi Stephens' query...

Dear Locus Online,

Maybe it was book by Daniel F. Galouye Simulacron-3 aka Counterfeit World on which 13'th Floor movie was loosely based. Details such as riding to the end of world are identical...

Best wishes,

Sergey Krasikov

Dear Locus Online,

I'm pretty sure the novel Kristi Stephens is asking about is Daniel F. Galouye's Simulacron-3. As it happens, I just read that novel in the past couple of weeks. I liked it quite a bit.

Rich Horton

Dear Krissi Stephens,

Greetings from Reinbek, Germany.

The paperback your mother is looking for may be Counterfeit World (variant title Simulacron-3 [or Three]) by Daniel F. Galouye. It was published in 1964 and was filmed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder in 1973 - which may coincide with your mother's possession of a copy in the early 70's.

I'm not sure if the novel has been reprinted recently; perhaps the Locus datafiles are of use. However, a good second-hand SF bookstore should have a copy ready.

Kind regards and the best of luck,

Heiko Langhans

Dear Locus Online,

Regarding Kristi Stephens' query, the general theme she describes could be Simulacron - 3 by Daniel F. Galouye, which was filmed in the late 90s as The Thirteenth Floor. Having neither a copy of the book nor the film handy, I can't confirm how many of the details match. The novel was published in the 1960s, so it would have been available by the early 1970s time-frame she describes.

Richard Gilliam

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