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T a b l e   o f   C o n t e n t s

February 2004 • Issue 517 • Vol. 52 No. 2
37th Year of Publication • 25-Time Hugo Winner
Cover and Interviews Design by Arnie Fenner

Spider Robinson: Laugh When It Hurts / 6

P E O P L E   &   P U B L I S H I N G / 8
Notes on marriages, awards, books sold, etc., with news this issue about Ursula K. Le Guin, Geoffrey A. Landis, Anne Rice, Stephen R. Donaldson, Frank M. Robinson, Carol Emshwiller, Dan Simmons, and many others

M A I N    S T O R I E S / 10
2003 Preliminary Nebula Ballot • 2003 Philip K. Dick Award Nominees • Le Guin Wins ALA Lifetime Award • British Honours Controversy • SF & Mystery Bookshop Resurrected

T H E    D A T A    F I L E / 11
Hugo Nominations Open • Worldcons Updates • Clarke Award Ceremony Troubles Continue • Triffids Invade Bristol • Robert J. Sawyer Books Launches • Naked ‘‘Santa’’ Stuck at Uncle Hugo’s • Ackerman Honorees • Meisha Merlin Adds Marietta • LOTR: ROTK Rules • Announcements • Call for Papers • Awards News • Online News • Financial News • International Rights • Other Rights • Other Media Received • Publications Received • Catalogs Received

2 0 0 3 :    T H E    Y E A R    I N    R E V I E W / 30
Recommended Reading by: Charles N. Brown, Mark R. Kelly, Gary K. Wolfe, Jonathan Strahan, Faren Miller, Russell Letson, Nick Gevers, Gardner Dozois, Michael Swanwick, Rich Horton, Carolyn Cushman, Tim Pratt, and Karen Haber • 2003 Recommended Reading List • 2003 Book Summary • 2003 Magazine Summary

Magazines Received: December / 58    Books Received: December / 59   
British Books Received: November / 73    Bestsellers / 74

E D I T O R I A L    M A T T E R S / 79
Recommended Reading • Corrections • This Issue • Next Issue

O B I T U A R I E S / 80
Joan Aiken • Joan Aiken: An Appreciation by John Clute • Jack Cady • Jack Cady: An Appreciation by Gordon Van Gelder • Norman Talbot

L O C U S    L O O K S    A T    B O O K S

Short Fiction Reviews by Nick Gevers / 12
Sci Fiction 1/04; Alchemy 12/03; Realms of Fantasy 2/04; F&SF 2/04; Interzone 11-12/03; Asimov’s 2/04; Talk of Mandrakes, Gene Wolfe.

Short Fiction Reviews by Richard Horton / 13
F&SF 2/04; Sci Fiction 1/04; Strange Horizons 11/17/03; Strange Horizons 12/22/03; Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet 11/03; Neo-Opsis Fall 2003; Oceans of the Mind Winter 2003; The Dark, Ellen Datlow, ed.; Greetings from Lake Wu, Jay Lake; New Voices in Science Fiction, Mike Resnick, ed.; Microcosms, Gregory Benford, ed.; The Magic Shop, Denise Little, ed.; Fantasy Annual 5, Philip Harbottle & Sean Wallace, eds.

Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe / 15
Beyond Infinity, Gregory Benford; Newton’s Wake, Ken MacLeod; The True Knowledge of Ken MacLeod, Andrew M. Butler & Farah Mendlesohn, eds.; Midnighters: The Secret Hour, Scott Westerfeld.

Reviews by Faren Miller / 19
Fool’s Fate, Robin Hobb; City of Pearl, Karen Traviss; Monterra’s Deliciosa & Other Tales &, Anna Tambour; Midnighters: The Secret Hour, Scott Westerfeld; Memini, Daniel Pearlman.

Reviews by Russell Letson / 23
Quicksilver, Neal Stephenson; Heirs of Earth, Sean Williams & Shane Dix.

Reviews by Nick Gevers / 25
1610: A Sundial in a Grave, Mary Gentle; Absolution Gap, Alastair Reynolds; Polyphony 3, Deborah Layne & Jay Lake, eds.

Reviews by Carolyn Cushman / 27
White Midnight, Dia Calhoun; Wyrmhole, Jay Caselberg; Flinx’s Folly, Alan Dean Foster; The Fairy Godmother, Mercedes Lackey; Mister Negativity and Other Tales of Supernatural Law, Batton Lash; Dragon’s Treasure, Elizabeth A. Lynn; A Greek God at the Ladies’ Club, Jenna McKnight; A Sterkarm Kiss, Susan Price; Fantasy Life, Kristine Kathryn Rusch; The Burning Land, Victoria Strauss.

Locus Looks at Art Books: Reviews by Karen Haber / 29
The Sandman: Endless Nights, Neil Gaiman; Robota, Doug Chiang & Orson Scott Card, illustrated by Doug Chiang; The Chesley Awards for Science Fiction & Fantasy Art: A Retrospective, John Grant & Elizabeth Humphrey with Pamela D. Scoville; Frank Frazetta: Icon: A Retrospective by the Grand Master of Fantastic Art, Cathy & Arnie Fenner, eds.


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