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Listings: 2004

Convention listings are compiled by Locus Magazine; please send all convention information to Locus, Box 13305, Oakland CA 94661; email: We draw from a multitude of sources, each prone to typos (not to mention our own), and places and dates have a way of changing suddenly. So be sure to check with the convention committee before making final plans. We take no responsibility for errors.

January 2004

SHADOWCON VIII (Jan 2-4 ’04) Days Inn Hotel, Memphis TN. Fan Guest: Melanie Simmonds. Memb: $27. Info: ShadowCon VIII, 5310 Hungerford Rd., Memphis TN 38118; email:; website:

JANCON 2004 (Jan 9-11 ’04) Holiday Inn Select, Indianapolis IN. Guests: Gary Gygax, Ruth Thompson, Steve Long, Gary Barker, Chris Clark, Jack Chalker, Newton Ewell, Earl Geier, Robert LeeShock. Memb: $45. Info: JanCon 2004, Box 4252, Lafayette IN 47903-4252; email:; website:

ARISIA 2004 (Jan 16-18 ’04) Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Boston MA. Theme: The Future of Freedom. GoH: Tim Powers. Sculptor GoH: Arthur Ganson. FGoH: Kim Van Auken. Special Freedom Guests of Honor: Eric S. and Catherine Raymond. Special Filk GoH: Tom Smith. Memb: $50. Info: Arisia, Bldg. 600, PMB 322, 1 Kendall Sq., Cambridge MA 02139; email:; website:

CHATTACON XXIX (Jan 16-18 ’04) Chattanooga Clarion, Chattanooga TN. GoHs: Mark Tiedemann, J. Gregory Keyes. Artist Guest: Alan M. Clark. Special Guest: Andy Duncan. TM: Charles Grant (tent.). Memb: $50. Info: Chattacon 29, Box 23908, Chattanooga TN 37422-3908; email:; website:

COSINE (Jan 16-18 ’04) Le Baron Hotel, Colorado Springs CO. GoH: Barbara Hambly. Memb: $35. Info: COSine, Box 50618, Colorado Springs CO 80949-0618; website:; email:

DECONPRESSION (Jan 16-18 ’04) Clarion Hotel, Columbus OH. Adult-oriented relaxacon. Ghost of Honor: Leonardo da Vinci. Memb $30. Info: DeConPression, 5765 Cairo Rd., Westerville OH 43081; email:; website:

RUSTYCON 21 (Jan 16-18 ’04) Radisson Hotel Seattle Airport, Seattle WA. GoH: Octavia E. Butler. AGoH: Todd Lockwood. FGoH: Deby Fredericks. Memb: $55. Info: RustyCon 21, Box 27075, Seattle WA 98165-1475; email:; website:

FURTHER CONFUSION 2004 (Jan 22-26 ’04) DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose CA. GoHs: Larry Niven, Heather Alexander, Grant Freckelton. Memb: $45. Info: email:; website:

ConFusion XXX: Maximus Conventionus (Jan 23-25 ’04) Troy Marriott, Troy MI. GoH: Bruce Sterling. AGoH: Julie Bell. Sci. GoH: Ron Westrum. FGoH: Geri Sullivan. TM: Robert J. Sawyer. Memb: $35. Info: ConFusion, Box 8284, Ann Arbor MI 48107; email:; website:

MARSCON 2004 (Jan 23-25 ’04) Clarion Hotel, Williamsburg VA. Memb: $30. Info: MarsCon, c/o Bob Snare, 117 Wichita Ln., Williamsburg VA 23188; email:; website:

SUPERCON XI (Jan 23-25 ’04) AmericInn, Austin MN. Memb: $35. Info: SuperCon, Box 6123, Minnehaha Station, Minneapolis MN 55406; website:

CAPRICON XXIV (Jan 29-Feb 1 ’04) Sheraton Chicago Northwest, Arlington Heights IL. GoHs: Spider & Jeanne Robinson. AGoH: Kimberly Reck. NASA GoH: Bryan Palaszewski. Memb: $60. Info: Capricon XXIV, Box 60085, Chicago IL 60660; email:; website:

February 2004

FANTASTICON (Feb 7-8 ’04) Valby Medborgerhus, Toftegårds Plads, Copenhagen, Denmark. Info: email: or; website:

PICOCON 21 (Feb 7 ’04) Imperial College Student Union, South Kensington, London, UK. GoHs: Paul McAuley, Peter F. Hamilton, Adam Roberts. Memb: £7. Info: ICSF, Beit Quad, Prince Consort Road, SW7 2BB London, UK; email: Eemeli Aro,; website:

ROSCON 2004 (Feb 12-15 ’04) Moscow, Russia. Info: (095) 918-1087; email:; website:

BOSKONE 41 (Feb 13-15 ’04) Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston MA. GoH: Stephen Baxter. Official Artist: Richard Hescox. Special Guest: Betsy Mitchell. Featured Filkers: Bill & Brenda Sutton. Memb: $50. Info: Boskone 41, Box 809, Framingham MA 01701; fax: (617) 776-3243; email:; website:

RADCON 4 (Feb 13-15 ’04) Red Lion Hotel, Pasco WA. SF GoH: Chris Bunch. Fantasy GoH: Mary Rosenblum. Ed. GoH: Gardner Dozois. Sci. GoHs: Radcon Waste Cleanup. AGoH: Mary Hansen Roberts. FGoH: Meryl Birn. Musical GoH: Heather Alexander. Memb: $30. Info: email: Shawn Pack,; website:

CONDFW (Feb 20-22 ’04) Radisson Hotel Dallas North, Richardson TX. GoH: Lois McMaster Bujold. AGoH: Alan Gutierrez. Gaming GoH: Steve Jackson. Special GoHs: Barry N. Malzberg, Robert Sheckley. Special Guests: John Steakley, Robert Asprin. Memb: $25. Info: ConDFW, 2183 Buckingham Rd., #282, Richardson TX 75081; website:

VISIONCON 2004 (Feb 20-22 ’04) Clarion Hotel, Springfield MO. Guests: Gary Bedell, Mary Capps, Margaret Carspecken, Fredd Gorham, Bob May, Eugene Roddenberry, Tom Seymour, Mike Strain, Al Turner, Mike Worley. Memb: $30. Info: Visioncon, Inc., Box 1415, Springfield MO 63801-1415; (417) 886-7219; fax: (417) 881-1203; email:; website:

CONDOR XI (Feb 27-29 ’04) Del Mar Hilton, Del Mar CA. GoHs: Robert Silverberg, Karen Haber. Memb: $45. Info: ConDor, Box 15771, San Diego CA 92175-5771; email:; website:

NONCON IV (Feb 27-29 ’04) Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY. Guests: C.J. Henderson, Mike McPhail, Googleshng, Cathy Raymond, Nick Nigro, Danielle Ackley-McPhail. Memb: $15. Info: Nonhuman Student Organization, Box 3817, Vassar College, 124 Raymond Ave., Poughkeepsie NY 12604-3817; email:; website:

POTLATCH 13 (Feb 27-29 ’04) Best Western Executive Inn, Seattle WA. Discussion oriented SF con. Book of Honor: The Shockwave Rider, by John Brunner. Memb: $40 to 2/15/04. Info: Potlatch 13 2004, Box 31848 Seattle WA 98103-1848; email:; website:

SHEVACON 12 (Feb 27-29 ’04) Holiday Inn Roanoke Tanglewood, Roanoke VA. GoH: Jim Butcher. AGoH: Charles Keegan. MC: Rikk Jacobs. Guests: David Drake, Eric Flint, Elizabeth Massie, more. Memb: $30. Info: SheVaCon, Box 416, Verona VA 24482-0416; email:, or; website:

March 2004

CONGENIAL: BACCHANALIA, ANYONE? (Mar 5-7 ’04) Racine Marriott, Racine WA. Memb: $45. Info: Congenial, Box 542911, Chicago IL 60654; email:; website:

MARSCON 2004: LET’S PLAY DOCTOR (Mar 5-7 ’04) Minneapolis / St. Paul Airport Hilton, Bloomington MN. Actor GoH: Richard Biggs. Media GoH: Dr. Demento. Author GoH: John M. Ford. FGoH: Baron David E Romm. AGoH: Davina. Musical GoH: the great Luke Ski. Memb: $55. Info: MarsCon, Box 21213, Eagan MN 55121; pager (leave your phone no.): (651) 339-0397; email:; website:

MECON 7 (Mar 5-7 ’04) Senior Staff Common Room, Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. GoHs: Ian McDonald, P.J. Holden, Robert Rankin, John Meaney, Michael Carroll, Glenn Fabry. Memb: £20 / €32. Info: Mecon 7, 12 Hopefield Ave., Belfast BT15 5AP, Northern Ireland; email:; website:

RINGCON (Mar 5-7 ’04) The Hilton, Seattle Airport, Seattle WA. "A Gathering of the Clans of Middle Earth." Guests: Bernard Hill, Jed Brophy, Barbara Hambly, Greg Wright, Robin Hobbs, Heather Alexander, more. Memb: $45 (checks to WRFF). Info: WRFF, Inc., 12016 134th Ave., KPN, Gig Harbor WA 98329; 1-800-359-5948; email:; website:

DeepCon 5 / Italcon 30 / XENACON 1 (Mar 11-14 ’04) Hotel Ambasciatori, Via dei Villini, 8 - Fiuggi Terme, Italy. Info: Deep Space One, c/o Stefano Petroni, Via Filippo Meda 159, 00157 Roma, Italy; fax: 06 4146 8617; email:; website:

LIFE, THE UNIVERSE & EVERYTHING XXII (Mar 11-13 ’04) Wilkinson Student Center, Brigham Young University, Provo UT. GoH: Dave Wolverton. AGoH: Ruth Thompson. Media GoH: Sam Longoria. Poetry GoH: Michael R. Collings. Memb: Free (registration required). Info: LTUE, 3160 JKHB, Provo UT 84602; email: or; website:

CLOVERCON 2004 (Mar 19-21 ’04) Comfort Inn, Westport, St. Louis MO. Guests: Eugene Roddenberry, Bob Bergen, Robin Wayne Bailey, David Deen, Mike Cole, John Kaufmann, Rich & Michelle Zellich, Joanie Knappenberger, Thomas, M.K. Stratman, Jon Bancroft, Cullen Bunn, Troy Holloway. Memb: $35. Info: email:; website:

CORFLU BLACKJACK (Mar 19-21 ’04) Plaza Hotel/Casino, Las Vegas NV. Fanzine convention. Memb: $55. Info: Ken Forman, 12845 3rd St., Yucaipa CA 92399-4548; email:; website;

GALACTICON 2004 (Mar 19-21 ’04) Comfort Inn, Chattanooga TN. GoH: David B. Coe. Klingon GoH: Mystery Warrior. Filk GoH: Echo’s Children. Special Guests: P.M. Griffin, Julia Morgan Scott, Michael Martinez (tent.), Sean Patrick Fannon. Memb: $35. Info: Galacticon Inc., c/o Melvin Baumgardner, Jr., 6636 Shallowford Rd., Chattanooga TN 37421; email:; website:

LUNACON (Mar 19-21 ’04) The Rye Town Hilton, Rye Brook NY. GoH: Storm Constantine. AGoH: Michael Whelan. FGoH: Lucy Schmeidler. Webtoonist: Pete Abrams. Costumers: Ricky & Karen Dick. Memb: $35 to 2/14/04. Info: Lunacon 2004, PMB 234, 847A Second Ave., New York NY 10017-2945; email:; website:

MILLENNICON 18 (Mar 19-21 ’04) Best Western Springdale Hotel & Conference Center, Springdale OH. GoH: Harry Turtledove. FGoH: Tom Smith. Memb: $35. Info: MILLENNICON, 143 Schloss Ln., Dayton OH 45418; (513) 659-2558; fax: (513) 659-2558; email:; website:

STELLARCON 28 (Mar 19-21 ’04) The Radisson Hotel, High Point NC. GoH: Fred Saberhagen. AGoH: Rowena. Guests: Aaron Allston, dkg goldberg, Cheralyn Lambeth, M. Wayne Miller, Julie Anne Parks, John Ringo, James Roberts, Michael Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, more. Memb: $40. Info: Stellarcon 28, 5701 Running Ridge Rd., Greensboro NC 27407; (336) 294-8041; email:; website:

TECHNICON 21: JOIN THE INVASION (Mar 19-21 ’04) The Best Western: Red Lion Inn, Blacksburg VA. AGoH: Heather Bruton. GoH: Thomas S. Gressman. Memb: $27.50. Info: Technicon 21, Box 256, Blacksburg VA 24063-0256; email:; website:

25TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE FANTASTIC IN THE ARTS (Mar 24-28 ’04) Ft. Lauderdale Airport Hilton, Dania FL. Theme: Here There Be Dragons: The Global Fantastic. GoH: Daína Chaviano. Special Guest Writer: Elizabeth Hand. Guest Scholar: Marcial Souto. Permanent Special Guest: Brian Aldiss. Memb: 125. Info: Katy Hatfield, ICFA Registrar, Box 10416, Blacksburg VA 24062; email:; website:

AGGIECON 35 (Mar 26-28 ’04) Texas A&M University / Ramada Inn, College Station TX. Guests: Rachel Caine, Bill Crider, Glenn Yeffeth, Shanna Caughey, Scott Cup, R. Cat Conrad, Melanie Fletcher, more TBA. Memb: $25 reg. / $20 student. Info: Cepheid Variable, Box 5688, Aggieland Station, College Station TX 77844-9081; email:; website:

I-CON 23 (Mar 26-28 ’04) SUNY Stony Brook, Stony Brook NY. GoH: Connie Willis. Gallun Award Guest: Daniel Keyes. Special Guests: Sarah Zettel, Scott Edelman, James Morrow, David Kyle, Paul Levinson, Barry Malzberg, John L. Coker III, Esther Friesner, Stanley Schmidt, more. Memb: $42 reg. / $34 student. Info: I-CON, Box 550, Stony Brook NY 11790-0550; (631) 632-6045; fax: (631) 632-6355; email:; website:

MADICON 13 (Mar 26-28 ’04) Taylor Hall, James Madison University, Harrisonburg VA. GoH: Karen McCollough. Gaming GoH: Brian Glass. Memb: $15. Info: Madicon, PMB #353, 1866c East Market St., Harrisonburg VA 22801; email:; website:

MIDSOUTHCON 22 / DEEPSOUTHCON 42 (Mar 26-28 ’04) Holiday Inn Select, Memphis TN. GoH: David Brin. AGoH: Todd Lockwood. FGoH: Cullen Johnson. TM: Michael Sheard. Gaming GoH: David Williams.Guests: C.J. Cherryh, Glen Cook, Jane Fancher, Selina Rosen, Stephen Pagel, Joy Marie Ledet, more. Memb: $35. Info: Midsouthcon, Box 11446, Memphis TN 38111-0446; (901) 274-7355, or (731) 664-6730; fax (731) 664-4320; email:; website:

WillyCon VI (Mar 26-28 ’04) Wayne State College, Wayne NE. GoH: Eric Flint. AGoH: Mark Pennington. FGoH: John Debnam. Memb: $20; discounts for students and children. Info: Dr. Stan Gardner, Conn Library, 1111 Main St., Wayne, NE 68787; (402) 375-7257; email:; website:

April 2004

AD ASTRA 2004 (Apr 2-4 ’04) Crowne Plaza Don Valley Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. GoHs: C.J. Cherryh, Robert Charles Wilson. Editor GoH: Patrick Nielsen Hayden. Media Pro GoH: Mark Askwith. FGoH: Gord Rose. Gaming Author GoH: Don Bassingthwaite. Memb: C$50. Info: Ad Astra, Box 7276 Stn. A., Toronto, Ontario M5W 1X9, Canada; (866) 563-5426; email:; website:

COASTCON XXVII (Apr 2-4 ’04) Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum & Convention Center / Gulf Beach Resort, Biloxi MS. AGoH: Albrecht. FGoHs: Frank & Sally Jerome. Artist Guest: Lee Seed. Author Guests: David Beauchamp, Ann Crispin. Media Guests: Stephen Austin, Jackson Bostwick, Batwolf Productions. Science Guest: Bobby Rodgers. Memb: $40. Info: CoastCon 27, Box 1423, Biloxi MS 39533; email:, or; website:

CONBUST 2004 (Apr 2-4 ’04) Seelye Hall, Smith College, Northampton VT. Focus: Woman-in-sci-fi. Guests: Patricia C. Wrede, Lynn Flewelling. Memb: $8 pre-reg., $10 at door. Info: Conbust, Box 8175, 1 Chapin Way, Smith College, Northampton MA 01063-6302; email: Kathy Schilling,; website:

ODYSSEY CON IV (Apr 2-4 ’04) Radisson Inn, Madison WI. GoHs: Joe Haldeman, David Weber. Media-fan: Eric Larson. Memb: $40. Info: Jerome Van Epps, 901 Jenifer St., Madison WI 53703; (608) 260-9924; email:; website:

THE ARIZONA BOOK FESTIVAL (Apr 3 ’04) Carnegie Center, Phoeniz AZ. General book festival. Genre author guests: Ursula K. Le Guin, Nancy Farmer, Alan Dean Foster, Diana Gabaldon, Timothy Zahn, Michael A. Stackpole, Michelle M. Welch, Ernest Hogan, Lee Hogan, Dennis L. McKiernan, Adam Niswander, John Vornholt. Info: email:; website:, or

FANTASM 2004 (Apr 8-11 ’04) Midtown Studio Suites and Events Center, Atlanta GA. 18+ suggested. Artist Guests: Michael Manning, Andy Lee, Lyn Gaza, Marrus, Mike Weaver, Teresa Sanson, Michael Hope, Patrick Conlon. Ink Track Guests: Cherie Priest, Phil Brucato, James Leary, Eugie Foster, Davey Beauchamp, Jay Lind, Eroc Gewirtz, Andrew Greenberg. Memb: $55. Info: Fantasm, 67 Gail Dr., Athens GA 30606; (706) 369-1561; email:; website:

GAYLAXICON 2004: SAN DIEGO (Apr 8-12 ’04) Red Lion Hanalei Hotel, San Diego CA. GoHs: David Gerrold, Joe Phillips, Virginia Hey. Memb: $60. Info: Gaylaxicon 2004, 1010 University Ave., PMB #946, San Diego CA 92103-3395; email:; website:

NORWESCON 27 (Apr 8-11 ’04) DoubleTree Seattle Airport Hotel, SeaTac WA. GoH: Mike Resnick. Sci. GoH: Ben Bova. Special GoH: Joe Haldeman. AGoH: Don Dixon. Spotlighted Publisher: Baen Books. Memb: $60. Info: Norwescon 27, Box 68547, Seattle WA 98168-0547; (206) 270-7850; email:; website:

SWANCON 2004: CHRONOPOLIS (Apr 8-12 ’04) Parmelia Hilton Hotel, Perth, WA, Australia. GoH: Tim Powers. Invited Guests: Eddie Campbell, Chris Dickinson, John Long, Gary Chaloner, Shaun Tan, Ben Templesmith. Fan Guest: Emma Hawkes. Memb: A$150 / A$130 concession / A$50 first-time members. Info: Swancon 2004: Chronopolis, GPO Box g429, Perth, WA 6841, Australia; email:; website:

WORLD HORROR CONVENTION 2004 (Apr 8-11 ’04) Embassy Suites Phoenix North, Phoenix AZ. GoH: Douglas Clegg. AGoH: Caniglia. TM: David Morrell. Ed. GoH: Stephen Jones. Media GoH: Dee Snider. Special Guest: Adam Niswander. Writer’s Workshop GoH: Mort Castle. Editor’s Workshop GoH: Nancy Kilpatrick. Memb: $130. Info: World Horror 2004, c/o LepreCon, Inc., Box 26665, Tempe AZ 85285; Mike Willmoth, (480) 945-6890; fax: (480) 941-3438; email:; website:

CONCOURSE (EASTERCON) (Apr 9-12 ’04) Winter Gardens, Blackpool, UK. 55th British National SF Con. GoHs: Mitchell Burnside Clapp, Danny Flynn, Christopher Priest, Philip Pullman, Sue Mason. Memb: £60. Info: Concourse 2004 Eastercon, 4 Cody Road, Waterbeach, Cambridge CB5 9LS, UK; (+44) (0) 7092 221 701; fax: (+44) (0) 7092 007 464; email:; website:

CONTOUR 2004 (Apr 9-12 ’04) Grand Tiara Hotel, Rotorua, New Zealand. 25th New Zealand National SF Con. Literary Guest: Gregory Benford. Fan Guest: Ross Temple. Special Appearances: Sean McMullen, Bob Eggleton. Memb: NZ$70. Info: ConTour, Box 74-013, Market Rd., Auckland, New Zealand; email:; website:

MINICON 39 (Apr 9-11 ’04) Millennium Hotel Minneapolis, Minneapolis MN. GoH: Walter Jon Williams. Editor GoH: Sharyn November. FGoH: Deb Geisler. Memb: $70. Info: Minicon 39, Box 8297, Lake Street Station, Minneapolis MN 55408; (612) 824-5559; email:; website:

TO BE CONTINUED 3: FLAMINGOES IN TIME (Apr 9-11 ’04) Radisson O’Hare, Rosemont IL. Ed. GoH: James Wilson. Multimedia Guest: Peter David. Music Guest: Luke Ski. Media Guests: Chase Masterson, Max Grodenchik, Tim Choate. Special Guest: Jeffrey Willerth. Memb: $45. Info: To Be CONtinued, Box 5211, River Forest IL 60305-5211; email:; website:

KIEVCON 2004 (Apr 15-18 ’04) Kiev, Ukraine. Info: email: Boris Sidyuk,

NEBULA AWARDS WEEKEND 2004 (Apr 15-18 ’04) Westin Seattle, Seattle WA. Keynote Speaker: Rick Rashid. TM: Neal Stephenson Memb (with banquet): $120 to 4/14/04. Memb: (without banquet): $30. Banquet tickets not available at door. Info: Astrid Anderson Bear, 506 Lakeview Rd., Lynnwood WA 98037; email:; website:

EERIECON VI (Apr 16-18 ’04) Days Inn at the Falls, Niagara Falls NY. SF GoH: Larry Niven. Fantasy GoH: Anne Bishop. Horror GoH: Brian Lumley. Memb: $40. Info: Buffalo Fantasy League, Box 412, Buffalo NY 14226; email:, or; website:

PENGUICON 2.0 (Apr 16-18 ’04) Sheraton Detroit Novi, Novi MI. GoHs: Neil Gaiman, Jeff Bates, Steve Jackson, Wil Wheaton, Jon "Maddog" Hall. Memb: $45. Info: Penguicon 2.0, Box 401302, Redford MI 48240-9302; email:; website:

CONFLUX (Apr 23-26 ’04) Rydges Lakeside, Canberra, Australia. 43rd Australian National SF Con. GoHs: Gregory Benford, Sean McMullen. FGoH: Karen Herkes. Memb: A$66 Fri. eve, A$88 Sat., Sun., or Mon. Info: Conflux, Box 903, Belconnen ACT 2616, Australia; Rose Mitchell (mobile), 0418-540-160; fax: +61-2-6241-3211; email:; website:

VALLEYCON 29 (Apr 23-25 ’04) Doublewood Inn, Fargo ND. GoH: Dean Haglund. Memb: $24.95. Info: ValleyCon, Box 7202, Fargo ND 58106; email:; website:

XANADU 7 (Apr 23-25 ’04) Nashville TN. FGoH: Bill Payne. AGoH: Darryl Elliot. MC: Dr. Gangrene. Info: Dan Caldwell/Xanadu, 3522 Kings Ln., Nashville TN 37218; (615) 361-5900; email:

DEMICON XV (Apr 30-May 2 ’04) Hotel Fort Des Moines, Des Moines IA. GoHs: Emma Bull, Will Shetterly. AGoH: Alan Gutierrez. FGoH: Rusty Hevelin. TM: Tadao Tomomatsu. Ghost of Honor: J.R.R. Tolkien. Memb: $42 pre-reg. Info: DemiCon XV, Box 7572, Des Moines IA 50323-7572; email:; website:

Fantastic Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and the Academy (Apr 30-May 2 ’04) SUNY-New Paltz, New Paltz NY. Critic GoH: John Clute. Writer GoH: Elizabeth Hand. Guests: Michael Swanwick, David Hartwell, Jeanne Cavellos, Gavin Grant, Kelly Link, Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, M. Rickert, F. Brett Cox, Farah Mendlesohn, Ellen Datlow, Gordon Van Gelder, Sara Smith, Greg Frost, Jim Mintz. Memb: Approx. $35. Info: email: John Langan,; or Heinz Insu Fenkl, Director of Creative Writing and ISIS (The Interstitial Studies Institute),

May 2004

ALL-LIT-SCI-FI-FIT (May 2 ’04) Campus Center, The University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA. Memb: Free. Info: (413) 545-1924; email:; website:

<PLOTKA.CON> RELEASE 3.0 (May 1-3 ’04), Chequers Hotel, Newbury, UK. GoH: Charles Stross. Special Guest: Cory Doctorow. Memb: £30. Info: Mike Scott, 39 Fitzroy Court, Croydon, CR0 2AX; email:; website:

SF SEMINAR 2004 (May 1 ’04) Seiryo-Kaikan Hall, Nagata-cho - day / Futaki Ryokan, Hongo - night, Tokyo, Japan. Memb: (est.) 4,000 yen (day), 11,000 yen (day + night). Info: Akira Hamada, 6-2-2-1805 Hashimoto, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan; fax: 042-772-0280; email:; website:

LEPRECON 30 (May 7-9 ’04) Sheraton Crescent Hotel, Phoenix AZ. Art-oriented SF & Fantasy con. AGoH: Donato Giancola. Author GoH: David Drake. Special Artist Guest: John Eaves. Local AGoH: Sylvana Anderson-Gish. Music Guest: Mara Brenner. Memb: $40. Info: LepreCon 30, Box 26665, Tempe AZ 85285; (480) 945-6890; email:; website:

LITUANICON 2004 (May 7-9 ’04) Lithuanian Technical Library (Lietuvos Technikos Biblioteka), Vilnius, Lithuania. 15th Lithuanian National SF Con. Info: email:; website:

XANADU 7 (May 7-9 ’04) Holiday Inn Express, Nashville TN. GoH: Allen Steele. Mistress GoH: Mary M. Buckner. AGoH: Melissa Gay. Filk GoHs: Bill & Brenda Sutton. FGoH: Bill Payne. Special Guests: Dr. Gangrene, Cherie Priest, Amy Sturgis. Memb: $35. Info: Xanadu, Box 331134, 1718 Church Street, Nashville TN 37203; email:; website:

IMAGINALES (May 13-16 ’04) Épinal, France. Guests: Jean-Pierre Andrevon, Philippe Claudel, Jean-Claude Dunyach <>, Jean-Louis Fetjaine, Robert, Michael Marrak, François Muratet, Stan Nicholls, Pierre Pelot, Robert Sheckley, Gilles Francescano, more, Memb: €10. Info: Festival Imaginales, Cell événementiel, Town hall, B.P. 25, 88026 Épinal Cedex, France; 03 29 29 15 07; Info: website:

OPUS: A FANTASY Arts Festival (May 14-16 ’04) Denver Marriott Southeast, Denver CO. Literary GoHs: Robert Asprin, Steven Brust, Carol Berg, Christie Golden, David Lee Summers, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta. Visual GoHs: Theresa Mather, Monte Moore, Anthony Little, Michael Georges, Peri Charlifu, Jim Humble. Memb: $38. Info: Rion and Sage Bergquist, 397 S. Revere St., Aurora CO 80012-2369; (303) 523-0527; email:; website:

TOLCON (May 14-16 ’04) Seattle Marriott Hotel, SeaTac Airport, Seattle WA. GoHs: Jaida Jones, Molly Winter. AGoH: Jasmine Watson. Music GoHs: Dorian Mirth, The Forgotten Celts, The Great Luke Ski. Linguistic GoH: David Salo. Memb: $45. Info: TolCon, NW Tolkien Society, 13522 39th Ave., NE, Seattle WA 98125; email:; website:

KEYCON (May 21-23 ’04) Radison Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. GoH: Dave Duncan. AGoH: Donna Stevenson. Gaming GoH: James Ernest. Memb: C$50. Info: email:; website:

MOBICON 7 (May 21-23 ’04) Airport Plaza Hotel, Mobile AL. Guests: David Beauchamp, Debbora Wiles, Lee Seed, Albrecht, Glenda Finkelstein, Mark O. Worrell, more. Memb: $30. Info: Mobicon 7, Box 161632, Mobile AL 36616-2632; website:

BALTICON 38 (May 28-31 ’04) Wyndham Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotel, Baltimore MD. GoH: Lois McMaster Bujold. AGoH: Dave Seeley. Music GoH: Heather Alexander. 2003 Compton Crook Award Winner: Patricia Bray. Memb: $52. Info: Balticon 38, Box 686, Baltimore MD 21203-0686; (410) 563-2737; fax: (410) 879-3602; email:; website:

BAYCON 2004: "PARADISE FOUND" (May 28-31 ’04) San Jose DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose CA. GoH: Michael Swanwick. AGoH: Jael. FGoH: Elayne Pelz. TM: Sean Stewart. Memb: $75. Info: Baycon, Box 610427, San Jose CA 95161-0427; (408) 450-1788; email:; website:

CONduit 14 (May 28-30 ’04) The Wyndham Hotel, Salt Lake City UT. GoHs: Sharon Lee, Steve Miller. Science GoH: Dr. Jordin Kare. Gaming GoH: Tracy Hickman. Featured Guests: L.E. Modesitt, Jr., Dave Wolverton. Memb: $40. Info: CONduit 14: Reloaded!, Box 11745, Salt Lake City UT 84147-0745; email:; website:

CONQUEST 35 (May 28-30 ’04) Kansas City Airport Hilton, Kansas City MO. GoH: Jennifer Roberson. FGoHs: Steve & Sue Francis. AGoH: Jody Lee. TM: John Ringo. Memb: $50. Info: ConQuesT 35, Box 36212, Kansas City MO 64171-6212; email:; website:

MARCON 39 (May 28-30 ’04) Hyatt Regency, Columbus OH. GoH: Laurell K. Hamilton. Artist/Godzilla GoH: Bob Eggleton. Costuming GoH: Julie Zettergerg. Editor GoH: Ellen Datlow. TM: Dr. Demento. FGoHs: Bjo & John Trimble. Filk GoHs: Jane Robinson & Cynthia McQuillin. Sci. GoH: Hugh S. Gregory. Gaming GoH: Twilight Creations Inc. Dark Fantasy GoH: Cecilia Tan.Godzilla Special Guest: J.D. Lees. Memb: $50. Info: MARCON, Box 141414, Columbus OH 43214; website:

MISCON 18: "WHERE THE WEIRD THINGS ARE" (May 28-30 ’04) Ruby’s Inn & Convention Center, Missoula MO. GoH: C.J. Cherryh. AGoH: Ellisa Mitchell. Memb: $2; family rate $50. Info: MisCon, Box 7721, Missoula MO 59807; website:

OASIS 17 (May 28-30 ’04) Radisson Plaza Hotel, Orlando FL. GoH: Allen Steele. AGoH: H. Ed Cox. Filk GoH: Michael Longcor. Special Author Guest: Jack McDevitt. Special Artist Guest: Rebecca Schumacher. Memb: $30. Info: OASFiS, Box 592905, Orlando FL 32859-2905; (407) 263-5822; email:; website:

WISCON 28 (May 28-31 ’04) Concourse Hotel, Madison WI. GoHs: Patricia McKillip, Eleanor Arnason. Memb: $50. Info: WisCon, c/o SF3, Box 1624, Madison WI 53701; (608) 233-8850; email: or; website:

CONVIVIAL (May 29-30 ’04) The Quality Central Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland. Victorian SF. Memb: £35. Info: Convivial, Lowhill House West, Eaglesham, Glasgow G76 ONU, Scotland; email:; website:

June 2004

MYTHIC JOURNEYS 2004 (Jun 3-6 ’04) Hyatt Regency, Atlanta GA. ‘‘Exploring Story and Ritual in Contemporary Life, Art, Education, and Psychology. A conference celebrating the Joseph Campbell Centennial.’’ Guests: Charles de Lint, Karen Joy Fowler, Guy Gavriel Kay, Ellen Kushner, Alan & Virginia Lee, Joyce Carol Oates, Delia Sherman, Terry Windling, Jane Yolen, more. Memb: In-depth conference, Jun 3-4, $1750; Main conference, Jun 5-6, $275. Info: The Mythic Imagination Institute, Box 669817, Marietta GA 30066-0114; (404) 832-4127; fax: (404) 633-7170; email:; website:

2004 SFRA CONFERENCE: TAKING SCIENCE FICTION SERIOUSLY - BUT NOT SOLEMNLY (Jun 3-6 ’04) Doubletree Chicago / Northshore, Skokie IL. Theme: Humor in Science Fiction. GoH: Connie Willis. Memb: $200; students $100. Info: (SFRA memb.): David Mead, SFRA Treasurer, College of Arts & Humanities, Texas A&M University-Corpus Cristi, Corpus Cristi TX 78412; (Conference memb.): Elizabeth Anne Hull, Liberal Arts Division, William Rainey Harper College, 1200 W. Algonquin Rd., Palatine IL 60067; email:; website: or

BOOKEXPO AMERICA (Jun 4-6 ’04) McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago IL. Info: BookExpo America, 383 Main Ave., Norwalk CT 06851; (203) 840-5614; fax: (203) 840-9614; email:; website:

CONCAROLINAS 2004 (Jun 4-6 ’04) Marriott Executive Park, Charlotte NC. GoH: Alan Dean Foster. AGoH: Joe Corroney. FGoH: Albin Johnson. Special Guest: David Weber. Guests: Steve Antczak, Walter H. Hunt, Stephen Euin Cobb, Tee Morris, Glenda C. Finkelstein, Scott Nicholson, d.g.k. goldberg, Tony Ruggiero, more. Memb: $35 (checks to ConCarolinas). Info: ConCarolinas, Box 9100, Charlotte NC 28299-9100; email:; website:

CONCOMCON 11 (Jun 4-6 ’04) Columbia River Doubletree Hotel, Portland OR. Convention-runners convention. Memb: $25. Info: ConComCon 11, SWOC, Box 1066, Seattle WA 98111; email:; website:

DUCKON 13: TRISKAIDUCKAPHOBIA (Jun 4-6 ’04) Ramada Plaza Chicago Northshore, Lincolnwood IL. GoH: Eric Flint. AGoH: Butch Honeck. Filk GoH: Steve Macdonald. FGoH: Roxanne Meida King. Klingon GoH: Admiral Be’jen zantai-minn’hor. Mad Scientist GoH: Mitch Burnside Clapp. Special Guests: J.D. Frazer, Nick Pollotta. Memb: $50. Info: DucKon 13, Box 4843, Wheaton IL 60189-4843; email:; website:

NORDCON 2004 (Jun 5-6 ’04) Hamburg House, Hamburg, Germany. Guests: Obstip von Kolon, Oliver Graute, Oliver Hoffmann, Bernhard Hennen, Monika Felten, Lena Falkenhagen, Steffen Schütte, Thomas Römer, Hadmar von Wieser, Karl-Heinz Witzko, Markus Heitz, Carsten Roeger, Thomas Finn, Christian Günther. Info: website:; email:

BLACK TO THE FUTURE: A BLACK SCIENCE FICTION FESTIVAL (Jun 11-13 ’04) Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center, Seattle WA. Guests: Octavia E. Butler, Tananarive Due, Steven Barnes, Nalo Hopkinson, Walter Mosley, Sheree R. Thomas, Nisi Shawl. Memb: $25 per day (film festival and workshop extra). Info: Stephanie Ellis-Smith or Denee McCloud, (206) 323-4032; email:; website:

CONTINUUM 2004: GODS OF MYTH AND SILICON (Jun 11-14 ’04) Cato Conference Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Guests: Eddie Campbell, Trudi Canavan, Max Barry. FGoH: Derek Screen. Memb: A$130. Info: Continuum 2004, Box 1212k, Melbourne, Vic 3001, Australia; email:; website:

DREAMCON (Jun 11-13 ’04) Adam’s Mark, Jacksonville FL. Multigenre convention. GoH: Ron Perlman. Guests: Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Peter David, Cory Doctorow, P.N. Elrod, more. Memb: $40. Info: Dreamcon, 4446 Hendricks Ave. #147, Jacksonville FL 32207; Ronald W. Methvin, (904) 910-0518; email:; website:

ROC*KON 27 (Jun 11-13 ’04) Little Rock Convention Center / The Peabody Hotel of Little Rock, Little Rock AR. GoH: Charlaine Harris. AGoH: Keith Berdak. Gaming GoH: August Hahn. TM: Bradley H. Sinor. Memb: $30. Info: ROC*KON SF Convention, Box 13118, Maumelle AR 72113; (501) 513-2031; email:; website:

SCI FI SUMMER CON (Jun 11-13 ’04) Crown Plaza Powers Ferry Hotel, Atlanta GA. AGoH: Audre. Fan Guest: Eric L. Watts. Special Musical Guests: Emerald Rose. Guests: Atlanta Radio Theater Company, Ben Armstrong, Vince Barrale, William Bevil, Bob Burdon, John De Vito, Mitchell Graham, Sandy Lynne, Mike Muenter, Gordon Shriver, J. Alan Tripp, more. Memb: $25. Info: Sci Fi Summer Con, Box 957203, Duluth GA 30095; email:; website:

CONFUSE 2004 (Jun 18-20 ’04) Ryds Herrgård, Linköping, Sweden. GoH: Justina Robson. Guests: Christina Brönnestam, Robert Andersson, Lilian Wiberg. Memb: 250 kronor. Info: ConFuse 2004 c/o Tommy Persson, Rydsvägen 180A, SE-584 32 Linköping, Sweden; email:; website:

ELF FANTASY FAIR 2004 (Jun 18-20 ’04) Kasteel de Keukenhof, Lisse, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Guests: Clive Barker, Jude Fisher, Titania Hardie, more. Memb: €42.00 Info: website:

COLONIACON 16 (Jun 19-20 ’04) Cologne, Germany. Guests: Uwe Anton, Klaus N. Frick, Werner K. Giesa, Ronald Hahn, Claudia Kern, Achim Mehnert, Horst Pukallus, Frank Rehfeld, Hermann Ritter, Klaus G. Schimanski, Robert Vogel, Earl Warren, more. Memb: €16. Info: email:; website:

MIDWESTCON 55 (Jun 24-27 ’04) Cincinnati / Sharonville Doubletree Guest Suites Sharonville OH. Relaxacon. Memb: $35. Info: Deborah Oakes, 5627 Antoninus Dr., Cincinnati OH 45238; email:; website:

KONNIPTION 04 (Jun 25-27 ’04) Stoney Creek Inn, Columbia MO. Theme: ’Toons. GoHs: David Drake, Jim Butcher. Memb: $15. Info: website:

July 2004

CONVERGENCE 2004: OUT OF THE SHADOWS (Jul 2-4 ’04) Sheraton South, Bloomington MN. GoHs: Denise Garner, David Gerrold, Larry Niven, Vincent Truitner, Christian Colquhoun. Memb: $55. Info: CONvergence, 1437 Marshall Ave., Ste. 203, St. Paul MN 55104; (651) 647-3487; email:; website:

FESTIVAL OF FANTASY (Jul 2-11 ’04) Chotebor, Czech Republic. Info: website:

INCONJUNCTION (Jul 2-4 ’04) Indianapolis Sheraton Hotel & Suites, Indianapolis IN. GoH: Eric Flint. AGoH: Mike Moore. Media GoHs: Jason Carter, Glenn Shadix, David Winning. Filk GoHs: Barry Childs-Helton, Sally Childs-Helton. TM: James O. Farlow. Memb: $35. Info: InConJunction XXIV, Box 68514, Indianapolis IN 46268-0514; email:; website:

TORONTO TREK 18: SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY, & BEYOND (Jul 2-4 ’04) DoubleTree International Plaza Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Guests: Robert J. Sawyer, Edo van Belkom, Julie E. Czerneda, more. Info: Toronto Trek, Box 7097, Station A, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5W 1X7; (416) 410-8266 email:; website:

WESTERCON 57: CONKOPELLI (Jul 2-5 ’04) The Wigwam Resort, Litchfield Park AZ. Theme: Mythology of the Southwest. GoH: C.J. Cherryh. AGoH: David Cherry. Music GoH: Heather Alexander. FGoH: John Hertz. Local Author GoH: Diana Gabaldon. Media GoH: Virginia Hey. Memb: $85 to 6/28/04. Info: Westercon 57: ConKopelli, Box 67457, Phoenix AZ 85082; email:; website:

CAMPBELL CONFERENCE (Jul 9-11 ’04) University of Kansas, Lawrence KS. Guests: Frederik Pohl, Elizabeth Anne Hull, Campbell & Sturgeon Awards Winners. Memb: $20 conference, $20 banquet (checks to CSSF). Info: English Dept., University of Kansas, Wescoe Hall, 1445 Jayhawk Blvd. Rm. 3116, Lawrence KS 66045-7590; email: Chris McKitterick,; website:

FINNCON 2004 (Jul 10-11 ’04) University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland. GoHs: John Clute, Robin Hobb, Gwyneth Jones. FGoH: Toni Jerrman. Memb: Free. Info: website:

NECON 24 (Jul 15-18 ’04) Salve Regina University, Newport RI. Northeastern Writers’ Conference. GoHs: Simon Clark, Tom Piccirrilli, Tamara Thorne. Ed. GoH: Don D’Auria. AGoH: Glenn Chadbourne. TM: Gordon Linzner. Legend: Douglas E. Winter. Memb: $275 double / $325 single, includes housing & meals. Registration ends 7/1/04. Info: Necon, 67 Birchland Ave., Pawtucket RI 02860; (401) 726-2003 or (401) 338-4093; email: or; website:

CONESTOGA (Jul 16-18 ’04) Sheraton Tulsa, Tulsa OK. GoH: Eric Flint. TM: Walter Jon Williams. FGoHs: Curtis & Marilyn Berry. AGoH: Darrell K. Sweet. Memb: $30. Info: Conestoga 8, 440 S. Gary Ave., Box 45, Tulsa OK 74104; (918) 445-2094; email:; website:

ESTCON 2004 / BALTCON 2004 (Jul 16-18 ’04) 7th Estonian National SF Con. Viitna, Ojaäärse, North-East Estonia. Memb: €15 / £11. Info: Raul Sulbi, Estcon 2004, Mõisavahe 23-31, 50707 Tartu, Estonia; email:; website:

2004 SEMINAR: TOLKIEN INFLUENCED AND INFLUENCING (Jul 17 ’04) St. Martin’s College, Carlisle, England. Speakers: Coleen Duriez, Jessica Yates, more. Memb: £13 Tolkien Society members, £15 non-members (incl. lunch). Info: Trevor Reynolds, 65 Wentworth Crescent, Ash Vale,
Surrey, GU12 5LF, UK; website:; email:

CONFLUENCE 2004 (Jul 23-25 ’04) Four Points Sheraton, Pittsburgh PA. GoH: Michael Kandel. Filk GoH: Chris Conway. Memb: $40. Info: Confluence, Box 3681, Pittsburgh PA 15230-3681; (412) 344-0456; email:; website:

LIBERTYCON 17 (Jul 23-25 ’04) Holiday Inn Cleveland, Cleveland TN. GoHs: Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle. AGoH: Steve Hickman. MC: David M. Weber. Memb: $45. Info: LibertyCon, Box 695, Hixson TN 37343-0695; email:; website:

TRINOC-CON (Jul 23-25 ’04) Durham Marriott & Civic Center, Durham NC. GoHs: Steve Miller, Sharon Lee. Gaming GoH: Sam Lewis. AGoH: Jael. Memb: $35. Info: Trinoc*coN Corporation, Box 10633, Raleigh NC 27605-0633; email:; website:

MYTHCON XXXV (Jul 30-Aug 2 ’04) University of Michigan (Michigan League Building), Ann Arbor MI. Theme: Bridges to Other Worlds: Thirty-five Years of Mythopoeic Scholarship. GoHs: Neil Gaiman, Charles A. Huttar. Memb: $55 Mythopoeic Society members, $65 non-members, $40 students. Info: Mythcon 35, Marion VanLoo, Co-Chair, Box 71, Napoleon MI 49261; email: or; website:

SHOWMECON2 (Jul 30-Aug 1 ’04) Airport Hilton, St. Louis MO. GoH: Mercedes Lackey. AGoH: Larry Dixon. Media Guests: Bill Blair, Toni Blair. International LotR Guest: Norman Cates. MC: Jim Murray. Special GoH: Steven Silver. Memb: $40. Info: ShowMeCon, Box 410115, Creve Coeur MO 63141-9998; email:; website:

WRITERCON 2004 (Jul 30-Aug 1 ’04) Imperial Palace Hotel, Las Vegas NV. GoH: Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Nan Dibble, Don DeBrandt, David Lavery, Glenn Yeffeth, Jane Espenson. Memb: $65. Info: WriterCon Registration, 907 Beckford Dr., #154, Henderson NC 27536; email:; website:

August 2004

A COMMONWEALTH OF SCIENCE FICTION (Aug 5-8 ’04) Liverpool Foresight Centre, Liverpool, UK. GoHs: Damien Broderick, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Nalo Hopkinson. Fan Guest: Peter Halasz. Memb: $270 / £150 Info: Andrew M. Butler, Dept. of Media and Arts, Canterbury Christ Church University College, Canterbury, CT1 1QU, UK; email:; website:

EUROCON 2004 / BULGACON 2004 (Aug 5-8 ’04) Plovdiv, Bulgaria. GoH: Sergey Lukyanenko. Memb: Free. Info: email:; website:

CCC XIX: CRESCENT CITY CON 2004 (Aug 6-8 ’04) Best Western Landmark Hotel, Metairie LA. Guests: Robert Asprin, Kage Baker, Jody Lynn Nye, Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon, Amazing Creations Ink, Debbora Wiles, Davey Beauchamp, Andrew Fox, Bret Funk, Danny Frolich, Darlene Bolensy, Don Schermerhorn, Wayne Hergenroder, Bill Fawcett, David Carradine. Memb: $40. Info: Robert Neagle, (504) 488-0489; Crescent City Con, Box 52622, New Orleans LA 70152-2622; email:; website:

CONGLOMERATION: THE SAGA CONTINUES (Aug 6-8 ’04) Clarion Hotel and Conference Center, Louisville KY. GoH: Michael Williams. AGoH: Tom Kidd. Special Filk Guest: Tom Smith. Memb: $35. Info: ConGlomeration, Box 32095, Louisville KY 40232-2095; email: or; website:

CON-VERSION XXI (Aug 6-8 ’04) Westin Hotel, Calgary, AB, Canada. GoH: George R.R. Martin. Canadian GoHs: Spider & Jeanne Robinson. AGoH: James Beveridge. Memb: C$50. Info: Calgary SF & Fantasy Society, Box 20098, Calgary Place RPO, Calgary, AB T2P 4J2, Canada; email: Lisa Reinhardt,; website:

ARMADILLOCON 26 (Aug 13-15 ’04) Hilton North, Austin TX. GoH: Sharon Shinn. FGoH: Chaz "Hazel" Boston Baden. TM: K.D. Wentworth. Editor GoH: Stanley Schmidt. AGoH: Charles Vess. Co-Mystery GoHs: Barbara Hambly, Charlaine Harris. Memb: $40. Info: ArmadilloCon 26, Box 27277, Austin TX 78755; (512) 477-6259; email:; website:

DIVERSICON 12 (Aug 13-15 ’04) Days Inn - Airport-Mall of America, Bloomington MN. GoH: S.P. Somtow. Special Guest: Mark Rich. Memb: $40. Info: Diversicon, Box 8036, Lake St. Station, Minneapolis MN 55408; Eric M. Heideman, (612) 721-5959; email:; website:

HORRORFIND WEEKEND IV (Aug 13-15 ’04) Marriott Hunt Valley Inn, Hunt Valley MD. Author Guests: Joe R. Lansdale, Chris Golden, Tim Lebbon, Michael Slade, Jack Ketchum, Doug Clegg, more. Movie Guests: George Romero, Adrienne Barbeau, Kane Hodder, Barbara Crampton, Scott Reiniger, Dee Wallace Stone, Sid Haig, Ken Foree, more. Memb: $40. Info: LLC, 9722 Groffs Mill Dr., Ste. 109, Owings Mills MD 21117; email:; website:

POLCON 2004 (Aug 19-21 ’04) University of Zielona Gora, Poland. GoHs: Jacek Dukaj, Tadeusz Olszanski, RUNA. Memb: 100 zl. Info: email: or; website:

DISCWORLD CONVENTION 2004 (Aug 20-23 ’04) Hanover International Hotel, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK. GoH: Terry Pratchett. Guests: Stephen Briggs, Bernard Pearson, Paul Kidby, Colin Smythe, Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen, Peter Morwood, Diane Duane, Trevor Truran, David Langford, Lionel Fanthorpe, Graham Higgins, Frank Foster. Memb: £50. Info: Discworld Convention 2004, Box 102, Royston, Herts. SG8 7ZJ, UK; +44 (0) 7092 394940; email:; website:

PALATINECON (Aug 20-22 ’04) Palatine, Germany. GoHs: Rainer Erler, Marcus Hammerschmitt, Leigh Kennedy, Christopher Priest. AGoH: Franz H. Miklis. Info: Thomas Recktenwald, Am Kurpark 7a, 79853 Lenzkirch, Germany; email:; website:

SWECON 2004 (Aug 20-22 ’04) Quality Hotel Globe, Stockholm, Sweden. Guests: Tim Russ, Jeffrey Combs, M. John Harrison, Dave Lally. Memb: Sweden - 500 SKR; Norway - 500 NOK; Denmark - 410 DKK; Finland - €55. Info: email:; website:

GCON (Aug 21-22 ’04) near Nagoya, Japan. Info: email:; website:

BUBONICON 36 (Aug 27-29 ’04) Wyndham Airport Hotel, Albuquerque NM. GoH: Connie Willis. TM: Gardner Dozois. AGoH: David Mattingly. Memb: $30 (checks to NMSF Conference). Info: NMSF Conference, Box 37257, Albuquerque NM 87176; Craig, (505) 266-8905; Wendy, (505) 232-2892; website:; email:

September 2004

NOREASCON 4 / WORLDCON 62 (Sept 2-6 ’04) Hynes Convention Center / Boston Sheraton Hotel / Boston Marriott Copley Place, Boston MA. GoHs: Terry Pratchett, William Tenn. FGoHs: Jack Speer, Peter Weston. Memb: $200. Info: Noreascon Four, Box 1010, Framingham MA 01701; fax: (617) 776-3243; email:; website:

DRAGON*CON 2004 (Sep 3-6 ’04) Hyatt Regency Atlanta / Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta GA. Guests: Robert Asprin, Peter S. Beagle, Peter David, Storm Constantine, Harlan Ellison, Peter Jurasik, Anne McCaffrey, Anne Sudworth, Charles Vess, many more. Memb: $85. Info: Dragon*Con, Box 16459, Atlanta GA 30321-9998; (770) 909-0115; fax: (770) 909-0112; email:; website:

SILICON 2004 (Sep 3-6 ’04) DoubleTree Inn, San Jose CA. GoH: Wanda Haight. AGoH: Frank Lurz. FGoH: Sara Bruce. Media Guests: Jeff Conaway, Tim Dunigan, Walter Olkewicz, Bill Blair. TM: Dann Lopez. Memb: $65. Info: SiliCon 2004, 4425-C Treat Blvd., Box 225, Concord CA 94521; Dann Lopez, (408) 249-9902; email:; website:

COPPERCON 24 (Sep 10-12 ’04) Embassy Suites Phoenix North, Phoenix AZ. Literary-oriented SF & Fantasy Con. GoH: Alan Dean Foster. AGoH: Todd Lockwood. Local Author GoH: Catherine Wells. Music Guest: Leslie Fish. Memb: $40. Info: CopperCon 24, Box 62613, Phoenix AZ 85082; (602) 973-2341; email:; website:

ElsterCon 2004 (Sep 17-19 ’04) Haus des Buches, Leipzig, Germany. Theme: Cities. GoHs: Orson Scott Card, Tim Powers, Brian Lumley, John Clute, Kai Meyer, Frank W. Haubold, Michael Nagula, Leo Luka. Memb: €30 to 9/1/04. Info: Dirk Berger, Pawlowstr. 53, 04552 Borna, Germany; email:; website:

FOOLSCAP VI (Sep 17-19 ’04) Bellevue Sheraton, Bellevue WA. GoHs: George R.R. Martin. Memb: $45. Info: Foolscap, Box 2461, Seattle WA 98111-2461; (206) 938-2452; email:; website:

MIDWEST CONSTRUCTION III (Sep 17-19 ’04) Columbus Northwest Drury Suites, Columbus OH. Memb: $45. Info: Midfan, 707 Sapling Ln., Deerfield IL 60015-3969; Lisa Ragsdale,; website:

OXONMOOT 2004 (Sep 17-19 ’04) St. Hilda’s College, Oxford, England. Tolkien Society Conference. Memb: £25.50 Tolkien Society members, £30.50 non-members. Info: website:

FANTASYCON 2004 (Sep 24-26 ’04) Quality Hotel, Bentley, Walsall, UK. GoHs: Muriel Gray, Robert Holdstock. Memb: £50. Info: FantasyCon c/o Beech House, Chapel Lane, Moulton, Cheshire CW9 8PQ, UK; email:; website:

FENCON (Sep 24-26 ’04) Holiday Inn Select North Dallas, Dallas TX. GoH: Larry Niven. Filk GoH: Michael Longcor. Fan GoH: Jim Murray. TM: Elizabeth Moon. Special Guest: Joe R. Lansdale. Memb: $35. Info: FenCon, Box 560576, The Colony TX 75056-0576; email:; website:

ARCHON 28 (Sep 30-Oct 3 ’04) Collinsville IL Gateway Center / Holiday Inn, Collinsville IL. GoH: Alan Dean Foster. AGoH: Vincent DiFate. Gaming GoH: Shane Hensley. Media GoH: George Takei. Costuming GoH: Jacqueline Ward. FGoH: Mike Glyer. TM: Ben Bova. Masquerade MC: Vic Milán. Filk GoH: the great Luke Ski. Memb: $45. Info: Archon 28, Box 8387, St. Louis MO 63132-8387; Rich or Michelle Zellich, (636) 326-3026; email:; website:

October 2004

ARCANA 34 (Oct 1-3 ’04) Holiday Inn Express – Bandana Square, St. Paul MN. GoH: Tim Powers. Memb: $35. Info: ARCANA 34, Box 8036, Lake St. Station, Minneapolis MN 55408; Eric, (612) 721-5959; email:; website:

CONJECTURE 3 (Oct 1-3 ’04) DoubleTree Club, Mission Valley, San Diego CA. GoH: C.S. Friedman. Gaming GoH: Jess Heinig. Memb: $45. Memb: email:; website:

CONTEXT 17 (Oct 1-3 ’04) The Ramada Plaza Hotel & Conference Center, Columbus OH. GoH: Connie Willis. Filk GoH: Andrea Dale. Featured Guests: Mike Resnick, Maureen McHugh, Charles Coleman Finlay, Tobias Buckell, Paul Melko. Memb: $35 to 9/12/04. Info: Context, Box 163391, Columbus OH 43216; (614) 889-0436; fax: (614) 889-1930; email:; website:

ALBACON 2004 (Oct 8-10 ’04) Albany Crowne Plaza, Albany NY. GoH: David Drake. FGoH: David Kyle. Memb: $50. Info: Albacon 2004, Box 2085, Albany NY 12220-0085; email:; website:

DITTO 17 (Oct 8-10 ’04) Quality Suites Universal, Orlando FL. Fanzine convention. Memb: $40 (checks to Pat Sims). Info: Ditto 17, c/o Pat Sims, 7030 Villa Estelle Dr., Orlando FL 32819-4246; (407) 226-2127; email:; website:

ICON 29 (Oct 8-10 ’04) Clarion Hotel, Cedar Rapids IA. GoH: Joe Haldeman. AGoH: Beth Hansen. FGoH: Gay Haldeman. TM: Rusty Hevelin. Memb: $35 to Labor Day ’04, then more. Info: ICON 29, 308 E. Burlington St., PMB 201, Iowa City IA 52240; (319) 337-9098; email:; website:

LINUCON (Oct 8-10 ’04) Red Lion Hotel, Austin TX. Combination SF con and Linux / Open Source Expo. Featured guests: Eric Raymond, Steve Jackson, Eric Flint, Howard Tayler, Wil Wheaton. Nifty Guests: Rie Sheridan, Linas Vepstas, Susan Napier, Jay Maynard, Mario Kart. Memb: $45. Info: Linucon, Inc., Box 7966, Austin TX 78713-7966; email: Rob Landley,; website:

VCON 29 (Oct. 8-10 ’04) Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, Burnaby, BC, Canada. GoH: David Duncan. AGoH: Todd Lockwood. Science Guest: Jaymie Matthews. Special Guest: Lisa Smedman. Memb: C$50. Info: VCON 29, #209-2166 West 8th Ave., Vancouver, BC, V6K 2A4, Canada; email: Greg Cairns,; website:

BUCHMESSE CON 19 (Oct 9 ’04) Bügersaal Dreieich-Buchschlag, Forstweg 3, Germany. Memb: €8. Info: Roger Murmann, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Strasse 17, 64859 Eppertshausen, Germany; 06071/38718; email:; website:

REVOLUTICON (Oct 9-10 ’04) Asheville National Guard Armory, Asheville NC. Guests: Moss Bliss, Lorena Russell. Memb: $20 to 9/25/04. Info: Revoluticon 2004, 22-A Indian Lane, Weaverville NC 28787; email:; website:

CAPCLAVE 2004 (Oct 15-17 ’04) Tysons Corner Marriott, Vienna VA. GoH: Nick Pollotta. AGoH: Butch Honeck. FGoH: Dennis McCunney. Memb: $40 pre-reg., $45 at door. Info: Capclave 2004 Registration, c/o Alexis Gilliland, 4030 8th St. South, Arlington VA 22204; email:; website:

CON*STELLATION XXIII: DELPHINUS (Oct 15-17 ’04) Holiday Inn Express, Huntsville AL. GoH: Lawrence Watt-Evans. MC: Esther Friesner. AGoH: Kinuko Y. Craft. FGoH: Grant Kruger. Memb: $30. Info: Con*Stellation, Box 4857, Huntsville AL 35815-4857; email:; website:

CONSUME/RELAXACON 2004 (Oct 15-17 ’04) Comfort Inn, Plymouth MN. GoH: Eric Heideman. Memb: $30 to 10/5/04, $40 at door. Info: Rick Gellman, 1105 Bellecrest Dr., Maplewood MN 55109-1902; (651) 483-6290; email:

NECRONOMICON ’04 (Oct 15-17 ’04) Crowne Plaza, Tampa FL. GoHs: Spider & Jeanne Robinson. Memb: $35. Info: Necronomicon 2004, Box 2213, Plant City FL 33564-2213; email:; website:

VEGACON (Oct 15-17 ’04) Plaza, downtown Las Vegas, Las Vegas NV. GoH: Steven Brust. Filk GoH: Kathy Mar. Memb: $45. Info: VSFA, 2800 Las Vegas Blvd. So., Suite 11, Las Vegas NV 89109; email:; website:

OCTOCON (Oct 16-17 ’04) Glenroyal Hotel & Leisure Club, Maynooth, County Kildare, Ireland. GoH: Tanith Lee. Guests: Storm Constantine, Riger Gregg, Harry Harrison, Paul J. Holden, John Kaiine, Dirk Maggs, Anne McCaffrey, Kim Newman, Gordon Rennie, Michael Scott, Matt Smith, John Vaughan. Memb: €40 / £30 to 10/1/04. Info: Octocon, Basement Flat, 26 Longford Terrace, Monkstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland (Irish or Euro cheques to "Octocon"); UK Agent: Octocon, c/o Dave Lally, 64 Richborne Terrace, London SW8 1AX, England (Sterling cheques to "Dave Lally No. 2 A/C"); email:; website:

CONCLAVE 29: URBAN FANTASY (Oct 22-24 ’04) Holiday Inn South, Lansing MI. GoH: Tanya Huff. AGoH: Heather Bruton. FGoHs: Barry & Sally Childs-Helton. Special GoH: Marty Fabish. Memb: $35 to 10/1/04, $40 at door (checks to ConClave, Inc.). Info: ConClave, Inc., Box 2915, Ann Arbor MI 48106; email:; website:

INCON 2004 (Oct 22-24 ’04) Mirabeau Park Hotel, Spokane WA. Artist Guest: Robert Daniels. Author Guest: Kay Kenyon. Media Guest: Dragon Dronet. Memb: $20 to 10/1/04, $25 at door (checks to InCon 2004). Info: InCon 2004, Box 9267, Spokane WA 99209; email:; website:

MILEHICON 36 (Oct 22-24 ’04) Marriott Southeast, Denver CO. GoHs: Charles de Lint, Elizabeth Moon, Fred Saberhagen. AGoH: Bob Eggleton. TM: Robert Vardeman. Memb: $32 to 10/10/04, $35 at door. Info: MileHiCon 36, Box 101322, Denver CO 80250-1322; (303) 657-5912; email:; website:

RISING STAR 13 (Oct 22-24 ’04) Glenvar High School / Comfort Inn, Salem VA. Guests: Paul Dellinger, Barb Fischer, Peg Fisher, Mary Goad, Brenda Gressman, Thomas S. Gressman, Chris Impink, Ron Jarrell, Tim Mullins, Ted Reid, White Plectrum. Memb: $20 to 10/15/04, $25 at door (checks to New Camelot Productions). Info: New Camelot Productions, Box 10787, Blacksburg VA 24062-0787; email:; website:

VALLEYCON 30 (Oct 22-24 ’04) Doublewood Inn, Fargo ND. GoHs: Terry Brooks, Ben Bova, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell. Memb: $39.95. Info: ValleyCon, Box 7202, Fargo ND 58106; email:; website:

WORLD FANTASY CONVENTION 2004 (Oct 28-31 ’04) Tempe Mission Palms Hotel, Tempe AZ. GoH: Gwyneth Jones. AGoH: Janny Wurts. Ed. GoH: Ellen Datlow. Publisher GoH: Betty Ballantine. TM: Jennifer Roberson. Guests: Don Maitz, Yvonne Nvarro. Memb: $160. Info: WFC2004, c/o Leprecon Inc., Box 26665, Tempe AZ 85285-6665; (480) 945-6890; fax: (480) 941-3438; email: Mike Willmoth, or; website:

AVALCON SPECIAL (Oct 29-31 ’04) Chotebor, Czech Republic. Info: SFK Avalon, obcanske sdruzeni, Trcku z Lipy 65, 583 01 Chotebor; email:; website:

HALLOWCON ’04 (Oct 29-31 ’04) Comfort Inn Conference Center & Suites, Chattanooga TN. Guests: Julia Morgan Scott, Sean Patrick Fannon, Lawrence Barker, William Spencer-Hale, Powell Crider. Memb: $30 to 10/1/04, then $45. Info: HallowCon, c/o L.D. Stacy, 395 Stancil Rd., Rossville GA 30741; email:; website:

JVL-CON VI: VAMPIRES & ALIENS – OH MY! (Oct 29-31 ’04) Ramada Inn, Janesville WI. Guests: Camden Toy, T.W. Miller, Kathryn Sullivan, more. Memb: $25. Info: JVL-CON VI, 461 S. Randall Ave., Janesville WI 53545; (608) 758-7230; email:; website:

RINGCON (Oct 29-31 ’04) Seattle Airport Doubletree Hotel, Seattle WA. Guests: Royd Tolkien, Bruce Hopkins, Cat & Judy, Greg Wright. Memb: $40 to 10/15/04, $50 at door. Info: WRFF, Inc., 12016 134th Ave., KPN, Gig Harbor WA 98329; 1-800-359-5948; email:; website:

BRIDE OF SPOOKYCON (Oct 30-31 ’04) Cathedral Hill Hotel, San Francisco CA. Guests: Warren Ellis, Christa Faust, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Bernie Wrightson. Memb: $50. Info: website:

November 2004

UTOPIALES INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE-FICTION FESTIVAL (Nov 4-7 ’04) Nantes, France. Guests: Walter Jon Williams, Paul Di Filippo, Robert Holdstock, K.W. Jeter, Christopher Priest, Michael Moorcock. Info: email:

ARMADACON: 16 [NEW DATES] (Nov 5-7 ’04) Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth, Devon, UK. Guests: Lionel Fanthorpe, Bernard Pearson, Stephen Briggs, Michael Sheard. Memb: £30. Info: ArmadaCon, 26 Margaret Park, Hartley Vale, Plymouth PL3 5RR, UK. email:; website:

NOVACON 34 (Nov 5-7 ’04) Quality Hotel, Bentley, Walsall, UK. GoH: Ian Watson. Memb: £40. Info: Steve Lawson, 379 Myrtle Road, Sheffield S2 3HQ, UK; +44 (0) 114 281 1572; email:; website:

ORYCON 26 (Nov 5-7 ’04) Doubletree Hotel Portland Columbia River, Portland OR. GoH: Jerry Oltion. AGoH: Mark Roland. Editor GoH: Jennifer Heddle. Memb: $55. Info: OryCon 26, Box 5464, Portland OR 97228-5464; email:; website:

TUSCON 31 (Nov 5-7 ’04) InnSuites Hotel, Tuscon AZ. Science Theme: Mars. Fantasy GoH: Barbara Hambly. SF & Science GoH: William K. Hartmann. FGoH: Carol D. Priest. TM: Edward Bryant. Memb: $45. Info: TusCon, Box 2528, Tucson AZ 85702-2528; fax: (520) 571-7180; email:; website:

SCREAMFEST 2004 (Nov 6-7 ’04) Holiday Inn, Plantation FL. Guests: Glenda Finklestein, Joseph M. Monks, Basil Gogos, Don Calfa, Owl Goingback, Sid Haig, more. Memb: $20. Info: Spooky Empire, Box 460574, Fort Lauderdale FL 33346; phone/fax: (954) 565-6588; email:; website:

FIDDLER’S GREEN: A SANDMAN CONVENTION (Nov 12-14 ’04) Millennium Hotel, Minneapolis MN. GoHs: Neil Gaiman, Karen Berger, Charles Vess, Todd Klein, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Jill Thompson. Memb: $100. Info: Fiddler’s Green, Box 527, Grand Blanc MI 48439-0527; email:; website:

WINDYCON XXXI (Nov 12-14 ’04) Radisson O’Hare, Rosemont IL. GoH: Robert J. Sawyer. AGoH: Jael. FGoH: Dermot Dobson. Filk GoHs: Barry & Sally Childs-Helton. TM: Christian Ready. Memb: $50. Info: WindyCon 31, Box 184, Palatine IL 60078-0184; email:; website:

COASTCON JR. XIII (Nov 13-14 ’04) Gulf Beach Resort, Biloxi MS. FGoH: Jason Fisher. Memb: $20. Info: CoastCon, Inc., Box 1423, Biloxi MS 39533; (228) 435-5217; email:; website:

Con*Cept 2004 (Nov 13-14 ’04) Days’ Inn Hotel - Midtown, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. GoHs: Harry Turtledove, Anne Robillard. AGoHs: Phil Jimenez, Jean-Paul Eid. Media GoH: Peter Williams. Sci. GoH: Hugh S. Gregory. MC - French programming: Pascal Forget. MC - English programming: Larry Stewart. Guests: Frédéric Ouellet, Douglas Arthurs, Joël Champetier. Guest auctioneer: Paul Bennett. Memb: C$36 pre-reg, C$40 at door. Info: ConCept SFF, Box 196, Ste. Julie QC, Canada, J3E1X6; email:; website:

CONTACT Japan 6 (Nov 13-14 ’04) Ishikawajima education center, Kanagawa, Japan. Memb: JPY 28,000. Info: email:; website:

PHOENIX CONVENTION II (Nov 13-14 ’04) Ashling Hotel, Dublin, Ireland. GoH: Juliet E. McKenna. Guests: Ariel, Maggie Furey, John W. Sexton, Katherine Kurtz, Diane Duane, Peter Morwood, Charles Stross, Steven Westcott, James P. Hogan, Paul Cornell. Memb: €20 / £15. Info: P-CON II, c/o Yellow Brick Road, 8 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1, Ireland; email: or; website:

PANDAMONIUM (Nov 19-21 ’04) Holiday Inn, Norman OK. Guests: Brian A. Hopkins, Katherina Eliska Kimbriel, Stephen Pagel, Lee Martindale, more. Memb: $35. Info: email:; website:

ChamBanaCon 34 (Nov 26-28 ’04) Hilton Springfield, Springfield IL. Relaxacon. GoH: Juanita Coulson. FGoHs: Tom & Tara Baker. TM: Brenda Sutton. Memb: $35. Info: ChamBanaCon 34, Box 2908, Springfield IL 62708; email:; website:

DARKOVER GRAND COUNCIL MEETING 27 (Nov 26-28 ’04) Holiday Inn Timonium, Timonium MD. GoH: Tamora Pierce. AGoH: Jennifer Hilliard. Special Guest: Katherine Kurtz. Musical Guests: Clam Chowder. Memb: $45. Info: Armida Council, Box 7203, Silver Spring MD 20907; (202) 726-4396; email: or or; website:

Distichon: Beneluxcon (Nov 26-28 ’04) Alfa-Inn, Blankenberge, Belgium. GoHs: Frank Roger, Alastair Reynolds. FGoH: Dirk Bontes. Memb: €40. Info: Distichon, Salvialaan 53, B-2840 Reet-Rumst, Belgium; email:; website:

LOSCON 31: ESCAPE TO LA (Nov 26-29 ’04) LAX Marriott, Los Angeles CA. GoH: Tim Powers. AGoH: Wendy Pini. FGoHs: James Stanley Daugherty, Kathryn Daugherty. LASFS Special Guest: David Gerrold. Memb: $45. Info: Loscon 31, c/o Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, 11513 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood CA 91601; (818) 760-9234; email:; website:

December 2004

SMOFCON 22 (Dec 3-5 ’04) Wyndham Washington, Washington DC. Secret Masters of Fandom convention. Memb: $70. Info: SMOFcon 22, c/o Bob MacIntosh, 7113 Wayne Dr., Annandale VA 22003-1734; email:; website:

PHILCON 2004 (Dec 10-12 ’04) Marriott Hotel Center City, Philadelphia PA. GoH: Brian W. Aldiss. AGoH: Joe DeVito. Special Guests: Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Jolly R. Blackburn, Steve Johannsen, Tom Purdom. Memb: $45 to 11/29/04, $50 at door. Info: Philcon, Box 8303, Philadelphia PA 19101; email:; website:

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